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Dunlop Max Grip Jazz III Carbon Fiber Guitar Picks - 6 Pack

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Max Grip Jazz III Carbon Fiber Guitar Picks - 6 Pack
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Product Description

This 6-piece set of Max Grip Jazz III guitar picks combines Dunlop's Classic Jazz III shape with their cutting-edge Max Grip technology. The Dunlop pick's non-slip grip is molded into the entire gripping surface for incredible control while the tip features a same sharp and beveled shape for quick string release. Players looking to increase their speed and articulation plus Jazz III fanatics alike will benefit from this amazing combination.

With Max Grip guitar picks you can shred till your fingers bleed—not till your pick slips from 'em.

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These picks are absolutely remarkable. I play on a Martin DX1AE dreadnought style guitar at bluegrass jams most every week and month. I almost always have folks commenting on the great tone of these picks on my guitar and theirs as well when I loan them out. These picks are not the thickest yet they do not bend, meaning you will likely have increased speed and a sharp sound when picking with the very tip of it, as well as a nice fat rhythm when you get to strumming and using a bit more of your pick. These picks are much smaller than what many musicians are used to and therefore take some getting used to. However, even if you do have large or bigger hands than what is considered "average" the grip on these picks will still give you a solid feel. These picks take a very long time to loose their gripping abilities from wear or sweat. Even after a constant four hour or longer hot outdoor jam these picks stay firmly in place without me having to place a death grip on them. I have tried many picks from Tortex material picks to nylon Clayton picks and other brands and materials from Dunlop as well and they just didn't produce the tone or comfort I was seeking. Heck, I've even gone ahead and spent 40 dollars on small company custom made three pack picks that still lack the sound these little Jazzers have. For [$] for a pack of six and [$] for a pack of 24 you are not likely to find a better value in picks or material than these if you are a working class musician like me. Additionally, the size and feel of these picks are wonderful for mandolin playing as well, bringing out the fantastic sharp clarity, chirps, and chops mandos are known for. Go ahead and stock up on these or just try one pack. For [$], even if you don't appreciate them as much as myself or other players, at least you didn't break the bank in the process. Happy pickin'!
Dunlop Max Grip Jazz III Carbon Fiber Guitar Picks - 6 Pack
This pick just doesn't slip! The tone it provides is better than most, but not as good as the ultex 2.0. The only real problem was that the picks had a slight ridge on the edge when I opened the pack. Afew seconds with some steel wool takes care of it, but still, A little quality control would go a long way here. If you're looking for something new to try, I HIGHLY suggest this pick, being very superior to every other celluloid or nylon pick in existance.
Dunlop Max Grip Jazz III Carbon Fiber Guitar Picks - 6 Pack
.Item ordered not received.
Dunlop Max Grip Jazz III Carbon Fiber Guitar Picks - 6 Pack
.I will say this. These are the best picks I have ever used. I have been playing guitar for about three years now, and I have tried ever brand out there. Dunlop does it for me. Best picks. I just wish they made an XL version of the pick. But, I still like it either way. Buy these.
Dunlop Max Grip Jazz III Carbon Fiber Guitar Picks - 6 Pack
.Finally, after 4 years of playing and trying different picks I found a perfect pick... no... not just a pick... THE PICK
Dunlop Max Grip Jazz III Carbon Fiber Guitar Picks - 6 Pack
.Love these picks. Very stiff, have a nice tone, and very grippy. I think I prefer the tone to my second favorite pick, the regular red Jazz III nylons -- which may also tie for first place.
Very grippy -- almost too much so, because it's hard to adjust in my grip.
Dunlop Max Grip Jazz III Carbon Fiber Guitar Picks - 6 Pack
.I love this guitar pick A LOT! It has really improved my soloing and produces a nice, bright tone that has some edge to it too. The grip is great and comfortable. The design of the pick is great for precision, but I have troubles with strumming my guitar. If I try to do rapid strumming the pick end gets caught in the strings..so when I encounter one of those songs I fall back to a regular medium guitar pick. By rapid strumming I mean having to play octave chords really quick for example. That's my only beef with the pick and the only reason it got a 4/5..been using them for 2 years.
Dunlop Max Grip Jazz III Carbon Fiber Guitar Picks - 6 Pack
.These picks... are amazing. A friend got me hooked on the jazz III's a few years ago, and since them I exclusively use them. They take some getting used to, but are entirely worth it. I did have a problem with them sliding out from my fingers when I was sweaty though. I saw these the other day and ordered a pack, and let me tell you, they are such an improvement. Same great shape, just with the grip. I was surprised when I first held one, it did not seem to want to come out of my fingers at all. I like this much better than the Dava rubber-grip picks. Get these. You won't be disappointed.
Dunlop Max Grip Jazz III Carbon Fiber Guitar Picks - 6 Pack
.First of all, i had never used a pick this small. Now after using these for a couple of years, I don't want anything different for rock and metal. It brings your fingers closer to the strings and gives you an enormous amount of control which translates into a more defined sound even at high speed playing. My hands are always a little moist (hyper hydrosis), and the grippy bumps keep me from dropping them. Love it!
Dunlop Max Grip Jazz III Carbon Fiber Guitar Picks - 6 Pack
.So i received this pick a few weeks ago.. they are awesome ive always been a jazz iii player... this picks are super grippy this are litterally impossible to drop while playing.. compared to a regular jaz iii i feel this are just a bit (minimal thinner) altough this ones are stiffer than the regular blacks.. this picks glide over the strings like nothing,.. they are super durable i played the same pick for 2 weeks and it doesnt even have a scratch.. i really think with a pack of this i wont be buying picks again in a long time
Dunlop Max Grip Jazz III Carbon Fiber Guitar Picks - 6 Pack

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