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Dunlop Pickers Pal Capo

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One Set
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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Pickers Pal Capo
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Product Description

The Dunlop Pickers Pal Capo fits curved and flat fingerboards with its unique convertible pressure bar. Centered CAM pressure points ensure even clamping. Changes fret position easily. Store this Dunlop caop on the guitar's peghead when not in use. Use the Pickers Pal Capo as a safety rest for your guitar. High-quality material and construction.

Fits curved and flat fingerboards Unique convertible pressure bar Centered CAM pressure points Changes fret position easily Stored on peghead when not in use

You'll throw all your other capos away after you use this one. Order now.

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Just save for a better capo and you'll actually be able to use it for multiple times.
It works. for the first 5 - 10 times.
It'll break after short use. The little rubber thing will come off the plastic and the felt will also come off, leaving glue on your neck to clean up.
It's cheap so...
Dunlop Pickers Pal Capo
. They're discreet. They clamp down tight with even pressure across all six strings. Easy to set once you're used to it. I leave mine on the guitar all the time, You can clamp it above the nut when your not using it and slide it down when you want it. I used mine for 20 yrs before the dog ate it. Now I'm getting a new one.
Dunlop Pickers Pal Capo
.I am very pleased with this CAPO...It works very well on my std box guitars...easy to adjust...I will order extras on my next order.
Dunlop Pickers Pal Capo
.I'm over all pleased with this capo. The pad keeps coming off the back and the glue used to hold it does not hold it in place under pressure. So I'll have to end up finding a better adhesive. Otherwise, it works great and it's easy to to change the location quickly between songs.
Dunlop Pickers Pal Capo
.i've used this capo 10 times but then noticed it wouldnt lock down anymore because of a piece of foam rubber that fell off that sits up against the back of the neck , i'm still trying to find the piece of rubber so i can glue it back on, not a bad capo if it just stayed together , this happened at a gig and caused me to cancel a song I use the capo on , I suggest if you buy this , make sure you keep it in a plastic bag so you wont lose the part like i did, beside that , it works good and is very discreet as far as looks , dont care for bulky capos hanging off the side of the neck , but this one is very unoticable , which is good , I would recommend this product.......
Dunlop Pickers Pal Capo
.I had one of these back in the 80's and couldn't find a replacement. Glad I found this.
Dunlop Pickers Pal Capo
.The shrink wrap packaging was hard to remove and probably aided the neck pad falling off.

When I got the capo out of the packaging, I noticed something on the floor - the neck pad.

A dab of super glue glued the neck pad back on, but I shouldn't have had to do that. You need to make sure the pads are adequately glued on and that the packaging is more attractive and easier to remove - like, a clear plastic slip-on packaging.
Dunlop Pickers Pal Capo
.Design flaw #1: I'm referring to the excess pressure on the strings when the capo is stored above the nut. If locked down above the nut, the pressure changes the tuning. You can move the lever to relieve the pressure which leaves the lever perpendicular to the neck. However, you'll have to remove the capo to fit the guitar back in its case, which defeats the one attractive feature of this type of capo, which is to leave it on the guitar.

Design flaw #2: The backing pad is loose to the point it takes two hands to adjust the capo.

There are other capos out there that perform way better.
Dunlop Pickers Pal Capo
.does not do what its meant to do
Dunlop Pickers Pal Capo
.ATTENTION LEAD BELLY RECREATORS: If you tune your 12-string like Lead Belly (especially the use of heavy gauge strings with a double octave on the 6th pair), this is the ONLY capo you can use. Trust me! (I've been doing this a long time.) This capo lets you choose any one of 4 interchangeable bar faces to hold the strings down, each with a different curvature and thickness, but only the maximum curvature will hold down a .068 or .070 right next to a .012-.014 on a curved fingerboard. It will get you to Bottle Up and Go! (Yes, sometimes the pad on the opposite side falls off and you have to glue it back on, but it's either this or you can't use the heavy gauge, and then your Lead Belly will sound a lot less Lead Bellyish).
Dunlop Pickers Pal Capo

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