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Dunlop Ultex Jazz III Guitar Picks 6-Pack

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Ultex Jazz III Guitar Picks 6-Pack
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Product Description

Dunlop Ultex Jazz III Guitar Picks let you dig in and grind, then jump to delicate, fluttering lines. Impossibly hard, yet absolutely responsive, these picks will reveal every flicker of emotion in your playing and still add brutal bite to the heaviest power cord you can unleash. Ultex picks are also virtually indestructible, hanging tough through countless pick slides, windmills, and other insanity.

The revolutionary Ultex material from which Jazz III Guitar Picks are crafted telegraphs the slightest contact, giving you an almost intuitive feel for the strings. With unprecedented resilience and snap, the Jazz III's release is so clean that individual notes sing out and artificial harmonics can be fired off at will. Practically weightless, with flawless, silky edges, the Ultex Jazz III doesn't emulate anything. It's the most versatile, expressive pick Dunlop has ever made.

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These picks are great. I've tried the old nylon Jazz III picks in the past and always found them to be a bit too slick and slippery feeling in my fingers. These Ultex versions solve that for me. The Ultex material gives them a nice grippy feel, even when my hands are sweaty. They have a full and crisp tone to them and are very durable too. My only complaint is with the color. Appearance wise I couldn't care less, but the translucent amber color makes them instantly vanish when they are dropped. Just a minor gripe for an otherwise awesome pick.
Dunlop Ultex Jazz III Guitar Picks 6-Pack
. If you're a Jazz III user switching to th Ultex verson is a no brainer! After 25 years of playing and trying different picks I've finally found MY pick. The quality is awesome! Playing for 20 minutes the Regular Jazz III's would already be worn down, I've been playing with the same Ultex pick for 2 weeks now and it still feels brand new! If you're looking for a pick with great sound and long life, you can't go wrong with the Ultex Jazz III.
Dunlop Ultex Jazz III Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.I've been looking for this kind of pick for a long time. When I first started shredding I was using the typical Fender picks, then I switched to the Dunlop nylons (same size as the Fenders). I finally came across the Jazz III max grip which improved my speed a lot, but found myself still needing extra grip and more smoothness when picking the strings. The Ultex Jazz III solved everything! They are easier to grip allowing me to relax my wrist more and they glide across the strings with ease...
Dunlop Ultex Jazz III Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.The Jazz III is a great pick, I have been using these for years. A while back, a buddy of mine gave me one to try. I was into 60-80's mm picks and I hated it at first; WAY too thick. Well after a few days, I put all my other picks away. This is the only one that stays on my amp, ready to go. They're a little pricey, but more than well worth it. BUT BE CAREFUL: Because of their thickness, they will make your sound much warmer. In essence, you will loose some brightness and add some bass. Turn up the treble a bit and you'll be just fine.
Dunlop Ultex Jazz III Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.The material is great, but it feels brittle, and makes a lot of noise when compared the the red Jazz III. It doesn't glide over the strings as easily as the original red Jazz III. Without the original to compare, I would say this is the best pick in the world for precision playing. All of the Jazz III picks are great though. The ultex seems like a great material for a pick, but I would recommend purchasing the red original to compare.
Dunlop Ultex Jazz III Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.This pick has an almost finger picked sound a duller warmer attack to my ears and for this reason I give it a good rating it does what other jazz picks don't do
Dunlop Ultex Jazz III Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.My search is done, I am extremely happy with this pick.

I've tried original Jazz III Red and Black, Eric Johnson Jazz III, Carbon Fiber (Max Grip Jazz III), Gator Picks, and just about every pick imaginable. I like the feel, articulation, speed, and accuracy I get from a Jazz III.

This pick gives the best grip, sound (More Bell Like Over Tones and overall feel), and even helps clean up my pickups. I can pick light and get a clean tone, and bite for the opposite effect. The Secret is the ULTEX MATERIAL. Give it a shot, hopefully they work for you as well!

...forget the 2.0, these will produce much more desirable results.
Dunlop Ultex Jazz III Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.I love this pick. It's got a perfect feel, grip, sounds great and lasts for-ev-urrr. Once you get used to the size and sharper point on it every other pick feels like it's just worn out.

My only complaint is that its translucent yellow-ish color makes it blend in with just about any background so it's hard to find if you drop it. I want exactly this pick in some opaque neon green, red, or yellow color.
Dunlop Ultex Jazz III Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.Was looking for an alternative pick for use with nylon strings that would offer a warmer, less harsh attack and better overall sound. I tested over 20 different picks, including several in the Jazz lll series, and this Ultex Jazz lll was my favorite. I play a lot of mellow crossover jazz / easy listening on nylon string acoustic, and it is just what I was looking for - nice feel for slower melodic phrases yet firm enough to handle fast runs with ease.
Dunlop Ultex Jazz III Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.This is my new favorite pick. Nice clean bright sound and wears very well. Once you get used to the smaller size of the jazz picks they are great.
Dunlop Ultex Jazz III Guitar Picks 6-Pack

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