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Dunlop Harris Brass Guitar Slide Large

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Harris Brass Guitar Slide Large
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Product Description

Machined from solid brass for a bright tone with great sustain, the Harris slide has a unique design. Its flared sides offer better control, less damping, and more comfort. Available in three sizes for personal preference.

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Harris Brass Guitar Slide

Slide dimensions are listed in millimeters:
230 Harris-Small Slide 17.5 x 24-25.5 x 63.5mm, fits ring size 7.5
231 Harris-Medium Slide 19 x 24-25.5 x 63.5mm, fits ring size 9
232 Harris-Large Slide 20.5 x 24-25.5 x 63.5mm, fits ring size 11

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I've had one of these for 5 or 6 years and it's easily my favorite slide (I've got many). I've got glass and ceramic slides but I always end up reaching for this brass Dunlop. It does flare out slightly on one end, and none of my other slides do that, but it really works well (whatever the reason). The metal on metal sound/tone that you get with this slide is far better (grittier/rougher) than the tones I get from glass or ceramic slides. I use this slide with my acoustic and resonator guitars most, but it works well with my electric too.
Dunlop Harris Brass Guitar Slide Large
.This brass slide sounds great and the ends are well finished. I've tried so many slides that the inside or the ends were rough and that is just dumb. The Harris is finished nicely inside, outside and the ends. So that would make it a good slide. What makes it a great slide is that it can provide better coverage on fretboards with a smaller radius / curvature. Some fretboards are completely flat so it doesn't matter but I have reissued early 60s and 50s guitars that are hard to cover completely with a flat slide. The Harris does a nicer job than most in this area. You have to try them all to find the one you'll settle on and the harris does it for me.
Dunlop Harris Brass Guitar Slide Large
.I bought this after i had it with delicate glass slide. This sounds nice and warm. The slight taper to it conforms to the neck great, although it may be to heavy for guitars with a lower action. My Les Paul has a lower action and this can sometimes come into contact with the frets. Overall, great addition you your sound.
Dunlop Harris Brass Guitar Slide Large
.Heavier than ceramic or glass (as expected), but nice and loud, and not as harsh sounding as steel. The concave design takes some getting used to but works well when barring all six strings. Only wish they offered a shorter version, as it would lighten up the weight for lead lines and fit my pinky better.
Dunlop Harris Brass Guitar Slide Large
.This is the only slide I'll use. It has great sustain! It's a bit heavier than other slides, but is still easy to use.
Dunlop Harris Brass Guitar Slide Large
.What makes this slide good is what makes it hard to work with - its weight. Good because the weight improves the sound, in my opinion. Difficult because you'll clank against the fingerboard until you get accustomed to it. I don't have a guitar dedicated to slide, so I'm not using extra heavy strings (.10 or .11 on top)
In terms of SIZING: It looks to me that the medium and large sizes are the same slide. The large size looks to have more of the interior reamed out to accomodate a larger finger size. As a result, the medium slide seems a bit heavier. I wear a slide on the third finger and like to get it on top of the second knuckle so it's not flopping around. I bought both medium and large slides and I'm preferring the medium. It fits snugly on top of the second knuckle. The large is a bit looser and more difficult for me to control. I don't know my ring size but I have fairly large hands.
Dunlop Harris Brass Guitar Slide Large
.The subtle flare and the beefy weight distinguish this from other slides.
I use the medium on my pinky with a Martin OM-15. The brass is louder, which is a good thing on an acoustic -- it helps to have that added projection.
The combination of the material, the weight, and the shape, add up to a very expressive slide that you'll enjoy playing.
Dunlop Harris Brass Guitar Slide Large
.Wow. After years of messing around with a glass slide, tossing it aside in frustration within minutes, I came upon this. Solved. Answered. And satisfied. I picked up the large at a local dealer who only that size it in stock. Alough its a hair too big for my spindly fingers, a world has been opened. I cannot say enough about how this changes things for me. The curves and weight allow for precision and ease of use. Plays nice with my LP and Epi Dot. I don't know about on a Fender, but that's a different story. I will be buying the medium from MF soon, and think about letting my bassit have the larger one to take home for kicks. Or not. I highly recommend this as a first slide. Just loving it. Thanks Dunlop!
Dunlop Harris Brass Guitar Slide Large
.I'm new to slide playing, so I went to the store and I told them that I played the blues on acoustic and wanted a good slide, it ended up being between this and a glass slide. I decided to go for this and I'm so thankful I did. It sounds fantastic on the guitar, its heavy and easy to control.I love the sound it produces, its just what I pictured in my head. Once I get more proficient, its going to be great. Within minutes of purchasing this slide, I slipped and dropped it on the hardwood floors. So, thankfully I didn't get the glass, another benefit! I would definitly recommend this slide for the acoustic blues players out there.
Dunlop Harris Brass Guitar Slide Large
.This is a slide. It has very few features aside from the flared end. It does it's job well. Several people have whined about the weight, but that is a personal problem. I have been using 11 guage strings on my PRS and 10.5s on my G&L, and have absolutely no problem with the weight. My only suggestion would be, "don't use wimpy strings." I plan on buying a couple more to have one with each of my guitars.
Dunlop Harris Brass Guitar Slide Large

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