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Dunlop Black Fang Pick - 36 Pack 1.14 mm

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One Set
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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Black Fang Pick - 36 Pack 1.14 mm
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Product Description

The Dunlop Black Fang Pick - 36 Pack is a collection of special picks.

Riff master James Hetfield's venomous style has inspired many. Preferring picks with a bright tone and biting attack, Hetfield looked to Dunlop for the perfect tool for his fierce downward picking style.

Based on a vintage tortoise-shell pick, the Black Fang is made of tough, sturdy Ultex material with a defined tone and sharp attack. Its pointed and contoured tip gives you ultimate speed and control-perfect for players looking to unleash their tone clearer, faster, and with unrivaled precision.

"It's fast, bright, and strong because of its hard point and material," says the man himself. "It gives you everything you need-just add venom."

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I have thoroughly played many types of guitar picks, from Jazz III's (large and small), to all types of dunlop tortex, fender picks.. you name it. My friend gave me one of these and it is the only pick I'll use. Playing anything from metal riffs to incredibly fast solos is extremely easy with this pick. The tonality is also something worth mentioning. The attack when you hit a note is perfect and you can hear it -- very expressive. Sweep and tremolo picking are easy as pie. Rhythm playing is really tight and you can easily get that fast metal gallop that you hear in a lot of metallica songs better than any other pick I've tried. I use the 1.14 and am completely satisfied. The ultex material durable.
Dunlop Black Fang Pick - 36 Pack 1.14 mm
.this pick is amazing! ive tried nearly every other type of material for picks and this beats every one! the standard ultex would slip out of my fingers, but for some reason, either the paint or prints on it, this stays in my hands. you wont be disapointed at all with this pick
Dunlop Black Fang Pick - 36 Pack 1.14 mm
.These picks melt into your fingers. Great attack and easy to be precise. The .94 bite a bit more than the 1.14. That's more of preference. Hetfield got it right with these.
Dunlop Black Fang Pick - 36 Pack 1.14 mm
.Not much to say about a pick but I got the thickest ones and they're pretty stiff like I like them to be. A little too pointy but a few passes on a sanding block and they're useable. Too high priced but that's what you get with a signature on them, nice carrying tin but I won't be re-buying any. I'll stick with Dunlop Tortex 1.14's
Good gripsion, yea I made that word up. It's pronouced "grip-shun"
Well made carrying tin.
Good deal if you like overpaying for your picks.
Dunlop Black Fang Pick - 36 Pack 1.14 mm
.I know some people don't even think about which pick they use, but it can make a big difference in your tone. This has a very aggressive attack to it, perfect for very percussive rhythm lines and riffs. I've been using these for a while now and find them to be very easy to pick with. If you are going for a good, solid metal tone and attack, these are for you!
Dunlop Black Fang Pick - 36 Pack 1.14 mm
.I love these picks. They seem different from the normal Yellow ultex sharpie.
Dunlop Black Fang Pick - 36 Pack 1.14 mm
.Addicted to this pick. different from the yellow ultex
Dunlop Black Fang Pick - 36 Pack 1.14 mm
.I got one of these in EMG's Het Set. Used it till it wore down to a nub, and I was hooked. You can't beat the articulation. They last a long time too, I really like the material used. I searched for ones without the name on them and they only come in an ugly yellow colour. I bought 36 of them 2 years ago and went through 5 I think and I play a lot. Yeah you are paying more and yes it for a name, But they are a quality pick so that excuses it.
Dunlop Black Fang Pick - 36 Pack 1.14 mm
.Used to play this type for more than a year and it just matches my needs and style of playing, especially with its biting tip. No need to sharpen tips of other picks!
Dunlop Black Fang Pick - 36 Pack 1.14 mm
.Needed a balance between thin, yet durable. Perfect pick for soloing and any lead guitar. As strong as a heavy pick, yet as lightweight as a thin pick. Definitely worth its price tag.
Dunlop Black Fang Pick - 36 Pack 1.14 mm

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