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Dunlop Moonshine Slide Single Large

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Moonshine Slide Single Large
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Product Description

This ceramic slide delivers a rich, full resonating tone. Individually hand-formed to withstand years of regular use. Porous interior absorbs finger moisture to reduce slipping.

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These are made in two different lengths and a few different diameters. MF doesn't tell you this. I received the 246 model. At 2.75" length, the 246 is way too big and heavy. I can't use it, it's not cost effective to return, so my money was simply wasted.

Since no model is specified, there's no telling what another buyer might receive. If you use the 246 then you're probably okay, but I'd get a confirmation before buying. I've since purchased the Dunlop 218 heavy glass from a local independent. It rests nicely above my ring finger knuckle, or over the knuckle on the pinky. It's a nice replacement for the Moonshine I lost.
Dunlop Moonshine Slide Single Large
.I've had slide for years and I like the thickness of the wall but has the lighter weight of glass. It has it's own sound, kind of like between glass and brass. The only problem I've had is that the finish has worn through down to the "raw" ceramic material, probably from the heavy string gauges I use but I have other slides that are way older (real bottlenecks, glass, bottles, brass, steel), that have never worn out. Otherwise, it's a pleasure to us but I would consider it disposable at some point and it IS more expensive than other slides that don't wear out.
Dunlop Moonshine Slide Single Large
.Great for acoustic work. Heavy enough to transmit all the nuances of your playing.
Dunlop Moonshine Slide Single Large
.i just bought this slide at a Custom Guitar's Trade Fair in St. Paul and when i tried it out i loved the sound. Bright, warm, and resonant. i really like the blue outside and the white inside. looks pretty cool. Nice heavy slide. But the only problems i have with it are the price (wayy over priced), and the sizes. the large fits right onto my knuckle, perfect for how i play but i'm only a teen, i'm still growing so i doubt this will fit when i'm older. Other wise, great slide, love the sound.
Dunlop Moonshine Slide Single Large
.I was surprised to find out that the outside perimeter is larger than the Mudslide.
Dunlop Moonshine Slide Single Large
.Moonshine ceramic slides have replaced my old ceramic Mudslide. I use it on an acoustic guitar modified with a nut extender. what a nice sound it gives me. Crystal clear tone and smooth.
Dunlop Moonshine Slide Single Large
.Love the materials, except for the glazing (more on that shortly). Perfect fit on my small finger for playing acoustic slide and the weight and mass are almost ideal. That would make this my perfect slide, including the tone and projection I get, IF it weren't for the gawd-awful string noise this thing produces! I've used my old brass slide on old phosphor bronze strings that didn't grind n screech like this! On my 000 guitar with brand new .13 flattops it is a noisy rascal, on my dreadnaught it's a noisy ol' hag. Gotta be the glazing on the outside. I have Dunlop's porcelain Reverend Willie slide and its much quieter.....not a technique issue with me, I can guarantee that. Anyway, close, but all that screeching gets under my skin, and the condenser mic when recording will surely pick that up even more....I'd keep it in my case for a backup, though....
Dunlop Moonshine Slide Single Large
.This is a great guitar slide. It is very dense, but much lighter than a metal slide of the same dimensions. With this slide you get a mix of the sustain of a heavier slide (ie. steel or brass)without that metal on metal, tinny sound; and the singing sound of a lighter slide (ie. glass). So if you want a little weight on your finger that you can sling around, but you also want the sweet and mellow sound of a glass slide this is the slide for you.
Dunlop Moonshine Slide Single Large
.VERY overpriced for its features.I was pretty disappointed when I played and found that 1)did not keep moisture from building as it says 2)did not sound any better than my brass slide; actually the brass was slightly better, I'm sad to say and 3)is VERY klunky on my fingers (Ive got long skinny digits). Definitely over priced
Dunlop Moonshine Slide Single Large
.I gig with this slide.
Dunlop Moonshine Slide Single Large

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