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Dunlop Eric Johnson Classic Jazz III Guitar Pick 6-Pack

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Eric Johnson Classic Jazz III Guitar Pick 6-Pack
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Product Description

The Dunlop Jazz III Guitar Pick has been an important element to create Eric Johnson's fluid and seamless style. To create the Eric Johnson Jazz III pick, Dunlop laser scanned a vintage Jazz III from Eric's collection and recreated it with the most advanced molding techniques available. The result? A Jazz III pick with an even more refined and smooth tip, more flexibility, and a matte finish with raised logos offering you an incredible gripping surface.

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Overall, this is a great pick in my opinion. Tone is the most important thing for me followed by feel. Because if you have great tones, the feel would automatically be inspired and when they are in harmony, you hear magic. Classic tones of nylon picks and yet still versatile for all styles. It just depends on your technique. I'm a big Eric Johnson fan and I bought this pick out of curiousity to see what the hype and difference over the standard Jazz III is all about. Well, I'm very satisfied with what I've discovered and no, I don't play like Eric nor sound like Eric but this pick has the tones and feel that I desire and I can't stop playing it! My new favorite! I still love the Jazz III XL series and between these picks, because of the difference in size, for some reason they almost feel the same to me. I know, it's a placebo effect! Give it a try and see how you like it. You might pass on the pick that you've been searching for all these years!
This is essentially a red Jazz III but slightly different. It is slightly larger than the standard Jazz III and a bit thinner with a slightly rounded tip. I measured the thickness with my digital caliper and it measured 1.34mm while the standard Jazz III and XL Series both measured at 1.36mm. The nylon material which is what this is made of just like the red standard and XL Series Jazz III's are made from, is slightly lighter in color and has more transparency when looked up against a light source. The standard Jazz III and XL Series Jazz III have a more solid and darker material and is less transparent than the Eric Johnson Jazz III. The surface of the pick is similar to the XL Series Jazz III which Dunlop describes as matte finish. However, it does not have the same exact finish as the XL Series Jazz III's. The Eric Johnson Jazz III's surface tends to smooth out after a few playing sessions. Also, flexibility is about the same as the standard Jazz III and XL Series inspite of Dunlop's claim of having more flexibility. It has a slightly different feel than the standard Jazz III. In my opinion, it is a happy medium between the Standard Jazz III and the XL Series Jazz III. Tone wise, it's about the same as the standard and the XL series. However, as with all the Jazz III picks, there is a break-in period of the pick as the way these picks are manufactured with the beveled edges, there is a thin material that remains around the the whole pick which tends to make the tone a tad brighter and raspy when you first take a pick fresh out of the pack. But with a few hours of playing, the thin material comes off eventually from hitting the strings constantly and you get the true tone of the sharp, beveled edge. The big difference between the Eric Johnson Jazz III and the standard Jazz III is FEEL. They are not exact same picks. Dimensions, thickness and finish are a bit different that an experienced player will notice.
Superb quality! Typical of Dunlop products with attention to detail. Made in USA!
These are more expensive than the standard Jazz III's including the XL Series. But, then again it is not the same pick as the standard Jazz III just stamped with Eric Johnson's name on it. As I've learned, these are re-issues of the vintage Jazz III picks that Eric had been using almost all through out his career. So, this is not just a marketing thing for Dunlop, it is a different pick than the standard Jazz III. It is understandable that it would be more expensive. Hey, it is an artist signature model after all and his name is on it which I know fans would love to use and collect. With Eric Johnson famous for being very picky when it comes to his equipment and of course his legendary tones, I think allowing his name to be on a product and endorsing it says a lot.
Dunlop Eric Johnson Classic Jazz III Guitar Pick 6-Pack
.I bought these picks with the understanding I would play and sound more like Eric Johnson. I still do not have his tone and his talent. I expect better results from the EVH pics which I just purchased through this website.
Dunlop Eric Johnson Classic Jazz III Guitar Pick 6-Pack
.I have tried numerous varieties of picks, including the red and carbon fiber Max Grips, Ultex Jazz IIIs, Primetones, Dava picks, and V-Picks, and these are the ones that I keep coming back to.

They have just the right amount of flexibility for use on both rhythm and lead lines, while having the size, stiffness, and grip to ensure precision.

Before these were released, I used the red Jazz IIIs but kept having problems holding onto it. These picks have just the right amount of grip because of the matte finish while maintaining the characteristics of the red Jazz III that I love. They are the perfect pick for me, and I have not yet found any picks that work as good or better.
Dunlop Eric Johnson Classic Jazz III Guitar Pick 6-Pack
.I have tried all of the Jazz III picks over the years including the new Max Grips in red, black and carbon fiber, and I have to say that these are the best one's for me. This is just the vintage Jazz III with Eric's name on one side. They have a little more flex than the other models, and the raised lettering combined with the more tactile surface gives you a perfect non slip grip which is even better than the Max Grips, which I find slip almost as much as the regular Jazz III's when your fingers start get sweaty, even though they feel great when you first hold them. These also have a brighter, livlier tone than the other one's. All in all a great, great all around pick for lead and rhythm work. Try 'em!
Dunlop Eric Johnson Classic Jazz III Guitar Pick 6-Pack
.I was introduced to the Jazz pick years ago and liked them okay. However they seemed too thick or too stiff. A salesperson got me to try the "Eric Johnson" version of the Dunlop Jazz III and I became immediately hooked after using them that weekend I bought roughly 6 packs of picks and I feel they work the best for my electric guitar playing. I still prefer the standard size picks for acoustic and Dunlop Ultex .60 gauge works best as an overall acoustic pick.
Dunlop Eric Johnson Classic Jazz III Guitar Pick 6-Pack
.The classic original Jazz III is still the best! It has the same tacky feel and raised lettering of the Ultex ones, with the same gripping ability, but has a little more flex and a brighter, almost acoustic sound quality. Great for lead AND rhythm. I love Eric, but wish Dunlop would make the classic Jazz III in red and black without his name on them; after all you don't want to throw a pick out and have someone think your name is Eric Johnson! That won't stop me from using them as my go to pick though!
Dunlop Eric Johnson Classic Jazz III Guitar Pick 6-Pack
.OK, here's one guy's perspective. I've used Jazz III red, black, and Ultex. The material feels a LOT different from any of them. The matte finish is very easy to hold on to, the raised letters provide enhanced grip. They feel thinner, but in a good way. I've used Jazz III for 3 years now, but have never been completely satisfied and have never completely adjusted to them. I've just never been able to get the fluidity, the automatic impulse-to-execution that I used to get from just a plain old Fender heavy. Other benefits have kept me with Jazz III, but something was still missing. The new EJ picks resolved this immediately. I have not noticed the stuff Dunlop puts in its advertisements (rounder edge, smoother tip, etc) but I can tell you that I play with more ease, fluidity, and with less tension that with the other Jazz III versions. I think I'm through looking for the right pick for me.
Dunlop Eric Johnson Classic Jazz III Guitar Pick 6-Pack
.jazz 3's are a great pick; the red color is easy to find once set down after use.
Dunlop Eric Johnson Classic Jazz III Guitar Pick 6-Pack
.Love the size- also the sound is different than celluloid but in a good way- better way to my ear! Awesome!
Dunlop Eric Johnson Classic Jazz III Guitar Pick 6-Pack
.I used standard sized medium picks for about 23 years. I switched to these on a whim, plus I knew just having EJ's name on it would be enough mojo to increase picking speed. After some years using these, I can't go back. I've tried and it feels like I'm just fanning the air to cool down the strings, therefore slowing me down. But with EJ Jazz III picks, my strings are smoking red hot.
Dunlop Eric Johnson Classic Jazz III Guitar Pick 6-Pack

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