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Dunlop Tortex Sharp Guitar Picks 1 Dozen 1.0 mm

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Tortex Sharp Guitar Picks 1 Dozen 1.0 mm
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Product Description

Dunlop offers Tortex Sharp point guitar picks for precision picking. Tortex gauges correspond to these millimeters/colors unless otherwise noted: .73-Yellow, .88-Green, 1.0-Blue, 1.14-Purple, 1.35-Black, 1.5-White.

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This picks are just great for accuracy, and getting that 'Djent' tone. I first heard about these from the guitarist in Shadows Fall, and decided to try it out. I tried every thickness and now use the 1.35mm (black) ones and very pleased with it. To me, this picks gives a little snappier, rounder, fuller tone than standard shaped picks because of the sharp tip. It takes some getting use to but once you get comfortable with it, you wont feel like using standard shaped picks. Try them out!
Dunlop Tortex Sharp Guitar Picks 1 Dozen 1.0 mm
.These picks are great for metal, especially for techniques like pinch harmonics. They are good for being able to get aggressive with your picking and play fast and clean at the same time.
Dunlop Tortex Sharp Guitar Picks 1 Dozen 1.0 mm
.Had a few of these lying around from a year ago, I gave up on them shortly after realizing they were sharps and not the regulars I ordered around that time. However, after playing with Jazz III picks for months(which helped me with my picking method/style/technique), I couldn't manage to hit my metal rhythms like I wanted to: Enter the lost Dunlop Sharp picks. I had a dozen untouched purple sharps, and all I can say is that not only is my playing CLEANER, but also I can play FASTER!!! This is the only pick I'll buy from now on!
Dunlop Tortex Sharp Guitar Picks 1 Dozen 1.0 mm
.Well, they're tortex. Who hasn't tried it? Basically like a sanded down/coated in baking soda type feel. What makes them stand out is the unique shape. They continue where the 351 point leaves off, instead continually getting sharper until it reaches a sharp point. I personally bought the purple 1.14 heavy picks. They get caught on the strings in a good way. If you're a sloppy picker, try these to improve your right-hand technique (Or left hand, for you weird lefties.DO NOT WANT(Lefties, that is)).The only issue (and some people like this) is that they are a little bright sounding because of the extra sharp tip. Another thing to notice is that if you have tried the ultex sharp also, the tip is not sculpted like the ultex sharp. The tortex sharp is a straight pointy V. The last thing to note is that power chords are not any weaker with this pick. Those people are the people who send a guitar back for buzzing slightly, lose picks like mo'fo's, blow tubes and wear down fretboards. Try these. They're about 40 cents each, what do you have to lose? IF you're really short on cash, just skip a meal.
Dunlop Tortex Sharp Guitar Picks 1 Dozen 1.0 mm
.I was looking for a sharp pick that was comfortable and I could still use easily for squeals, and this exceeded my expectations.
Dunlop Tortex Sharp Guitar Picks 1 Dozen 1.0 mm
.LOVE the super-sharp point but still too heavy of a pick for me.
Too thick and rigid.
Dunlop Tortex Sharp Guitar Picks 1 Dozen 1.0 mm
.Fell in love with Dunlop Tortex the first time I used them. I used celluloid for 40 yrs. I settled on the Triangle style after trying them. I was using the Blue 1mm for a while then tried the 1mm Ultrex (worked great on the Mandolin). The Ultrex were great but wore fast and always with a hook in them, (softer I guess) where the Tortex wear evenly. This time I moved to the 1.14mm and these are it I think...... They are excellent for me on Guitar and Mandolin, so far.. I tried the White 1.4 Tortex(I think 1.4), and they were great but I wanted the Tri. Gave them to my buddy and he wont let them go!!
Dunlop Tortex Sharp Guitar Picks 1 Dozen 1.0 mm
.I had been using the Ultex Sharp 1.14 picks and really liked those. I had some regular Tortex lying around and liked the tone a little better. So I ordered these sharps expecting them to be like the Ultex, but the sides have no curve and are flat. As a result the tip end area is skinnier. Tone is different, less full than regular Tortex to my ears. In general, the Tortex surface is a little more slippery than the Ultex and this could be a little harder to hold. I wish they made Tortex with a textured surface for grip. These are ok - but for me not a great pick. I will look at Jazz III Tortex.
Dunlop Tortex Sharp Guitar Picks 1 Dozen 1.0 mm
.Always liked Dunlop picks. In the old days I used to trim the tip of my picks to make a sharper point. Thought I'd try these already-pointy ones.
Dunlop Tortex Sharp Guitar Picks 1 Dozen 1.0 mm
.Not that I'm old (45), but I see youngsters trying to play as fast as they can, but very sloppy with 'medium' or lighter pics. Maybe someone out there can, but I've found the only way to be fast AND precise is with a heavier gauge pick. I played with .88's for years, but when I switched to a 1.0, my speed picked up significantly (along with a lot of practice of course). I may go even heavier at some point.

PLUS, they're indestructible. The sides by the tip will wear a bit (as they should), but you can do pick slides all day without cutting 'grooves' into your pick.
Dunlop Tortex Sharp Guitar Picks 1 Dozen 1.0 mm

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