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Dunlop Nylon Jazz III Guitar Pick Black 6-Pack

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Nylon Jazz III Guitar Pick Black 6-Pack
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Product Description

Dunlop Manufacturing produces many different types and sizes picks to suit the varied preferences of today's musicians, and the Nylon Jazz III Pick is 1.38mm with a sharp jazz tip style and small, broad grip. This package contains 6 picks.

Small, broad grip Sharp jazz tip style Tip Styles: 1.38mm

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The Jazz III is a great sounding pick but the size made it uncomfortable for me to get a good grip on it but then again the small design of this pick is the whole point. It's made for speed and accuracy for fast players. I love the pick so I got the Jazz III XL series for better grip. It is essentially the same pick but only a bit bigger which gives it a different feel than the standard Jazz III although it is still way smaller in size than a standard pick. It just takes time for me to get used to it but I know I will get used to the Jazz III easily but the problem is that I know once I got used to this pick, I can't go back to using a standard sized pick anymore!
Dunlop Nylon Jazz III Guitar Pick Black 6-Pack
.Try these picks, no matter what style you play. They are fun for just messing around with because they make it so easy to play fast. I use them as trainer picks for when I'm trying to learn a fast guitar lick. I first learn it on a Jazz III, and once I get comfortable with it, I try playing it on a bigger, clumsier pick. It works! Oh, yeah, just a reccomendation: get the red ones! The black ones are much easier to lose.
I'm no jazz guitarist, but I have to say that this pick is very fun and useful when playing fast solos. It's so tiny that most of the pick is hidden behind your finger, but that gives you better control and makes it easier to play pinch harmonics. It's a slippy little pick, but it won't fall out of your hand because it's so easy to hold on to and the stamped logo doubles as a grip.
Can't find a sturdier pick out there. Built tough and consistently, and it hardly flexes at all, making it extremely accurate.
This price for a 6 pack isn't bad, considering these things are specialty picks and they don't wear down like other picks.
Dunlop Nylon Jazz III Guitar Pick Black 6-Pack
.Best sounding pick and just the right size for maximum dexterity and full range of movement.
Dunlop Nylon Jazz III Guitar Pick Black 6-Pack
.They Greatly reduce pick noise, and are wonderful for speedpicking. I've been using them since they came out, and never looked back. Red's easier to find when you drop em.
Dunlop Nylon Jazz III Guitar Pick Black 6-Pack
.When I took guitar lessons several years ago, this was the only pick my instructor wanted me to use. I still don't like to use anything else when I play. These are sturdy and don't bend or flex when you're strumming, so you just hear the chords, not the sound of plastic scraping against the strings. Also I've found other picks to be too big and awkward, like trying to strum with a credit card. I have small hands, so these little gems are perfect for me.
Dunlop Nylon Jazz III Guitar Pick Black 6-Pack
.I heard about these somewhere online or on YouTube, so decided to give 'em a try. The moment I hit the strings I knew these picks were for me. They're small and thick, not much give, so for strumming you might be more comfortable with something a bit slimmer, but for picking they are AWESOME. Precise and tight, I highly recommend the Jazz III!
Dunlop Nylon Jazz III Guitar Pick Black 6-Pack
.This pick is somewhat polarizing. I have used it for going on about five years now. I started when I learned some of my favorite players used it. Some of my friends that play have tried it and don't like it. It has more of a learning curve than the average pick and takes a while to adjust to. Once you do, however, it is marvelous and precise. The pick stays with your fingers and hardly flexes, giving you greater control. You will notice some differences in your guitar tone when playing with this pick. It is more for lead playing and is not as easy to use effectively for rhythm as there is more resistance due to the heavier gauge of the pick when plucking through multiple strings. I go between a strat and a les paul most of time. The les paul is a bit easier to play on as the strings have a smaller width between them. WARNING Once you begin regularly using this pick, normal sized picks will feel very large and awkward.
Dunlop Nylon Jazz III Guitar Pick Black 6-Pack
.After being introduced to these, I never wanted to use standard guitar picks again. These picks are just awesome. At first, it may be a little hard to get used to their small size, but you quickly become accustomed to it. You probably won't have to worry about these breaking, either, since they're such sturdy little picks.
Dunlop Nylon Jazz III Guitar Pick Black 6-Pack
.After 34 years of playing, this is where i land.
Dunlop Nylon Jazz III Guitar Pick Black 6-Pack
.I have been using these Picks for the past 26 years and have NEVER looked back. I feel they are the best picks on the market. Once you use them you will not know how you lived without them.
Dunlop Nylon Jazz III Guitar Pick Black 6-Pack

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