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Dunlop Fuzz Face Guitar Effects Pedal

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Fuzz Face Guitar Effects Pedal
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Product Description

The Dunlop Fuzz Face is ruggedly constructed to the original germanium PNP transistor design and vintage specs. The classic fuzz box used by Jimi Hendrix and other legendary rockers of the '60s and '70s. Powered by 9V battery.

Classic fuzz used by Hendrix and others Uses the original Germanium PNP transistor Vintage specs Volume knob Fuzz level knob SPECIFICATIONS

Fuzz Face Guitar Effects Pedal

8" x 7-1/4 " x 3-1/4"
2.11 lb. Red.

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Other reviewers were correct when they mentioned that what you get out of this pedal is highly dependent on the environment it's used in. You can't plug this pedal into your solid state Crate combo expecting miracles, and you can't dime the fuzz and expect anything other than an unusable mess of Fender Blender-esque chaos. In short, you can't use this thing the same way you would use a typical digital effects pedal-the bonehead settings we've all been conditioned to go with won't be ear pleasing.This pedal is old school in every way-the tone you get is highly dependent on your ability to manipulate your volume knob(s). Set the fuzz at about midnight, adjust the volume to taste, and back your guitar volume knob down to about 5-7. That's where the nuclear sugar in the pedal is-hit the front end of a tube amp that's just starting to break up, and you can get some of the most glorious, classic OD/fuzz/distortion imaginable out of this box (circle?). The Fuzz Face is actually surprisingly tweakable: you can get a ton of different tones out of it by manipulating the fuzz setting and your guitar volume knob.
Dunlop Fuzz Face Guitar Effects Pedal
.There is a reason why the Germanium Fuzz Face is the best pedal of all times (it was right at epicenter of rock revolution in the 60s and it's still relevant today). This Pedal's got Personality. When you lower you guitar volume you get incredibly rich and full clean tone, and when you crank it get's really nasty. It also makes my wah react in dissimilar ways to distortion pedals, seems to have the same effect on the Octavio.
Dunlop Fuzz Face Guitar Effects Pedal
.This the fuzz face you want. Don't get ripped off by the over-hyped boutique ripoffs. As with all classic pedals, this one is simple: just two knobs. But, you have to spend mucho time with this baby, your amp settings, and your guitar knobbies. Silicon version fuzzes are good too, but they are way too bright and harsh for my taste. Let your imagination be your guide with this pedal. Hey, it even smiles at you while you play!
Dunlop Fuzz Face Guitar Effects Pedal
.Good sounding fuzz, cleans up well with your volume knob. Not much sustain on single notes using the bridge pickup, but when you play on the neck pickup, you can hold a note forever. I really like the look of the pedal. So what if it's a little big for your board, it still looks awesome!
Dunlop Fuzz Face Guitar Effects Pedal
.If you are good with a soldering iron, I'd recommend you either make a Fuzz Face yourself from a schematic with a matched pair of germanium trannies and trimpots for resistors for around $60 rather than this price; if you're not, then here's the thing:The modern Fuzz Face has pretty much the same issue today as it had back when Hendrix was alive. The transistors is the problem. They are the "heart" of the electronics in the Fuzz Face and every transistor has a different gain value, that is, how much the transistor amplifies your guitar signal. With most modern-day (silicon) transistors this is not much of a problem because silicon transistors are much easier to make, but germaniums use a different process and therefore can get you entirely different gain values. The key, therefore, is to get a pair of transistors both within a certain "golden" gain range and then change the resistor values to match it... a thing that really only audiophiles and boutique pedal builders do. So if you're gonna get one, play through it, and a few others, first to see if you like the tone as they will differ.
Dunlop Fuzz Face Guitar Effects Pedal
.These units from Dunlop are extremely unreliable. This is due to one main reason: The germanium transistors. Believe it or not, these transistors have tonal changes due to temperature change. The quality of the product varies from pedal to pedal. It is hard, but if you find a good one, you will be in wild Hendrix tone territory. A good one of these is pretty outstanding. If you're running into a Marshall and using a Les Paul, I would not reccomend this however. It is massively dark, and would probably turn your flat amplifier and your humbuckers into a buttload of mud. However, a traditional (bright) strat into about any amp (the darkness of the marshall wouldn't matter at this point) this thing would probably do very well, that is, if you recieved a good unit.For the people stuck between this and the Hendrix Fuzz Face, go for the Hendrix. It is much more versatile than this, contains silicon transistors which aren't nearly as temperamental as the germaniums, and it is just miles better in the terms of craftsmanship. However, these changes could result in a few things that could be looked upon as drawbacks: the tonal structure is a tad brighter, and noticeably wilder. This brightness could result in some harshness, depending on your set up. Also, although it does still do this greatly, the Hendrix does not clean up quite as well as a good germanium with the guitar volume. In my opinion, I would splurge the extra bucks on the Hendrix. But, this unit, if you get a good one and use it correctly, will give you some pretty rockin' tone.
Dunlop Fuzz Face Guitar Effects Pedal
.I bought the Dunlop Fuzz Face because I like Hendrix tones yet I didn't want to pay the extra money for the Jimi Hendrix Fuzz. So far I haven't found that Hendrix tone, which is fine. What I got was my very own unique tones. I've ran it through a Fender Blues Deluxe while playing a American Standard Strat. I run a Barber LTD distortion in front of it, kind of like a boost. When I kick that on it gives the Fuzz a creamier fuller fuzz. Right now I do like it more than the Big Muff Pi because I don't like the Big Muff's processed sustain. I agree with other posters when they say you have to play around with ALL your controls. Like every other pedal you have to experiment until you find a tone you're happy with. This pedal only has two controls which is plenty. You don't kneed a thousand knobs on a pedal. If you play around with the knobs on the guitar combined with the knobs on the effect, you can get a thousand different distortions from this pedal. The only set back to me is the In and Out are opposite than every other modern pedal. I didn't pay attention to that detail when I was looking at it online. These are easily interchangeable though. If you are looking for an exact replica for Hendrix tone, don't buy this pedal. Maybe the Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face is what you want. Although, you can sound a little like David Gilmour with this one combined with the set up I mentioned. It all depends on what you're looking for.
Dunlop Fuzz Face Guitar Effects Pedal
.I actually made mine from a schematic off the internet for about $30.00 and I have loved it ever since. It has made an excellent dirty rythem sound, and an Eric Johnson/Jimi Hendrix sound, or it could be your lead sound if your into metal. This could possibly be the best and most important purchase you could make regarding your guitar. So if you make it, or buy it, IT'S WORTH IT!!!
Dunlop Fuzz Face Guitar Effects Pedal
.I have never had a problem with these. Pump a Strat through a good fender and you get time for months. I keep my knobs cranked way up on the pedal and use combination of my guitar volume and a volume pedal, and what more can a guy ask for? Just sounds beautiful.
Dunlop Fuzz Face Guitar Effects Pedal
.This pedal is for all those who wish to capture the sound of early rock and roll. From Hendrix to Page and Clapton, this pedal can capture the sound. though you must be experienced to use it, you must know how to dial in from your guitar, not the pedal. For Les Pauls, the treble and bass pickup volume knobs should be set to the nine face the player, this will give you a killer lead sound. This pedal is worth the price.
Dunlop Fuzz Face Guitar Effects Pedal

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