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Dunlop Elastic Heavy Single Capo

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Elastic Heavy Single Capo
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Product Description

These convenient, light capos are simple to use and adjust. The strong elastic slides without having to be unfastened. For curved or flat steel six-string guitars.

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It's not a 'G7' but it worked in the 60's and it works today!
Dunlop Elastic Heavy Single Capo
.For the price, the Dunlop is sturdy, works easily and is small enough to carry in your pocket.
I have two metal grip capos. Bought the Dunlop elastic model for my travel guitar, mostly to save money but also for nostalgic reasons. The capo grips well, isn't hard to move/secure and is thicker and more heavy duty than one I owned years back. It's a good buy and I'd buy another one.
Dunlop Elastic Heavy Single Capo
.I know the title seems very scary but allow me to explain. I bought this with my tailor because it's a very cheap capo and honestly I wanted to try something different than the ones I have now. I figured it's extremely inexpensive and it can live in my Chaylors case.

Be warned.
This capo can scratch your neck in two different ways.

1. If you use the first hole on the capo which you will be inclined to do. You may scratch your neck because the metal on the capo is coming in contact with your guitar neck. So no matter how tight the elastic is or how thick your guitar neck is you must I repeat must use the second hole for the metal on the first one will be covered by elastic.

2. Taking the cable off the capo can be tricky. As soon as you unhook the elastic the metal rings on the elastic can scrape your guitar neck. Now I've scratched my tailor when I first tried to escape on it and I've also decided to order another one for my Martin backpacker.

You wonder why there's two ways it can scratch your guitar because I scratch to separate guitars.

As a side note I've used the old walnut trick to get rid of the scratches. If you do not know this trick be sure to look it up.

Also another side note to take this cable off properly I would push to keep up against the strings so that when you touch the elastic it does not scratch your guitar neck.

I have to say I'm shocked that no one else on this forum has had this problem that I've had but I felt that you needed to be warrant. Now that all that is out of the way. I really love this capo even if it only lasts a year or two it holds on tightly to my guitar strap. And also went on the guitar body the capo takes up little to no room allowing you full use around the capo. I hope this helped and heed my warning.
Dunlop Elastic Heavy Single Capo
.This is by far the best capo I have ever used. It lasts forever. I've been using the same exact one my father used for years that he bought a long time ago. After a couple decades the elastic band is starting to tear though.

I almost never get any buzzing from any strings and when I do, it just takes a second of just giving the capo a little nudge to get rid of the buzz. Technically "quick-change" since you can just slide it up or down the frets to the desired key.
Dunlop Elastic Heavy Single Capo
.I play guitar and Irish bouzouki in an Irish band and needed a capo for quick positioning during key changes in tune sets on bouzouki, and this elastic band capo does the trick perfectly. Irish reel/jig sets consist of at least two different tunes, usually three, and often in different keys that require a quick key change. This is fairly easy on guitar in DADGAD tuning without the need to change capo position, but bouzouki is not as easy to do key changes without some help. So this capo fits my needs and works fine. Because of the elastic, it's easy to quickly force it up a bit and slide into position, whether at a particular fret or behind the nut.
Dunlop Elastic Heavy Single Capo
.the Dunlop heavy elastic capo may be the best value out there in a capo. I bought several to give to my college guitar students who didn't already have a capo. They work great, are easily moved to other places on the neck and to other guitars.
Dunlop Elastic Heavy Single Capo
.This is just what the doctor order ... it is easy to put on the guitar and you can change keys by moving it up or down. Plus it is very affordable compare to other capos.
Dunlop Elastic Heavy Single Capo
.Excellent product for the money. I have always used the elastic capo. It is smaller and doesn't get in the way like some of the other models. Provides good sound quality from the strings, holds taughtness. It's too bad the music stores in this area don't carry it anymore.
Dunlop Elastic Heavy Single Capo
.This capo is a classic I would recommend this over any other type, it's great quality, great sound and very lowly priced as well
Dunlop Elastic Heavy Single Capo
.I bought this capo because I was curious about it, well its ok, but it really has a hard time hitting the low E string, but it's really fast in changing bars and stuff
Dunlop Elastic Heavy Single Capo

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