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Dunlop JD JazzTone 207 Guitar Picks 6-Pack

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop JD JazzTone 207 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
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Product Description

Accuracy and tone are two key elements Dunlop considered when designing their JD Jazztones guitar picks. Developed specifically for the Jazz guitarist, JazzTone 207 picks deliver great tone and speed for any player who needs to play FAST! JD Jazztones offer a super gripping surface, and they're stiff, are great for speed and have a precision contoured edge that insures a smooth release.

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I had two other brands of picks that I used all the time,The Dawg, and Goldengate, and I still have them, but this Dunlop jazztone 207 is becoming my favorite, I was in a local music store, and needed to use a pick to try out a mandolin, and that is what they gave me, I bought three that day just to try, I want more, I use it holding on its side and love it, I have a Gibson Doyle Lawson Model F5, and the tones this picks brings out, is fantastic, I really think you'll like them.
Dunlop JD JazzTone 207 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.These are sweet chunky little picks for the mandolin; the old version of the 207 was a bit slippery on occasion, but these have a nice dusty sort of finish that feels grippy. Sort of like built-in resin; hard to explain, but it feels secure. Oddly, one of the six picks has a more pointed end than the others. Still, these are terrific mando picks, and they work well for fast acoustic guitar flatpicking as well. They're quite stiff and the corners really do a nice job of grabbing strings just enough to get good tone, but not ever to the point that you feel hung up. I know there are fantastic picks out there (with fantastically high prices to match) I haven't tried, but I'm settled on these.
Dunlop JD JazzTone 207 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.These work well with any style of music. The powdery texture allows for a solid grip even when your fingers get sweaty. Tonally, these picks don't have a scratchy sound at all; the pick pulls off the string with little resistance. I can play very dynamically with these because of the round angle and the overall heftiness of the material. It's interesting how the material of a certain pick affects both the acoustic and electric sound of the guitar. I love the almost fleshy sound you can get from them. I used to play Jazz III's for a long time and I see myself playing these for even longer.
Dunlop JD JazzTone 207 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.I used to use a medium celluloid pick for years and it "worked"..
One day in one of my guitar lessons my instructor wanted me to sweep a passage of sextuplets instead of fingerpick it, and I just couldn't get it down smoothly. Finally he dug one of these 207s from his tin-o-picks and said to "try it with this." I looked at him like he was crazy but I tried it out and FINALLY I could get through those fast sweeping passages with ease! He told me to keep the pick and I ended up using it in ALL of my playing. I mostly play the blues and it allows me to put more feeling and emotion into each note. Also playing with heavier gauge strings, this pick lets me really dig into the heavy stuff without any bending or knuckle scraping.
Like some have said, when you first try them, it can feel like playing with a manhole cover. But give it some time and this will be your new favorite pick!
Dunlop JD JazzTone 207 Guitar Picks 6-Pack


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I use them on my mandolin but they wound good on guitar too. Good stiff picks.
Dunlop JD JazzTone 207 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.I've spent 4 years wood shedding from a Pop Guitarist to a Jazz Player & Student. Everything has been working out OK except for a "plink-plink" tone in every guitar I own that I couldn't seem to get rid of. I had been using Black Ice 1.10 mm picks forever which are very nice however, this evening I tried a Dunlop 207 that had been sitting around here for ages and I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

The "plink-plink" was gone and the tonality of the guitar went softer, punchier and maybe even sexier. The 207 was the last piece of my tone puzzle that I'd been looking for. I'm just floored at the tonal change created by a little piece of black plastic. The 207's are heavier & fatter but they play just as fast and sort allow the player to "caress" each note. I love em!
Dunlop JD JazzTone 207 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.I keep trying to find a replacement for my Wegen picks. These are nice, but not quite there. Then again, they're 1/10 the price so I can live with that.
Dunlop JD JazzTone 207 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.bigger size is very comfortable and the rounded tip feels and sounds nice.As the name says.Nice jazz tone
Dunlop JD JazzTone 207 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.Good substitute for expensive Wegen picks.
Dunlop JD JazzTone 207 Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.I've used this pic for many years on a Martin D 28 for bluegrass and other styles. warm tone, good for speed and precision. I've tried others and come back to this one.
Dunlop JD JazzTone 207 Guitar Picks 6-Pack

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