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Dunlop Original StrapLok System Brass

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Original StrapLok System Brass
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Product Description

The Dunlop Straplok System is designed with the artist in mind. 360 groove-and-ball design allows the unit to rotate without catching. The strap retainers are easy to install and operate. The case-hardened steel skin guarantees long life. The same strap can be used with several guitars as the strap button is interchangeable. Release-tested up to 800 lbs. of pull; it won't come loose. Complete set (2 units for instrument and strap) adapts to instrument by replacing existing strap pins and screws with special Straplok System brand buttons and screws. 2 strap attachments are included.

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These are the best strap locks. I have used them for years in many different basses. Always use your strap with the locks on them, and your strap will not fall off and your guitar will not fall. If the screw comes loose, that is NOT the problem of the lock, it means the screw hole in your guitar is loose. Add a piece of toothpick or similiar to fill in some space and screw it back in. Check to make sure they are locked before jumping around, but once locked they ARE GREAT!!
Dunlop Original StrapLok System Brass
.The first thing I do to ANY new guitar is replace the strap pins with Dunlops. They're secure, easy to install and last forever. These originals are also cool because they can be fush-mounted easiliy. Simply the best.
Dunlop Original StrapLok System Brass
.I have used them on all my Guitars for years. I like the easy use And they look great on my Guitar
This is the !st I install on any Guitar I buy. I love them.
Dunlop Original StrapLok System Brass
.i have used this product for over 30 years the best out there a must have
Dunlop Original StrapLok System Brass
.I've been using Dunlop StrapLoks since the early 80'sm, and they've never let me down. My only complaint is that it's difficult to fit the part that attaches to the strap on a thick strap. Once it's on, it will never come off.
Dunlop Original StrapLok System Brass
.this was a bad buy. i had to buy two sets at once (unfortunately) and both sets had the same issues. cheap metal screws provided come 'pre stripped' and with a few turns of the phillips screwdriver, the screws were stripped before sinking all the way into the wood to secure the buttons. the metal is just too soft and the factory machining did a poor job forming the screw heads...bad combination. you will have to use replacement screws and likely need to grind the heads smaller to sink all the way into the button to allow the lock pin to sink all the way in. also, the hardware that goes on the strap was difficult and took some pre-bending and vein bursting power to secure the lock washer. so far, my guitar has not fallen, which is the only way this product earned one star above minimum. i reccomend getting a different brand.
Dunlop Original StrapLok System Brass
.I've got a set of these on 1 guitar, and 2 basses. I've been using them for at least 5 years.

The only caveat I have is take your time with the install on the guitar body, just so that you don't leave it looking sloppy or hurt your finish, and take your time assembling the locks on the strap as if you're too rough, I could see bending a piece.

In the time I've had them, I haven't had a single failure this includes countless practices and days with multiple gigs. I just need to buy more so that all my guitars have them.

The ONLY drawback, if you can consider it that, is changing the locks onto different straps if you like to change straps often. I tend to find a strap that feels right with the guitar and stick with it, so this isn't really a concern for me.

there are better LOOKING strap locks, there are certainly more expensive strap locks. but for the price and the reliability, you really can't beat these.
Dunlop Original StrapLok System Brass
.This strap lock is simple, yet secure. The circlip is a little difficult to remove, but that is what makes it secure ... no threaded nut to work loose. I have used other brands, but will probably stick with these, as they work well and are priced right. My only complaint is that, for my application, the screws were too long and I had to grind off about 1/8th inch to make them fit. Otherwise, I would have given them five stars.
Dunlop Original StrapLok System Brass
.I have a Fender strat and a Gibson ES 335. I purchased 2 sets to protect my investments. I was very disappointed that the screws were too long for either guitar. I really shouldn't have to go to a hardware store to replace the part that basically holds everything together.

I can tell that this set will work wonderfully, after I make the needed purchase of new screws.

Here is an idea Dunlop... 1) research the different screw lengths used buy different manufacturers of guitars 2) supply more than one size screw in a set.

The addition of a couple extra screws of different lengths would be minuscule in cost and would make for happier customers and better ratings on your product, which would help sell more straplok sets.
Dunlop Original StrapLok System Brass
.I've got these on all three of my basses - including a 1976 Rickenbacker. When I buy a new guitar, I buy the strap locks to go with - it's cheap insurance, and I wouldn't play any guitar without a set in place - unless it's such a cheap guitar that you don't mind dropping it! If you play standing up, you need these (or similar) - this was the first brand I bought, and years later, the new ones are still compatible with the originals.
Dunlop Original StrapLok System Brass

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