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Dunlop Standard Felt Guitar Picks - 1 Dozen

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Standard Felt Guitar Picks - 1 Dozen
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Product Description

Dunlop's special, high-grade hard felt guitar picks are manufactured from a high-density wool and cotton material. Beveled playing tips. 3.2mm gauge. Color may vary.

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These picks are the best for simulating playing the bass with fingers. I played guitar my whole life and switched to bass. I can't play bass with my fingers so I needed a pick that would emulate playing with my fingers. I have used these for about 8 years now and they work better than any other pick for bass playing. They wear out pretty quick because they are felt but I play in a band that plays out at local bars and these really improve my tone. Every time I order something from Custom Guitars Friend I order a bag of these just to keep me stocked up. I don't use anything else. I love em.
Dunlop Standard Felt Guitar Picks - 1 Dozen
.I am disappointed with this purchase. A more accurate description of these particular picks would be hard cardboard with a dusting of felt. The picks are not covered in a full layer of felt which, in my opinion, creates the warm, soft tone associated with a genuine felt pick. When played with an electric bass, these picks sound like you are playing with a pick and not "with your finger", which is the sound I look for when playing with a felt pick.
Dunlop Standard Felt Guitar Picks - 1 Dozen
.This pick is better suited for nylon stringed instruments in my opinion (i.e. Ukelele, Spanish/Classical guitar). I'm glad to read that players have found it proficient on the Electric fretted bass. I think I remember using one on bass years ago in high school. Today, I rather use the 1.5 D'andrea Pro Plecs and the small Dunlop Jazz III picks for bass. These felt picks seem rather expensive dont' they.
Dunlop Standard Felt Guitar Picks - 1 Dozen
. These pick are thin and not so soft. They are more like plastic and don't give at all.
Dunlop Standard Felt Guitar Picks - 1 Dozen
.I first saw this pick at a friends house a while back who told me to try it out since his dad had got some. He told me it was supposed to sound more like fingerstyle bass since it was fatter than the average pick.I didn't get to use it for too long but I decided to go out and get some.When I got home, I compared the sound of the felt pick with that of Snarling dogs 1.0mm pick I was using before. It still sounded pretty much the same as the Snarling dog pick. The felt pick had a VERY VERY VERY subtle softer sound but still nothing comapred to warmer tone provided by one's fingers.However that sound doesn't last long about an hour into practicing with these, it was worn down pretty bad. Then the sound had no difference to that of my Snarling Dog.All in all, felt picks weren't really worth the trouble. They shed all over your bass and your floor and wear down fast. So you'll find yourself getting having to use a new one quick. If your looking for a change of sound using this pick, forget it. It's just gonna sound like any another pick.
Dunlop Standard Felt Guitar Picks - 1 Dozen
.Seriously, this is about as close as you can get to the soft sound of fingers compared to normal picks.They DO make dust. But WELL worth it!This is my 2nd dozen. Each pick lasts about 20hrs of play.IT'S WORTH THE $10 TO TRY IT! YOU WILL THANK ME!
Dunlop Standard Felt Guitar Picks - 1 Dozen
.I have read in some reviews that these are a little felt on cardboard. Not so. These are compressed felt that is stiffer then cardboard. They are made to pluck a bass guitar string with less attack then celluloid. They accomplish this. Yes, all the pick noise is not gone but it is reduced. They slide off the string better then rubber picks but have slightly more attack. They are also stiffer then the ends of a rubber pick (Not sure about the Clayton rubber picks). They wear out quickly. But so does the rubber picks. They get Felt all over the guitar. Not to big of a problem if you wipe down the guitar after you use it. Easier to get off the guitar then the rubber eraser leavings from the rubber picks. I normally play a regular guitar. I like to play the bass every once in a while so I play with a pick. I have tried a lot of picks to see what works best. Celluloid (Heavy, Medium, Light), Rubber thin and thick body (Heavy, Medium, Light), Plastic Fatties (Heavy, Medium), Just bought some Clayton Rubbers (haven't tried them yet) and Felt picks. End result is: what pick you use is a personal preference. The shape, feel, action and sound all are effected by the pick. I tend to use the Felt pick for longer sessions, the Fatties for speed and the Rubber picks for that dead quite thumb like sound. That said the Felt pick is my go to pick for practice and general playing. It has that in between sound with out the string resistance of the rubber pick.
Dunlop Standard Felt Guitar Picks - 1 Dozen
.These are my primary picks to use. They are really comfortable to hold and play on, and when I play there is no "clicking" noise when I strike the strings on my bass, which happens a lot with plastic picks. They're firm and well worth the money.
Dunlop Standard Felt Guitar Picks - 1 Dozen
.I bought these after reading an article on different recording techniques. I play bass and guitar, more guitar than bass. Overall you can change and soften up your sounds on your recordings, lose excessive pick noise from an acoustic guitar track. They're a good size and shape for bass playing but I trim them up to play on an electric or acoustic guitar.
Dunlop Standard Felt Guitar Picks - 1 Dozen
.For some this is exactly what you want, but for me, not so. A year ago I came across some white felt picks that I realy enjoyed. These flesh toned felt picks seem to hard. Their sound/feel on the string was the same as a hard regular pick.
Dunlop Standard Felt Guitar Picks - 1 Dozen

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