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Dunlop Stainless Steel Pro Tonebar Medium Light

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Stainless Steel Pro Tonebar Medium Light
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Product Description

Round nose tonebars for pedal steel, resonator, and Hawaiian guitars. Made of high quality steel for long life. Select the size that's right for you.

High quality steel Perfect shape and feel Weights: Light - .3 lb. Medium Light - .33 lb. Medium - .49 lb. Heavy - .73 lb.

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Being new to a steel guitar, I didn't really know what I was ordering. I was looking for something a little bigger to fit my hand. This is more suitable for a pedal steel, but I can't fault the product. It's just fine. I think I'll order a Dunlop Long Dawg, seems more what I need for a lap steel!
Features are fine. Not many variables on a piece of round stock with a bullit nose.
Dunlop. Fine turning and good chrome plating.
Good value for a pedal steel tone bar!
Dunlop Stainless Steel Pro Tonebar Medium Light
.There's absolutely nothing wrong with the Jim Dunlop 920 Tonebar I recently purchased. But, as other reviewers have pointed out, there's no information on dimensions or weight in the MF product description. Just what does "Medium Light" mean? How long is it? What's the diameter? How much does it weigh? These are all important considerations for buyers who wish to match the tonebar to the size of the instrument's neck, determine how comfortably it fits the hand, and consider how much the weight will affect quick movement. The Dunlop's weight, shape and finish are excellent for Dobro, lap steel and pedal steel applications, but a better product description would do wonders for customer satisfaction.
Dunlop Stainless Steel Pro Tonebar Medium Light
.I have the lighter weight Tone bar also. I like the heavier Tonebar for pedal steel. I like the lighter weight Tonebar for lap steel.
Dunlop Stainless Steel Pro Tonebar Medium Light
.My first tone bar was the heavy one of this brand. Also, my it was my first steel tone bar as well as trying 6 string lap for the first time (starter axe with leg mounts). The heavy one is nice and selected it thinking it would give me better control and I was right about that. But; I had no idea how it would feel since I never had one before. The heavy one tends to fatigue the wrist after a while since I like to use a fast vibrato style a lot. Think Robert Randolph or any other aggressive style player. The medium is way easier for this style; really it makes a big difference on the angle of your wrist too. So if you're using a leg kit or some other kind of adjustable surface other than sitting it on your legs, you might want to try different heights to find the sweet spot. I'm definitely liking the lighter medium weight now. Next experiment maybe a lap dawg or similar bar with a grip. I've played bottleneck glass slides and started out with deep wrench sockets and cheap metal slides over 40 years ago. Just keep trying and you'll find several that work for you, depending on what guitar or style you like to play. Overall good product and reasonably priced.
Dunlop Stainless Steel Pro Tonebar Medium Light
.Wish Custom Guitars Friend would give you the specs on these so you know what you are getting. I blundered on to the right choice for lap steel. I got the medium which is 3/4 inch in diameter, 3 1/4 inch long, and weighs 7.5 oz. on my cheap kitchen scale.
Dunlop Stainless Steel Pro Tonebar Medium Light
.After years of playing regular fretted guitar, I recently decided to add the steel guitar to me arsenal. I bought this bar to go along with my entr level steel guitar.

This works. It's small, but big enough to cover my 6 string guitar. It's smooth, slides along the strings quietly.

It did take a bit to learn how to hold it, and maybe I am not using the accepted technique, but I have figured out a way for me to hold it.
Dunlop Stainless Steel Pro Tonebar Medium Light
.Returning to playing the Pedal Steel guitar.
Dunlop Stainless Steel Pro Tonebar Medium Light
.I'm new to steel guitar, so this is my first tonebar. I purchased the Dunlop Stainless Steel Pro Tonebar with my first lap steel several weeks ago. Given that it is a popular brand and is well manufactured of high quality materials, I doubt there is any issue with quality or longevity. I will say that not knowing anything about tonebars, a fairly heavy tonebar "seemed" desirable, so I opted for the medium weight model, which weighs 7.5 oz (or about .47lbs). Upon first use, I liked the sound it produced, but it did take a little time to get used to. Again, no previous experience so perhaps not very useful info. One thing to consider is that this design will eliminate the possibility of snagging in the strings, so keep that in mind when shopping for a tonebar. After I'd played for about a week, I decided to purchase a second tonebar of lighter weight for a comparison, so I tired a Dunlop medium light version that weighs about .33 lbs. Although of equal quality, I did not like the lighter tonebar at all (seemed to cause a buzzy sound, but likely attributable to my lack of technique) and have stuck with the original medium weight. So anyway, the Dunlop is a well made and comfortable tonebar that will last until the mountains crumble into the sea and perhaps beyond.
Dunlop Stainless Steel Pro Tonebar Medium Light
.Use with lap steel guitar
Dunlop Stainless Steel Pro Tonebar Medium Light
.I have used this type of tone bar since 1947 even when I played with Bill Anderson , 1952-1953.
Dunlop Stainless Steel Pro Tonebar Medium Light

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