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Dunlop Heavy Pyrex Glass Slide Short / Small Single

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Heavy Pyrex Glass Slide Short / Small Single
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Product Description

Choose this Dunlop Pyrex Glass Slide for a warmer, thicker tone accentuating the middle harmonics of your sound. Today's most popular guitar slide. Processed from high-quality boron silicate. Heat-treated and annealed to produce a flawless tube. Heavy wall.

Short/small dimensions: 17mm inside diameter, 25mm outside diameter, 51mm length. Fits ring size 6.5 Small dimensions:

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This slide is my first. After reading a lot of reviews on different slides, I decided to go with the Dunlop 212 as it seemed to be the most logical choice. I wasn't disappointed. It's taken me just a bit of time to get used to using the slide (especially in keeping it out of the way when fingering notes with my index and middle fingers) but the Dunlop 212 has made it relatively easy ... and fun. When not in use, I keep the slide in its original resealable plastic packaging to avoid potential breakage.
I'm rating the Features as a 9 instead of 10 as I'm thinking it would be nice if the slide had a slight curvature to it to better facilitate use across all six strings at once. This slide nonetheless fits perfectly across the fingerboard of my Carvin AE185. While I had initially hoped to find a slide to wear on my pinky, I'm glad I didn't but instead got the Dunlop 212 as it fits my ring finger perfectly. (Caution: If you have thick fingers, this slide might only fit your pinky.)

The photo depicts three different sizes. The Sku indicates that what you will get if you order one is the "Short/Small Single," the listing for which indicates that it fits a ring size of 6.5 and is 51mm in length. For the record, the specs listed on the cardboard packaging for the "Dunlop No. 212" slide I received specifies that it fits a ring size of 7 and has the following dimensions: Length - 51mm, Wall - 4mm, Inside - 17mm.

To give you an idea of the length of slide relative to fit, my ring finger is 2-7/8" (7-1/4 cm) in length, the slide fitting just over the knuckle with the tip of my finger sticking out the other end. The slide is lightweight, yet the glass is thick enough to render a nice tone. I considered ceramic, as well as brass and chrome, but decided to go with glass in hopes of achieving a traditional Deep South thing.
While something tells me the glass of this slide could be just a bit better, I like it nonetheless.
This slide seems to be priced about right.
Dunlop Heavy Pyrex Glass Slide Short / Small Single
.You need this sound in your arsenal.
Listing is confusing with 3 pictures. You are getting the short thick slide. It IS different from other slides. I played a brass slide for years and it is agressive and well... brassy. I had a regular (thin) long dunlop and it was mellower, oilier(?), and blends better with a band. I now have the thick one and it is even more mellow and forgiving. It seems to blend the notes a bit probably because there is quite a bit less bright attck than with brass or even a thinner glass. I lke the shorter legnth too.
What can you say about a glass tube! Keep the package to help prevent breakage.
Good deal.
Dunlop Heavy Pyrex Glass Slide Short / Small Single
.as good as it gets for a slide, my personal prederence is for glass and this is just as good as it gets.
This was purchased as a gift to play a homemade cigar box violin scale instrument. Having the exact same larger glass slide, this smaller one the Dunlop short/small size should fit my sister's finger perfect. It's a heavy wall pyrex slide and has a great sound while giving comfort knowing that it's unlikely to be broken. I can't wait to hear her play this thing using this slide on Christmas. I think she'll be really happy with it. I've had mine for a long time and never found it lacking in tone.
consistant quality you can depend on and durable as it gets
try making one out of an old wine bottle...this is unbeatable
Dunlop Heavy Pyrex Glass Slide Short / Small Single
.Understand that the slide you are getting is the small one so if you have thick fingers you may have a problem.
Got this slide last week because I was frustrated with the havy ceramic slide I was using. This one is much more manuverable and glass makes it easier to see the frets beneath it, which has been key for me.
Well made
For the price it's a no brainer
Dunlop Heavy Pyrex Glass Slide Short / Small Single
.I've tried polished steel, brass, actual bottlenecks. For me, these are the best for pinky slide playing, and cheaper too. You can buy a few an put one in every case and bag.
Dunlop Heavy Pyrex Glass Slide Short / Small Single
.My last review on this product wasn't posted- I don't know why, but I'll try again. I really love this slide! I bought two of them. I wanted to learn slide guitar and this glass slide is perfect. Warm, rich tone- sounds great! Highly recommend.
Dunlop Heavy Pyrex Glass Slide Short / Small Single
.I bought two of these slides. I wanted to learn slide guitar. This slide is great! Nice, warm tones when sliding.
Dunlop Heavy Pyrex Glass Slide Short / Small Single
.If you're gonna play slide THIS is the slide to use...warm sound and smooth action are imperative and this slide delivers.
Dunlop Heavy Pyrex Glass Slide Short / Small Single
.I've broken thin glass slides, so wanted to try a thick one... problem is now solved!!!
Dunlop Heavy Pyrex Glass Slide Short / Small Single
.If you use your pinky for slide this is the perfect glass slide to use.
This is the closet sound to the Coricidin bottles I use for slide.
The very first time the bottle hit the strings, on my acoustic guitar, it was pure, full and it sounded rich and warm.

The Father's Blessings Be Upon You!!!
Dunlop Heavy Pyrex Glass Slide Short / Small Single

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