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Dunlop 2-Pack Egg Shaker

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One Set
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Hardshell Case of Dunlop 2-Pack Egg Shaker
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Product Description

The Dunlop 2-Pack Egg Shaker is a fun and easy way to add percussion. A classic, these shakers offer well-defined sounds. Shake things up with these egg shakers today!

The greatest thing since maracas. Order now!

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These eggs are as high quality as other eggs costing 5,000.00 or more! They are a little hard to tune, but that can be expected for the cost.I had Foghorn Leghorn autograph mine and its in a gold case with glass. My friends all are just blown away by the amazing quality of these eggs. Be sure to keep them in the refrigerator egg tray as to keep the amazing black plastic-tree wood, I think from Brazil or Peru to be tuned to perfect pitch. All in all , the best eggs Ive ever encountered..and let me tell you..Ive been playing eggs for 50 years and none other has come close to these. :O
Dunlop 2-Pack Egg Shaker
.I picked up a pair of these, since it's obligatory for me to buy some sort of obscure/underrated/underused instrument with each order. Sadly, I picked up two pairs on accident.Anywho. I can say that for plastic eggs filled with god-knows-what, they sounded better than I was expecting. It's a subtle shake, not something sharp that makes your ear drums sad like a cheap maraca.For the price, I think it's a steal for an it item that seems laughable at first glance. I tend to use whatever I can find for effects, so it was a no brainer.Grab a pair. And hey, if you're unhappy, crack 'em open and tell me what's inside. :)
Dunlop 2-Pack Egg Shaker
.I'm thirteen and I have a VERY limited buget. These eggs are awesome for the price, and they sound good for the kinda music I play too. Both eggs have a different pitch. All in all, these are good eggs.
Dunlop 2-Pack Egg Shaker
.I got these egg shakers about a month ago. I love them! They are very simple, sturdy and strong. I don't know what else you can ask for when it comes to egg shakers. They are a nice addition to the overall musical sound, get a set.. I got two! (For this price I should have got more!)
Dunlop 2-Pack Egg Shaker
.pretty good.

pick some up
Dunlop 2-Pack Egg Shaker
.We use these egg shakers almost every week at church along with 1 or more instruments(piano, guitar, djembe, tambourine).
They are quiet enough for slow songs and loud enough to be heard over several other instruments.

Definitely recommend these.
Dunlop 2-Pack Egg Shaker
.I bought 3 sets of Egg Shakers a few weeks ago. I bought them for use at my church. They work really well; plenty loud. I like that they're made in the U.S. I would prefer a seamless egg opposed to the seam around the middle.
Dunlop 2-Pack Egg Shaker
.To put in an nutshell.. or eggshell i guess.. this is the best overall shakers you could own! I bought them for our roadie to do a little solo during songs (it's a lot cooler than it sounds) and we play with halfstacks, full drums, and a GK bass 300 combo amp, and you can STILL hear these little guys! They are awesome!
Dunlop 2-Pack Egg Shaker
.Fun to accompany a group when taking a break from playing guitar. Adds to the mix.
Dunlop 2-Pack Egg Shaker
.good fun
Dunlop 2-Pack Egg Shaker

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