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Dunlop Long Dawg Professional Steel Players Tonebar

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Long Dawg Professional Steel Players Tonebar
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Product Description

The Dunlop Long Dawg Tonebar gives steel players with big hands their own version of the popular Lap Dog. Like the original, the Long Dawg tonebar is designed for progressive players and features a larger radius for added sustain and vibrato and a body designed for a more comfortable grip. The Dunlop Long Dawg delivers better speed and clarity for hammer-ons and pull-offs. 0.37 lb.

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I'm New to the Lap Steel and wasn't sure which Bar to purchase. I read a few reviews on Custom Guitar's Friend and Decided on the Long Dawg from Dunlap. Its nice and smooth and its Heavy, Which I think is good for someone just starting out playing the Lap Steel. I have a few slides that I play with my Guitars and they are just to light or I have to apply to much pressure to get the sound I'm looking for. But With the Long Dawg, Its pretty much just lay it on the strings and the sound is there. Like any thing it takes time and Practice. Give It a Try I think You Will like this Bar, It covers the Strings has a Great feel and does its Job. Enjoy!
Dunlop Long Dawg Professional Steel Players Tonebar
.Bought the Dunlop tonebar to go along with a used Regal RD-30VS resonator guitar. I've played acoustic guitars nearly 40 years and this is my first real experience using a tonebar with resonator guitar. This Dunlop has nice heft, and it's easy to judge the position of the 'leading edge' by sight when playing the resonator; there's a subtle difference between the tone given by the large radius as opposed to angling it in the direction of the bridge. Although I'm still getting accustomed to holding the bar, it has a nice, sturdy feel to it, and it provides clear & even tone from the strings. For single-string work, this one has squared ends that can be used to perform pull-offs. As a new/learning resonator player, I'm pleased with the Dunlop Long Dawg Tonebar.
Dunlop Long Dawg Professional Steel Players Tonebar
.Pros: Well balanced, easy to hold, nice length.Cons: None yet.At 3 1/16" long, this bar is just right for my big hands. The wide top makes it effortless to grip, and it is perfectly balanced. I was afraid that reverse slants would be tricky due to the sloping ends, but that is not the case. It's very easy to quickly get a grip on it in almost any position. It may take a bit of getting used to since the sloping ends make it feel shorter, but the playing advantage they provide more than make up for that.
Dunlop Long Dawg Professional Steel Players Tonebar
.There's truly nothing wrong with this slide. I am a novice lap steel player, and this is the first slide I bought. I read the reviews beforehand, and since I am a big guy, I thought this would be the perfect slide for me. Either the reviews overestimated the size of this slide or I underestimated the size of my hands. My fingers get too crowded to fit in these grooves. This is a nice slide, if your hands are average-sized, but those who have bigger-boned, wide hands like I do will have to buy something else.
Dunlop Long Dawg Professional Steel Players Tonebar
.I started playing my lap steel because I had wrist surgery and can not fret a six string. A friend told me about this type of slide and helped me pick it out. This works well for me as I have trouble holding a round slide.
Dunlop Long Dawg Professional Steel Players Tonebar
.I own numerous slides. Always on the lookout for more steel guitar weapons. Length,shape,weight,balance all work great for me. For the price, hard to beat.
Dunlop Long Dawg Professional Steel Players Tonebar
.This is a great steel. It has the right amount of length to suit me. The dimensions do appear to be about the same as the smaller model except for length. For the person who complained that it wasn't big enough for his chubby fingers, Id highly recommend the Shubb SP2. It's similar to this one but taller. The Shubb SP2 also has a semi-bullet tip which I like. And the price is about the same. But I do like the grip I get with the Long Dawg. Collect several different kinds.It's fun lol
Dunlop Long Dawg Professional Steel Players Tonebar
.Same overall dimension as the standard Lap Dawg bar, except a little longer. It fits my long fingers and hand well, but if a longer one is available, I would like to try that.
Dunlop Long Dawg Professional Steel Players Tonebar
.Got this to use when playing my Rogue Lap Steel. Got the Long Dawg because my fingers are a little long, so this seemed logical to get. First time using a Tonebar as this is the first time that I have played a steel. Took a little getting used to, but the longer I practiced the better I got at handling the bar and getting the sounds that I wanted from the steel. Gets some great sustain when you learn to hold it and move it just right. Very satisfied with my purchase.
Dunlop Long Dawg Professional Steel Players Tonebar
.I use this steel for both dobro and lap/console steel. I noticed a definite improvement in intonation and comfort when I got this bar. The sound is nice. The finish is nicer/smoother than the Stevens that I had before. I need ticket another as a backup as I'm notorious for losing/dropping these things.
Dunlop Long Dawg Professional Steel Players Tonebar

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