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Dunlop EVH95 Eddie Van Halen Signature Wah Guitar Effects Pedal

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop EVH95 Eddie Van Halen Signature Wah Guitar Effects Pedal
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Product Description

The EVH95 Signature Crybaby Wah Pedal is a member of the celebrated EVH Signature Series that was developed after intensive design collaboration with the legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

Early on in the process, Eddie handed over his "Holy Grail" Crybaby--a standard Crybaby customized in the early Nineties with a more vocal-like, High Q inductor and a wider frequency sweep. Amazingly, Dunlop found that over the years Eddie's unique wah style, which uses mostly the middle range of the effect pedal's action, had carved his own curve into the pot's resistive element, making the middle range even more defined and increased the low end sweep.

Dunlop's clones of the worn-in pot and hand-selected inductor give the EVH-95 the same "Holy Grail" feel and tone, and it's true hardwire bypass, dual bright blue bypass LEDs, and graphics based on the black and yellow-striped guitar featured on Van Halen II round out this EVH-approved Crybaby Wah Pedal with a voice and look all its own.

Clone of EVH worn-in pot Hand-selected inductor True hardware bypass Bright blue bypass LED Black and yellow striped graphics

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Wow - Jim Dunlop and Eddie have done it again! I have played the Steve Vai, Dimebag Darrell, and Zakk Wylde Wahs - and this one is the sweetest of them all. What makes this wha different from a regular Crybaby is the custom "EVH" potentiometer (pot) and custom Fasel inductor. This wha has an extended range and is clear the whole way. No muddy tones at all. Sounds great played through a clean channel or with high distortion. A great example of how this pedal sounds is Eddie's "Poundcake" and "Top of The World" solos - that is exactly it. The quality of this pedal also stands out. Sure, you will pay a lot more for this version than a regular Crybaby, but there is a good reason why. The EVH Crybaby is extremely high quality and has a signature tone that you won't find in a regular pedal. In other words, you are getting for what you paid for. Regardless if you are a EVH fan or not, you will really appreciate what Jim Dunlop has done and created with this new Crybaby. Truly, an outstanding effects pedal.
Dunlop EVH95 Eddie Van Halen Signature Wah Guitar Effects Pedal
.Very touchy. Big sweep with minimal foot movement. Lower tone is very muddy and basically worthless. Higher tones very shrill and grating. While you can get a nice wah sound out of it, leave it in any cocked position and the tone is unpleasant and unusable. Build is very solid, but the sound just doesn't work for me.
Dunlop EVH95 Eddie Van Halen Signature Wah Guitar Effects Pedal
.Unlike many other wahs the bass range of the pedal doesn't dominat the sound, you get a large tone full mid range, and singing highs, and a non muddy low end. When played clean it sounds great, with distortion and a phase 90 it rocks. The pedal isn't as punchy as other pedals and the distance of the range is fast but easy to work with. The leds blind you when you turn it on and the graphics on it are beautiful.
Dunlop EVH95 Eddie Van Halen Signature Wah Guitar Effects Pedal
.Great pedal! Would put this up against any other pedal on the market (though I've never heard a Fulltone Clyde Deluxe)
I chose this wah because I want light(s) to tell me when it's on/off.
I am very happy with the sound and performance of it.
I've had a 535Q, Bad Horsie, Jimi Hendrix, RMC Joe Walsh signature wah, a regular Dunlop wah and an older 70s Morley.
The 535Q was the best of that bunch. This EVH wah is better! (nuff said?)
I'd buy it again and again.
This has a higher price due to the EVH name.
Lower rating because it shouldn't cost that much more than any other top -line pedal.
Dunlop EVH95 Eddie Van Halen Signature Wah Guitar Effects Pedal
.I have been without a wah for a while, I am a fan of my EVH wolfgang special stealth & thought this would be an obvious choice. Well crafted, bullet proof! Great LED's in blue to identify on/off. Comes set very, Very low friction, however, if not a fan of that, it is adjustable with provided tools. Only complaint is that for [$] when will pedals start including power supplies, after all, I'm paying for the name more than the product at that price, should be included.
Dunlop EVH95 Eddie Van Halen Signature Wah Guitar Effects Pedal
.We all know EVH isn't known for his wah-wah playing,but this pedal still gets the job done!!! It looks and sounds great!
Dunlop EVH95 Eddie Van Halen Signature Wah Guitar Effects Pedal
.I have played most of the Crybaby Wahs, Morley Wahs, and a few others, but this one beats them all. Amazing sound and simple to use. The coolest design you could even imagine. Looks great with my EVH Phase 90 and my EVH Flanger.
Dunlop EVH95 Eddie Van Halen Signature Wah Guitar Effects Pedal
.This pedal gives your sound a push in the middle and that's exactly what I wanted in a wah pedal.It's my first wah and I was happy I chose the EVH pedal.The led lights are very bright and the paint scheme is true EVH all the way...No secret MXR makes good stuff and any signature product they put out is always going to be a step ahead of the other guys...
Dunlop EVH95 Eddie Van Halen Signature Wah Guitar Effects Pedal
.This is one of the best non-boutique wahs I have tried so far, and I have tried a lot of them. It has a very pronounced, vocal-like quality (reminding me of the old Hendrix-Wah, which I loved for just that sound), and more treble than other Dunlop Wahs, which makes it perfect especially for lead-guitar.Sounds great clean too, but might be a bit TOO trebly for that, but once you add distortion and start soloing, it really shines. Very nice, wide range, cuts through quite well, think "Top Of The World".One of the best "mass-produced" Wahs I have heard yet, and the price is absolutely ok for the sound you get.
Dunlop EVH95 Eddie Van Halen Signature Wah Guitar Effects Pedal

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