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Dunlop Pro Curved Guitar Capo

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Pro Curved Guitar Capo
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Product Description

The Jim Dunlop toggle action capo is designed for curved fingerboards, providing extremely positive clamping. This easy-to-use capo will not scratch your guitar and its low profile is guaranteed not to hinder your fingering. Features Dunlop's exclusive "adjust-o-strap" for fine adjustments. Nickel plated.

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I have used the Dunlop Pro Curved Guitar Capo for both 6- and 12-string acoustics (Martin and Guild respectively) for many years. I have recently switched to Kyser capos for fast changes on the fly but prefer the Dunlop when capoing above the 5th fret because its low profile doesn't interfere with my hand. The other attractive feature is that its tension is completely adjustable. Other reviewers have remarked on the need to change the strap length depending on the fret position: an easy way around this is to adjust the tension for a high fret and then, when using it on a lower fret, twist the strap 180 degrees. This reduces the effective strap length and increases tension without needing to actually change the strap position in the cleat.
Dunlop Pro Curved Guitar Capo
.A college buddy turned me on to these in the early '70s, and I've never used anything else in the last 40 years. In fact, not only do I have one in every case - including one of the extremely rare gold ones from the late-70's that's a perfect compliment to my wife's Ovation Elite (and I understand now sell for several hundred dollars, if you can find one) and a Gibson-branded model from 1975 - I keep a spare in my jacket pocket just in case I need to bail someone out when their Kyser explodes; heck, I even cut one down with a Dremel to use as a banjo capo - looks/feels/sounds better than anything else I've tried, and it never fails to draw attention from fellow players asking where I got it (are you listening, Dunlop?). As long as the strap is properly adjusted, there haven't been any tuning problems with my 6-string guitars; 12-strings are notorious in the lower strings even when played open, so I really don't consider this too much of a drawback. Lightweight, cheap, durable - I still have all my originals from college, and they show no signs of quitting...what more could you ask of any product?
Dunlop Pro Curved Guitar Capo
.Great little capi
Dunlop Pro Curved Guitar Capo
.works as advertised
Dunlop Pro Curved Guitar Capo
.My 2nd capo purchase. Previous one is a spring loaded clamp that required considerable re-tuning before and after use. I was unsure about selecting between curved and flat because the differences regarding application weren't fully explained. Luckily, it seems to work VERY WELL on my Strat.
Dunlop Pro Curved Guitar Capo
.I bought the Dunlop Pro because i wanted a compact backup. I don't know that at the low price of the Dunlop i could have done any better. I have a capo that's a lot more expensive but it doesn't do anything that this little Dunlop doesn't do.
Dunlop Pro Curved Guitar Capo
.Works well with my 12-string.
Dunlop Pro Curved Guitar Capo
.I had one of these 40 years ago, and wanted one again for something small I could carry in my pocket or wouldn't make a big bulge in a gig bag pocket. Once you get the little buckle adjusted properly this one is quick and easy to use. I like it better than the capos with a simple elastic band and grommets, although the big lever capos are a little easier to use.
Dunlop Pro Curved Guitar Capo
.I purchased this capo to replace one that I bought and have used since the early 1980's. For durability alone the capo rates high! It does not obstruct you fretting hand in any way and can be taken along in one's pocket with some picks. Can't imagine getting along with any of those clamp types that you see today. I even use it as a tool to help me take out bridge pins when changing strings!
Dunlop Pro Curved Guitar Capo

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I wanted a convenient Capo to fit different guitar necks without having to carry a bulky contraption. I don't normally use a Capo, but it is a must have for any player. This little gadget fits all my different guitars (from nylon fretboard to the very narrow electric ones). Just be "kind" to your guitar when you put it on, so it won't get your strings out of whack. Trust me, it would compromise the intonation big time if you don't place it correctly. But that can be said for any capo I've used before. I like it so much and the price is so reasonable that I might get one on each one of my guitar cases maybe as soon as I finish this review.
Dunlop Pro Curved Guitar Capo

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