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Dunlop JD JazzTone 205 Guitar Picks 6-Pack

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop JD JazzTone 205 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
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Product Description

Jazztone 205 next to the smallest in the Jazztone lineup and have a point than the 204. JD Jazztone guitar picks are designed by Dunlop to emphasize accuracy and tone. Developed specifically for Jazz guitarists, 205 JazzTones deliver great tone and speed for any player who needs to play FAST! JD Jazztones give you a super gripping surface, are non-flexible, great for speed and have a precision contoured edge to insure a smooth release.

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Well worth the price
I've used this pick regularly for about 5 years. I play country, blues, rock and jazz. It has a very articulate attack and allows for speed picking, rakes and sweeps with easy. Every time I try a new pick, I always end up coming back these JD 205s.
Dunlop JD JazzTone 205 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.I've been playing for almost 45 years. Since my first interest in fast pick began in the 70's, I?ve perused finding the "perfect pick". I have a sizable collection of all kinds. This pick is the best pick for double and sweep picking if you are fond of that style. The pick "rolls" off the strings providing a nice tactile feel without flexing or getting "stuck" on the string. It all solves the problem of over-picking when the music or volume gets pumped up and start to "dig" loosing control. Some picks may be better for strumming but if you're in to single note playing with or without distortion and like the sound of fast picking and/or arpeggios you nay want to give this a try
Dunlop JD JazzTone 205 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.The title may be funny but it's true. 90% of my guitar practicing is on my picking. I don't have a natural supper speedy picking wrist so I rely on double picking and sweeps to get up to speed. I'm also finicky with my touch. And.. .to make matter's worse I still (after 30+ stage years) I still get nervous and over pick sometimes. The jazz tone 205 rolls of the strings and doesn't get stuck on the string when doing quick detail. it doesn't flex at all but lets you glide over the strings now mater how hard or soft you pick. This pick might not be for every one but if you the don't like a lot of flex and want to get off some mind-blowing speed licks for jazz or jazz fusion, give it a try.
Dunlop JD JazzTone 205 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.All of a sudden my sound is exactly as I've been imagining it should be! The 205 strikes a balance between thickness and contour. With this pick I'm getting a real fat sound but with a beautiful attack that lets each note speak clearly. I play a lot of jazz but am also a huge Trey Anastasio fan, and with the Dunlop 205 my sound is closer to Trey's than ever before. I hear it mostly in the clear attack, which is followed by an immediate blossom of sound. Beautiful! This pick is great for jazz but will cover just about anything that requires fast, clean articulations. I never thought I'd be so stoked about a guitar pick!
Dunlop JD JazzTone 205 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.Fast release great tone no clicket sound
Ive tried a lot of picks this is by far my favorite coudos dunlop!!!
Dunlop JD JazzTone 205 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.One of the best picks for the money. I've tried a bunch and this pick gave me the best balance on a warm tone, accuracy, speed and a comfortable feel on the fingers.
Dunlop JD JazzTone 205 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.I'm think that the Jazz III picks are too flat, and the Stubbys (from my limited experience w/ them) are too round and fat. The JazzTone 205's are the pefect blend of both picks, I won't play without one!
Dunlop JD JazzTone 205 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.A friend of mine at a local music store in Mount Pleasant,South Carolina turned me on to these. I had been playing Ultex Jazz III's which I liked a lot but these were even better. Also made of Ultex these are smaller than regular Jazz III's but great full tone and very comfortable for me to use. Great picks.
Dunlop JD JazzTone 205 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.As the pick says - "Jazz Tone" - is the obvious intention for this pick, and it does deliver a great tone on my Delta King with flatwound strings, but I found it also works well on my Strat, Tele, and Les Paul with other styles of music like classic rock and blues especially if you want to take the hard edge off the sound that a celluloid or plastic type pick makes but increase the fullness at the same time. This pick is rigid but attacks and releases the strings fast and smooth with no unwanted noise. They also work much better than regular picks on my bass guitars as well. I've been using them everyday for a couple weeks and they really hold up great. They should last a long time, and I'll definitely buy more when the need arises.
Dunlop JD JazzTone 205 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.I have used them for years. They're fantastic!
Dunlop JD JazzTone 205 Guitar Picks 6-Pack

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