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Dunlop Tortex T3 Sharp Tip Guitar Picks 12-Pack .73 mm

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Tortex T3 Sharp Tip Guitar Picks 12-Pack .73 mm
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Product Description

The Tortex T3 Sharp Tip Guitar Picks 12-Pack is a natural evolution that was guided by the demands of players, and in Dunlop's effort to create the most effective tools in the industry, they are proud to introduce this awesome fusion of two great picks.

Tone and feel of Tortex Speed and precision of Jazz III

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For years it seems like I have been searching for the one pick that would fit me best. I've tried all of these dunlop specialty picks and they all had a flaw or attribute that didn't gel with me. The Jazz III picks were too small. The Jazz III XL didn't feel right. The Tortex Sharp were too pointy and didn't have enough meat on them. And the Ultex didn't have any grip leverage to them and they would just stick to you; making it hard to adjust. I finally deicided to stick with the Dunlop Tortex picks; I mean nothing beats the original right? Then I discovered these TIII picks and let me tell you, Dunlop finally made the ultimate pick. I has the body and feel of a normal Toltex pick but with the Jazz III tip, but its not super pointy like the Tortex Sharps; it still has body to it. But most importantly, were the Ultex and Ultex Sharp had the grip but not give, these picks do.

In closing, if you are a rhythm player mainly or just like a bigger/normal sized pick but with the speed and attack that you would only get with a pointy pick like the jazz III; then pick these up, you won't be dissappointed!
Dunlop Tortex T3 Sharp Tip Guitar Picks 12-Pack .73 mm
.After using the regular Tortex picks for several years, as I love the natural grip of the material, I decided that I needed a pick that was a little more precise. However, I did not want to go to an all-out jazz pick; I felt that they were a little too small for way that I like to "get behind" the pick to attack certain notes in my lead playing. So I wanted a pick that had the width and grip of the Tortex but with a sharper tip.

Little did I know that Dunlop had already thought of this and produced the exact pick I was looking for.

In changing from the regular Tortex to the T3, I have lost absolutely nothing in my playing while gaining significant precision and control. In particular, my alternate picking and arpeggios are noticeably cleaner and easier. Drag is significantly reduced, making strumming chords easier and cleaner as well. It is amazing how your playing can progress by making it more energy-efficient.
Dunlop Tortex T3 Sharp Tip Guitar Picks 12-Pack .73 mm
.These have become my favorite picks.
Dunlop Tortex T3 Sharp Tip Guitar Picks 12-Pack .73 mm
.These picks are slightly better than my previous favorites, the normal dunlop tortex .88 picks. These ones have a bit more bite with a slightly different point on them. I found the actual pointed picks to have a little too much and since I switch back and forth from electric to acoustic often, I wanted something versatile but that fits my playing style on both instruments. This pick performs well and I have made them my daily go-to.

The only con I have is that the logos wear off within an hour or less of playing. Doesn't affect playability in the slightest, but does leave a rather funny, sparkly dust on your fingers!
Dunlop Tortex T3 Sharp Tip Guitar Picks 12-Pack .73 mm
.I bought these .72mm because I'm a long-time standard-tip tortex user and wondered if these might stay 'sharper' longer than the std tip. I think they do, but the sharper point is probably not what I want for my style of electric play -- I need a bit more heft at the tip. So these are fine, but I'll go back to the standard point for playing electric. I might try the .60mm sharp tip for acoustic play.
Dunlop Tortex T3 Sharp Tip Guitar Picks 12-Pack .73 mm
.I started using "sharp" picks a few years ago. It's nice that more options have come available in a standard pick size with a sharper point. Sharp picks give a lot of control for leads and riffs, but also work well for strumming.
These TORTEX T3 SHARP TIP are great all around pics. They are the least expensive "sharp" picks I've found, and sound great with a good feel. They also are more durable than other sharp picks I've used (mostly clayton spike and dunlop ULTEX). They are starting to make them thicker now too which is nice, so I've pretty much moved to these exclusively.
Dunlop Tortex T3 Sharp Tip Guitar Picks 12-Pack .73 mm
.I think more than half the players trying these picks are Jazz III players so this review is for you...

If you've been using a Jazz III pick for a long time you wont realize how dull/lifeless your tone sounds until you go back to a standard tortext picks. Jazz III picks are not practical anymore for the current music I am currently playing (rock/punk). However, I didn't want to loose the speed and accuracy of the Jazz III during a shredding solo. After looking around I found the T3! I think Dunlop has made the pick lead guitarist have been wanting. It's easy to play rythm with and has the speed and accuracy for soloing. Especially for alternate picking. It's the perfect all around pick. I do not know if I will return to Jazz III but if they stop making these I know Jazz III will still be around.
Dunlop Tortex T3 Sharp Tip Guitar Picks 12-Pack .73 mm
.These have great attack and a good feel. I haven't used them long enough to know how quickly the sharpness wears.
Dunlop Tortex T3 Sharp Tip Guitar Picks 12-Pack .73 mm
.I have always loved the yellow D'addario picks .073 for their durability and flexibility. They are especially great for live use due to their inability to rip or tear. The only minus is that they are a little stiff and heavy-handed. Over the years I have used other picks, but this one would always do the job, it just doesn't have the expressiveness that other materials do.

Now with the sharper point they gain new functionality. The pick attack is brighter and more accurate, and as a result is great for leads (especially rock and blues) where you want to drive the ice-pick sound out of the pickups. They also tend to be a bit more expressive now, too.

Where this pick really shines is on electric 12-string because the close string width requires intense accuracy and a crisp attack. This allows you to play the dainty Tom Petty/Byrds sound without the slop. These are perfect for this function, as well as non-strummed acoustic 12-string. If you strum big chords you will probably be replacing your strings more often - it doesn't really work well for this function.

This is mostly what I'm using these days for live shows, and they are more durable and reliable than almost any other pick I've tried. Highly recommended.
Dunlop Tortex T3 Sharp Tip Guitar Picks 12-Pack .73 mm
.As a guitarist, I value both the feel AND the speed of the pick that I'm using. I loved the feel and tone of the Tortex standard pick, but I also loved the speed and accuracy that the Jazz III picks gave me. I settled playing with the standard Tortex because I appreciated the tone and feel more than the speed, but I don't need to settle anymore. These picks are phenomenal because they add the best features from both picks. They give you the warm Tortex sound and the feel of the larger pick, but have the picking tip of the JIIIs. They're not as fast as the Jazz picks, but they're way faster than the standard Tortex. The only problem I have with these picks is that 1.0mm is the thickest gauge they have (as opposed to 1.14 on other Tortexes), but that is Dunlop's fault, not Custom Guitars Friend's. Get these if you want the best of both worlds.
Dunlop Tortex T3 Sharp Tip Guitar Picks 12-Pack .73 mm

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