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Dunlop Primetone Triangle Sculpted Plectra 3-Pack 1.4 mm

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Primetone Triangle Sculpted Plectra 3-Pack 1.4 mm
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Product Description

Primetone Triangle Sculpted Plectra will glide off your strings and bring out the true voice and clarity of your instrument. With hand-burnished sculpted edges, these picks allow for fast, articulate runs and effortless strumming. Made from Ultex for maximum durability and superior tonal definition. Available in three different shapes with a low-profile grip or a smooth traditional surface. 3 pack of 1.5mm picks.

Hand-burnished sculpted edges Made from Ultex 1.5mm

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I'm a professional mandolin / guitar player. Until a few years ago, Dunlop Ultex were my preferred picks. Then I discovered Wegens, which are expensive. I spent a lot of money determining which Wegen pick I preferred. Then I tried a few of the even more expensive Blue Chips. Wonderful picks, but I still preferred the Wegens by a hair - the Wegens sound slightly brighter / clearer, with a tiny bit less pick noise. So I sold my Blue Chips on the secondary market (yes, there is such a thing, because Blue Chip picks are that expensive).

These new Dunlop Sculpted Plectra are just about identical to comparable Blue Chip picks, in my estimation: same feel, same sound, sames response. Dunlop is making them in the large triangle shape with beveled edges that I think Wegen introduced and Blue Chip copied - brilliant design for a pick. But best of all, these Dunlops cost an order of magnitude less than either Wegens or Blue Chips.

I will still keep and play my Wegens, but I find that I'm just about as happy using the Dunlops. If I ever wear out or lose my Wegens, I will rotate in these Dunlops to replace them.
Dunlop Primetone Triangle Sculpted Plectra 3-Pack 1.4 mm
.Great pick. Replaced my very expensive Blu_ Chi__ brand at a fraction of the cost. The serrated centers keep the pick from slipping. Bevels are right on. Tone matches or surpasses all the top of the line pro picks on the market IMOP. Great for mandolin or guitar. Keep one in my wallet in case I forget it, or loose it. Don't leave home without one.
Dunlop Primetone Triangle Sculpted Plectra 3-Pack 1.4 mm
.I bought some of the same shape and thickness Primetone picks, but the ones with the grip. I liked them a lot, although the grip took a little getting used to. I then decided to try these Primetones without the grip. They are basically a good, thick pick that glides off the string well. They seem to be made from a slightly different material than the picks with the grip, even though they're both called Primetone. (One is translucent and the other opaque.) The Dunlop website notes that they produce a slightly darker tone, which seems true, to my ear. If you have a very bright sounding guitar, I think this pick will help it sound fuller. On my Martin, the brighter sounding Primetone with the grip is a better choice, though. I did find the non-grip pick a little slick and ended up drilling some holes in it. That helped a lot. At this price, it's worth a try. Definitely better than most plastic picks and not as expensive as others on the market. Also try the Primetone with the grip.
Dunlop Primetone Triangle Sculpted Plectra 3-Pack 1.4 mm
.For a bluegrass flat picker. This a awesome pick. Great quality. Great wear resistance. Perfect bevel. The tone is a little less bright than some other picks but it is an amazing pick for the price.
Dunlop Primetone Triangle Sculpted Plectra 3-Pack 1.4 mm
.I play acoustic guitar. I like the large triangle shape. I've tried pretty much all the "boutique" expensive picks, and these are right up there
with any off them, and the price is very reasonable. I prefer the darker one without the grip. The grip ones have raised lettering which gives them the feel of the cactus picks that are out there. They are OK, but the plain ones have a nice natural feel and the grip is fine. I round off one corner and buff it down , with a speed bevel profile, which is nice for strumming. For bluegrass boom chuck or single note playing, I use either of the other two corners. Since 1.4 is the thinnest that I can find these, I have tried sanding and buffing them down to 1.2 thickness. The result is nice. ...more crisp and brighter as you would expect, yet the 1.4 is still hard to put down. Right now, I like them both. I highly recommend them. Note: I have tried these picks in the smaller teardrop shape and they are not for me. But I don't like that shape in any pick. If you like the teardrop shape (which Dunlop offers in more thicknesses ), I would imagine that you would like these picks.
Dunlop Primetone Triangle Sculpted Plectra 3-Pack 1.4 mm
.I'll confess to being a pick junkie, I have tried lots of picks and know what I like. This pick has great tone and feel. I use the Primetone triangle with the grip and like them a lot, these are even better. The tone and feel are the same as an expensive imported pick I use, with a little less pick noise and slicker feel than the Primetone with the grip. They say Primetones are all Ultex, but this seems different than the Primetone grip picks. Being smooth these may be a little harder to hang on to, but I can drill a few small holes or roughen the surface if that becomes a problem. Dunlop makes a lot of picks that work well for me and i switch back and forth, but this is close to what I like the most. Inexpensive, sounds good, low pick noise, slick. Now if Dunlop would just make a triangle pick out of the same stuff as their nylon big stubby that would be perfect, for me any way. I think that is their best pick material, they should make all styles out of that and it would compete with those super expensive picks everyone raves about.
Dunlop Primetone Triangle Sculpted Plectra 3-Pack 1.4 mm
.The 1.5mm is slightly fatter & warmer sounding than the 1.4. I like the 1.5 for mando and use both the 1.4 & 1.5 for flatpick/bluegrass acoustic stuff on guitar.
Dunlop Primetone Triangle Sculpted Plectra 3-Pack 1.4 mm
.Like several of the other experienced acoustic flat pickers here, have experimented with many of the cheaper, likely candidates. Also have settled on Wegen for my go to guitar & mando picks. Have not invested in Blue Chip or Red Bear as yet. The first night out w/ the Primetone was on guitar at a bluegrass jam, & the brown triangle stayed put in my hand like no other I've tried. If Blue Chips are stickier than this, it's hard to imagine! The tone is slightly different than Wegens, but I like it just fine.

These are supposedly just different colors & gauges of Ultex. Maybe so, but it feels different to me.
Dunlop Primetone Triangle Sculpted Plectra 3-Pack 1.4 mm
.I'm a flat picker, volume and tone matter. The stiffness of this pick with its sculped edges leave a nice clear distinct tone I've been longing for.

The tip isn't too sharp which to my ear makes a clicking tone. The tip is easy to tremalo with. I can use this one pick for both acoustic guitar and mandolin.

My skin is older and a bit dry. The larger size allows me to hold onto it in the perferded flat pick style ... holding a key.

I loose picks. That fact in mind is a relief to find a pick I can use similar to a Bluechip without busting the budget every show.
Dunlop Primetone Triangle Sculpted Plectra 3-Pack 1.4 mm

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One of the best picks that I have used.
Dunlop Primetone Triangle Sculpted Plectra 3-Pack 1.4 mm

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