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Dunlop Jazz III XL Guitar Picks 6-Pack

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Jazz III XL Guitar Picks 6-Pack
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Product Description

Jazz III XL guitar picks give you the same great tip as Dunlop's popular Nylon Jazz III picks, but with an extended gripping surface for a better hold.

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Overall, I was blown away by how this pick perform! I was originally going for the standard Jazz III but ended up settling with the Jazz III XL. The standard Jazz III is an awesome pick but I prefer the Jazz III XL series as it has more gripping surface than the small standard Jazz III and I feel more comfortable with it from my transition from the Dunlop Tortex 1.14 (Purple) to the Jazz III XL. I've been using the purple Tortex for 18+ years and holding the standard Jazz III feels a bit unusual as they are very small. I was having a hard time holding on to them at first but to my surprise, it actually works! In just a few minutes I was beginning to get used to the feel of it but when I tried these Jazz III XL series, it felt more comfortable and it has the same exact tones and speed as the standard Jazz III's. The only difference between the standard and the XL series is that the XL series has more gripping surface and it has a textured surface as opposed to the smooth glossy surface of the standard Jazz III's. The Jazz III XL's are still way smaller compared to the standard 421 model picks. Tone wise, the Jazz III nylon is superb! It's warm but can also give you that rich high end bite depending on how you execute the attack. It's a truly versatile pick and just like what others are saying, don't let the name fool you, just because it says Jazz doesn't mean it can't be used for other styles, from Blues to Metal, the Jazz III XL's are perfect! These picks sound amazing, they are precise, fast and articulate. Super clean tones too! I just made the switch after using the Dunlop Tortex 1.14 for 18+ years! Not because the Tortex is a bad pick but the Jazz III XL offers much more versatility, maneuverbility, speed and fatter tones without being dull in my opinion. It is one of Jim Dunlop's perfectly designed pick. Shape, size, thickness and material all came together pefectly to form a virtouso of a pick! My trusty Tortex 1.14 had just been retired.
Great pick design. The raised logo and text are great gripping surface. Beveled edges for fast and smooth attack. These picks are exactly the same specs as the standard Jazz III but it is slightly larger but still smaller than a standard pick.
Quality is top notch typical of Dunlop products. Made in USA! It is made of nylon which gives you that familiar warm tone. Fit and finish is superb and consistent with each pick.
These are usually a little expensive than the regular pick models but I got them here at Custom Guitar's Friend on sale! So I ordered two more dozens!
Dunlop Jazz III XL Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.I've been playing guitar for 23 years now and while I fancy myself as a shredder, my speed is never quite as fast as I'd like. Maybe I should buy a metronome, like everyone tells me. Or maybe it's just that I was raised on the blues and learned to play flatpicking style. Whatever it is, I had someone recommend this pick to me, so I gave it a shot.

As a number of you are probably aware, the Dunlop Jazz III, although it is a jazz pick by definition, is often noted by speed-metal players as their weapon of choice. And with good reason, too. It's got a nice, pointed tip (which feels really odd after playing standard picks all these years) and the raised lettering on it makes it easy to grip. I can immediately see how it takes less effort to pick single note runs due to how the pointed tip and the weight of the pick (it is 1.38 mm thick). I also notice how the heavier thickness (compared to the 0.72 to 0.88mm medium picks I am used to) and the grip provided by the raised lettering makes the pick easier to hold without having a death grip on it, resulting in a more relaxed hand, wrist, and forearm.

I'm not one to endorse such silly suggestions as, "This pick will make you play faster instantly!", but in this case, there does seem to be some truth in that.

As you can see, I still gave the pick 4 out of 5 stars. This is because it's not completely flawless. It would be nitpicking to say that it's not good for strumming chords, although that is true. However, it's not intended for that, so I'll let it slide. Just be warned that you might not want to throw out of you old, standard picks just yet if you like to play chords, too. Also, these picks are made of nylon, which colors the tone in a way that I'm not fanatical about. It's a small issue, but one that you may notice and it might bother you a bit. Also, these picks are very rigid, so while they may excel at fast lines, sweep picking is a bit tricky, due to very little flex in them. But yes, you can sweep pick with them. With a bit of practice, I'm sure it won't be an issue at all.

As for the Jazz III XL's size, it is almost exactly the same size as a standard Dunlop pick. If you were to file the side of a standard pick down to make a V-shaped point like this, it would be practically identical in shape and size. The standard Jazz IIIs are a little on the small side for my taste, but most guitarists will have little trouble adjusting from a standard pick to a Jazz III XL.

Bottom line, these are great picks and you should definitely check them out. They may not become your pick of choice, but I'm quite confident that most players will find some use for them and when they do, it will improve their playing in that area.
Dunlop Jazz III XL Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.The tone is unmatched
Dunlop Jazz III XL Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.I have played using these picks and the original Jazz 3's. These are the same size as your standard guitar pick. I personally prefer the original ones the smaller size doesn't bother me. But if you have a problem with the smaller ones these should work perfect. These picks have the best of both worlds, the point of a jazz 3 with the size of a standard pick.
Dunlop Jazz III XL Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.I had been using the original jazz III's, but they're so tiny that my fingers would hit the string. I tried ultex, delrin, gator grips...you name it. These picks are the best. You can't go back after using the jazz picks. Not only do they give you great control and speed with lead guitar playing, but you'd be surprised how great they are for rhythms too. Get 'em now.
Dunlop Jazz III XL Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.Best picks I've ever used. The tip is sharp for note clarity with no "flap" in your picking attack. The thickness adds some punch.I compared these to the regular Jazz 3, and I feel the XLs are way easier to grip and are better for rhythms.
Dunlop Jazz III XL Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.I think these picks are great, they're as sharp as standard Jazz III's, but they're big enough so people that actually have fingers can play on them. At first I bought a few just to make the transition to the regular Jazz III's, but when I finally did decide to switch, I found I liked the XL's much more. They offer the same feeling that the smaller ones do, but they still feel like a regular pick for us traditionalists out there. Anyways, they're great because they're easy to play on, they're quick, and they don't wear out. They're a little extra money sometimes, but, don't let that fool you, you get your money's worth.
Dunlop Jazz III XL Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.Like many others, I tried these after reading about it in a mag. These have allowed me to play better and focus on the subtle details of picking attack. I also like the Ultex Sharps by Dunlop, I switch between the 2 for different tonalities inherent in the plastic used for the two picks. It is with out a doubt the cheapest way to impact your playing.
The imprinted logo and stuff are raised and textured and therefore perfect for grip.
Indestructable, you'll lose them before you wear them out, or break it.
Dunlop Jazz III XL Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.I absolutely love these picks, they are wonderful and they last forever, I seriously can not explain to everyone of you how awesome these are. They really add a nice punch for harder picking and when legato picking and arpeggio picking you can get a myriad of sounds and even greater on acoustics because you can get great legato tones from the pick.
Dunlop Jazz III XL Guitar Picks 6-Pack
.I like to try things once in a while. I've been using Fender heavey picks over 45 years. These pick were OK but I wasn't a fan of the material or the sound it produced.They are worth trying. Picks are a feel thing you have to try yourself.
Dunlop Jazz III XL Guitar Picks 6-Pack

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