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Dunlop Primetone 5mm Guitar Picks 3-Pack Large Round Tip

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Primetone 5mm Guitar Picks 3-Pack Large Round Tip
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Product Description

Dunlop Primetone Guitar Picks are molded of bright and durable polycarbonate with a built-in concave and carved gripping surface. Gypsy jazz, bluegrass, and shredders alike will benefit from the Primetone pick's precision contoured edge that ensures a smooth release for accurate and fast picking. 5mm thick, available in 5 definitive shapes.

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I bought these, and the 3mm. The 3mm are OK, but require modification to make them decent. These are better that the 3mm by leaps and bounds. They have a nice bevel like the Wegens, which the 3mm version is missing. After having these, and the 3mm version, I will probably never use the 3mm for anything.
Dunlop Primetone 5mm Guitar Picks 3-Pack Large Round Tip


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The 477P505 Primetone pick; the smallest of the three pointed ones; is a joy for strumming, doing fast runs involving sweeps, skips, and alternate picking, and for making strings squeal and chirp like little piggies and canaries.

The indent for the thumb and flat side for the fingers are both deeply grooved for added grip security. The beveled and polished tip allows the pick to glide over strings with gossamer ease.

If you tremolo pick lightly, it's its own reward. If you're ham-handed like me, there can be a bit of a chirping sound that can be removed with proper technique or slightly rolling back the tone knob on the guitar. With that increased brightness, though, is also increased warmth and they balance out very well.
Dunlop Primetone 5mm Guitar Picks 3-Pack Large Round Tip
.best pick so far
Dunlop Primetone 5mm Guitar Picks 3-Pack Large Round Tip
.I've tried out a lot of kinds of picks, and I tend to like thick ones best (yea Big Stubby!). So when I saw these ultrathick Dunlop picks, I thought they'd be great. They're not, for me at least. The surface is soft, making the tone muffled and the attack feeling slow. I was sad. But they are *very* good for one thing: hybrid picking, using no finger picks. The Dunlop pick matches up well with the sound of a bare finger plucking the strings. But that's about it.
Dunlop Primetone 5mm Guitar Picks 3-Pack Large Round Tip
.The large 5 mm rounded tip ones are great for playing bass. The pick's extra thickness makes it possible to have a rounded pick point that has a real roll off to it, like finger's edge. Becuase it's a hard material it doesn't sound exactly like a finger, but it strikes the string and excites it to vibrate is a more finger-like way. The resulting sound is midway between conventional finger plucking and a pick.

Yes, these are not a cheap as other picks, but there is no other pick available here that sounds and plays like this one, and they are durable.
Dunlop Primetone 5mm Guitar Picks 3-Pack Large Round Tip
.I bought these and the 3 mm. The tips on these have a slight "S" curve. I am left handed and it seems they might be right handed. I might like them for the thickness, but the 3's are better because they are symmetrical.
Dunlop Primetone 5mm Guitar Picks 3-Pack Large Round Tip
.I use these for gypsy jazz. This style demands a forceful, assertive pick attack due to playing on acoustic instruments, often unamplified. I have used Wegens manufactured in Holland, which are incredible, but due to the cost, I'm afraid to lose them. These are not as good as Wegens, but for their price, are much better than I expected.

The picks are solid and crisp. The material is very hard and will stand up to abuse as i found out when I tried to file a pointed version down to a rounder point. The rounded version has a nice bevel that hits with a strong attack but will not get hung in the strings, allowing good speed. I prefer the rounder version. Great for rest stroke technique.

The small version is too small if you pick with your whole hand, but may work well for those who pick from the fingers. I would like to try the large rounded 3mm version for my next purchase.

Tone is subjective, but these have a bright attack to my ears with the round version being warmer. The smooth finish does not have that grainy, raspy sound you can get with a wooden, bone, or horn pick.

All in all, I like them and will continue to buy them for everyday use and save my Wegens for special occasions.
Dunlop Primetone 5mm Guitar Picks 3-Pack Large Round Tip
.This is one of about three different pick materials that I've tried that maintains a smooth striking edge - even with very aggresive picking technique. The uniquely beveled tip feels very natural and is easy to get comfortable with.
Dunlop Primetone 5mm Guitar Picks 3-Pack Large Round Tip
.The Dunlop 5mm Primetone picks are great for playing the bass! The cool thing about these is that they have a rubber coating on them, but when you pick a string you can still make your bass sound louder, just like a normal pick. One reason that it's louder is because the back of it on the pointy part, it is not rubber, but more like a metal part instead. Anyway, if you're thinking about getting this pick, BUY IT NOW!
Dunlop Primetone 5mm Guitar Picks 3-Pack Large Round Tip
.The 5mm Large Rounded Picks are best for bass! They have a beveled edge to match what string wear would do on a normal pick. They feel like stone and glide across bass strings without any effort. NO WRIST FATIGUE! The 3mm version doesn't have the beveling. I've also tried the 3mm and 5mm versions of the Large Pointed picks and although they are very useable for bass, they don't have the ease of the beveled 5mm Large Rounded pick. Also, they are a lot smaller in person than the pics show online. The grip is the size of a dime to give you perspective. They seem a little larger than the stubby tear drop shapes, but nowhere near the size of a normal typical "Triangle" pick. "D" side grip is concave. Other side is a flat version of the grip with "USA" engraved into it. Pointer finger fits perfect into concave "D" side and thumb grips best on flat "USA" side. Don't waste you money on the other shapes...for bass...5mm Large Rounded is best. Your wrist will thank you for it!
Dunlop Primetone 5mm Guitar Picks 3-Pack Large Round Tip

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