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Dunlop SW-95 Cry Baby Slash Wah Pedal

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop SW-95 Cry Baby Slash Wah Pedal
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Product Description

Like the guitarist himself, the Dunlop SW-95 Slash Wah is revolutionary and a classic at the same time. It sports a hot rod, metallic-red finish and a cutting edge, high gain circuit for a different and distinct sound. It also has a modified Fasel inductor for sweet, singing top end and upper midrange bite and sparkle on the wah. 18V operation yields tons of extra headroom. LED indicators for distortion on/off and wah on/off modes keep you clued in at all times. Top hat not included.

High gain distortion circuit Fasel inductor circuitry tuned to Slash's specs 18V operation

Want to get your wah on like Slash? This is the ONLY one! Order today!

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The SW-95 has been my wah of choice for more than five years and is a great addition to anyone's set-up. Even though it's geared more towards aggressive playing styles, it still maintains a high level of versatility for most genres and tones.

While the wah tone isn't as smooth as say, the KH-95, it's niche is that is has more bite and cuts through the mix better than many of the wahs on the market without sounding thin or nasally.

The most common complaint that I've read is that the distortion channel can't be used unless the wah is engaged. This isn't a stand-alone distortion pedal. The distortion setting produces great tones, and is the more underrated feature of this pedal. When used with a clean tone, the distortion setting favors the wah more, so it sounds like a wah being used in front of a distortion pedal. When used with an amp's distortion or an OD pedal, this channel can serve as a great boost. Players will need to dial back the volume and gain of the pedal, but that goes without saying.

The pedal is very durable. In the time that I've owned it, I haven't had to repair it once. The battery life is surprisingly long, despite it requiring two 9 volt batteries. The LED lights indicating when the wah/distortion are engaged is also a great feature. I can't recommend this pedal enough.
Dunlop SW-95 Cry Baby Slash Wah Pedal
.Buy if you really want a beautiful bright Red Wah Wah Pedal with a distortion circuit if you need to reduce the effects you carry around. More for beginners who are discovering their tone and sound, not the holy grail of making you sound like SLASH - which it won't. Dunlop quality will give you confidence that the Pedal will always be there for you.
Dual Mode Wah Wah with Distortion switch great for beginners who want both effects in one pedal and hope that plugging this pedal in will give you that SLASH sound. Buy the AC Power and save on the Dual 9V Power requirement that will eat up your battery budget.
Like all Dunlop Wah's the construction is heavy duty quality, nice weight to foot action and smooth sweep. The Distortion activation switch is a small button top located on the lower right side that turn on with your foot. I hope it holds up under constant use.
The Distortion sound is OK but not much variation in tone and complexity. There are many other Dual Mode Wah Pedals to consider with better OD/Distortion Circuits for a few extra dollars.
Dunlop SW-95 Cry Baby Slash Wah Pedal
.I had gotten this wah a few years ago before I had the gear knowledge that I did now. It is a fun addition to the pedalboard and certainly has had its uses. It has a pretty decent range which allows me to give some nice sweepable swells.

The downside is that the distortion has been completely useless with any amps i have owned (vox valvetronix, marshall mg100hdfx, bugera v22, and my current Engl Powerball 2). It also has a pretty audible pop when you engage and disengage the pedal. Not terrible, but for the price you should check out a few other options.
Dunlop SW-95 Cry Baby Slash Wah Pedal
.I can only give it a six as whole unit it only lives up to 50% of what its supposed to do. Yes on a 4x12 cab it may not sound so high gain but on anything smaller it sounds like crap as a distortion pedal.
I have had the pedal for about three weeks now and practiced about 4 hours a day with it maybe a little less.

I love the wah but the distortion to me sounds like a cheap knock off pedal. Its great for the 5 watt long ditance mic sound like green day start some songs with. But as a distortion pedal meh. Plus you have to have the Wah engaged to operate it. Why cant it be a standard distortion pedal. Its ok a boost but my Keeley Katana kills it as far as a clean or slightly over driven boost.

The 18v is a bit of a kicker as well. maybe if they ran two 9v inputs into it would make more sense for those of us who dont want to buy a whole new power pack.

Yeah for the price Im regretting it. I should have gone with a standard wah.
Ive tried it on my three amps A MESA TA-15 a TA-30 and a HRD 2 all of them it will feedback if the gain is turned on at the amp. Any one who says otherwise is loving the feedback this distortion is giving.

I have a TC Dark Matter that adds depth and warmth to the sound not such a tinny high high gain as the Slash. Ill just use it as a Wah

I liek that the battery compartment in on top. I dont like that the feet dont come off with out the screws and then the screws are too long to go in flat. sucks trying to put it on my pedal board. I play proffesionally around the world in different settings I'd prefer it to suit all those settings and not just huge triple and dual rectifiers.
It is pretty good as far as quality
Cos the distortion is basically useless. I have to say the quality is meh not good
Dunlop SW-95 Cry Baby Slash Wah Pedal
.I bought the guitar pedal for my son for christmas. I paid extra for two day shipping and I received the pedal late it took three days. The pedal stop working in about four days. I wrote to customer service and havent received a response yet.
so-so features
quality slightly fair
so-so value
Dunlop SW-95 Cry Baby Slash Wah Pedal
.Goes into bypass too easily. Takes a little getting used to. The sounds is great, has a real good crunch. Versatile.
Good value for the money too.
Dunlop SW-95 Cry Baby Slash Wah Pedal
.Ive been using this pedal for over three years now and it has been a huge blessing to my tone both for my leads and funky rhythm tones. People criticize the distortion circuit a lot for some reason but My personal use for it is to sustain notes and/or chords. The distortion circuit (when used with a distorted channel) creates ringing feedback perfect for holding an epic finish on solo and what not. I play a lot of things from GN'R all the way up to Steve Vai. Sure the pedal doesn't engage itself like Vai's Bad Horsie wah but the sound is very close to it though. All in all, I have no doubt that one can achieve so many different tone possibilities with this wah. And I believe it is a great investment for those who want to get better on the guitar. People who say it breaks down fast has got to be kidding like foreal. Ive dropped this pedal a couple of times, I slam on it when im in "the moment" and it has survived the harsh summers of the Philippines all the way to the cold winters in Japan. Ive been many places with this pedal and it hasnt let me down since. BUY ONE NOW!!! IT WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN :D
Dunlop SW-95 Cry Baby Slash Wah Pedal
.I am a big huge fan of Slash and his music and when i first saw this pedal i had to git it and it is a great pedal now dont git me wrong but the wah has to be on for the distortion to work..to me that is a big draw back but they do sound good together though but wut i have done is i use a DS-1 Distortion pedal,along with my other pedals, i can kick on the wah and it sounds great..not excatly wut u want for that Stevie Ray Vaughan wah sound though if u want THAT sound git a VOX WAH..so if u want a wah that sounds like Slash git this wah
Dunlop SW-95 Cry Baby Slash Wah Pedal
.hey people heres my set up.....marshall value state half stack 100wt.slash wah-clean channel//rocktron-noise reduction pedal//digital guitar tunner//gibson les paul guitar.......that slash wah is not grounded & it hisses like crazy when i take out the wah my amp dont hissbut when you go to use it again it makes my amp hiss & to get rid of that hiss i have to put my amp on the clean channel.......so aparently the people who built this wah didnt ground the circuts no matter what you do to it the wah will hiss & feed back like crazy....so DONT BUY ANY ARTIST SIGNITURE WAHS just buy a normal wah & use a footswitch for your amp to go to clean/distortion.....THE BUILDERS OF SLASH WAHS THEM PEOPLE ARE DUM AS BRICKS
Dunlop SW-95 Cry Baby Slash Wah Pedal
.Ok, first off, any person who says that the wah pedal hisses and feeds back is completely inept because they obviously didn't realize that the pedal has two setting. Yes, there is a setting that boosts the gain and adds extra distortion, but there is also a normal wah setting. If you know how to adjust the gain and distortion knobs that are clearly labeled on the pedal, you should have no problem getting rid of the hiss and feedback, or if you're like me you kind of like it in the right song and leave it that way, either way its not a poorly made pedal. This wah has the largest dynamic range of any wah pedal I have ever used. I played on my friend's classic crybaby and couldn't even stand to use it compared to my Slash wah. The boost setting (switchable by a small push switch located on the side of the pedal that is easily pressed with your foot) allows you to get that great Red Hot Chili Peppers tone or to simply boost your gain and you have almost total control over the amount of added gain or distortion because of the control knobs. Plus the blue and red lights just add flavor. I love my Slash wah and will never use another.
Dunlop SW-95 Cry Baby Slash Wah Pedal

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