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Dunlop Microfiber Guitar Finish Cloth

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Microfiber Guitar Finish Cloth
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Product Description

The Dunlop Microfiber Guitar Finish Cloth is a great way to get it done whether it's time for a thorough cleaning or just a quick after-gig wipedown of your guitar. The super-soft cloth is absorbent, nonabrasive, and perfectly matched to all popular guitar finishes. It's constructed of densely woven Japanese microfibers, to lift and eliminate dust, grime, and fingerprints. Since it's fully machine-washable, you can refresh your Dunlop Microfiber Guitar Finish Cloth any time.

Perfect for all finishes

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Dunlop polishing clothes are all I use on my collection of bass guitars. Micro-fiber is all I use now. I have tried other brands and these are the best.
Dunlop Microfiber Guitar Finish Cloth
.I'm not sure what it is, but my Gibson Les Paul Reissues just don't like this cloth - it scratches every time. I've tried two different clothes, thinking the first time was a fluke since all of the other reviews are so good. Nope - same results. Yes, I was carefull about it not getting dusty or contaminated.It works well on my guitars with poly finishes, but not the nitro finishes on the Les Pauls. The Fender/Mequiars microfiber seems to work well even on the nitro, but 100% cotton is the only way I'm cleaning the LPs from now on. That's served me well so far.
Dunlop Microfiber Guitar Finish Cloth
.Not worth the dough. It left swirls on my brand new BLACK Custom Shop Strat's paint! I'm glad I didn't use it on my Parker Fly Mojo. Buy the $4 Fender treated cloth.
Not worth it to me... I got mine for free
Dunlop Microfiber Guitar Finish Cloth
.I think this is a good product and i would recommend it except that it cost so much and i'm not sure if it is worth the money so maybe look for cheaper like a dunlop or something. But it's not real small it's 15 and a QuarterX11 and a Quarter.
Good quality and size. 15 inches and a quater long X 11 inches and a quater wide, so it's not bad it is a good length
I like it but i'm not sure it's worth all the money.
Dunlop Microfiber Guitar Finish Cloth
.This polishing cloth left swirl marks in the finish of my brand new Breedlove Premier Series guitar. It may not scratch all finishes, but if certainly scratches some. Be careful!
Dunlop Microfiber Guitar Finish Cloth
.Best guitar cloth I have purchased. Reordered a few more.
Dunlop Microfiber Guitar Finish Cloth
.I was expecting a true microfiber cloth like my Dean Markley, which I love.
The material quality in this product doesn't compare.
Dunlop Microfiber Guitar Finish Cloth
.I've used many different microfiber cloth's and this the Dunlop is the softest and best by far other than using a cotton diaper. I only use these on all my guitars Gibson, Fender, Peavey, Stienberger, Schecter. Excellent!!
Dunlop Microfiber Guitar Finish Cloth
.I've owned many guitar cleaning cloths, and this one beats the rest by far. This cloth makes the guitar shine more than any other one's i've used, and it can handle being washed(my old planet waves one fell apart in the dryer). I highly recommend this cloth.
Dunlop Microfiber Guitar Finish Cloth
.In the past I had been using the standard cleaning and polishing clothes that I bought at my local music store. In about 2002 or 2003 I bought a new Gibson SG Standard, and asked the sales person that was helping me about better polishing cloths and he pointed this out to me right away.I've used the Dunlop black micro fiber cloth ever since. Particularly for final cleaning and quick spray polising after playing. I have hand washed it a few times, and it still gives my guitars a new look when I'm finished. The cheap cotton cloths that I had been using are now used to apply and remove wax only, and I use this cloth to finish off the detailed work, or as I mentioned when I just use a quick spray polish after playing to keep my guitars looking new.By the way I've used the same cloth for these past three or four years and it's still very soft and cleans great.I use it on my Gibson Les Paul, SG Standard, Chaylor 814-CE, Chaylor 710, Laguna LG6-RW, and my Ibanez Artwood AW40 (which is mt beater and parting guitar) and honestly it is the best finishing cloth I've ever used.I just bought two more, not because the old one is wearing out, but I want to be able to put one in each case when I go out to play, and it's rare ocassion when I take more than two or three guitars out with me at one time.
Dunlop Microfiber Guitar Finish Cloth

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