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Dunlop Lap Dawg Chromed Brass Tonebar

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Lap Dawg Chromed Brass Tonebar
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Product Description

The Dunlop Lap Dawg Chromed Brass Tonebar has a larger radius that adds sustain and vibrato. The bar's ergonomic body offers a more comfortable grip and side angles that improve speed and clarity for hammer-ons and pull-offs. 3/4" diameter. 2-3/4" length. 0.34 lb.

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I have had the unit about a month now and am very partial to it. I have the Shubb GS-1 with the wood ergonomic shaped handle and it is great! This little Lap Dawg Chromed Brass slide is amazing. Compared it to a Sheerhorn Tipton slide also Chromed Brass and although they appear to be the same, the Lap Dawg is more balanced and fits my hand better for fast slide especially on cascading down-scale runs and quick slides. Buy it for the price it is the best out there and I have tried a lot of them.
Dunlop Lap Dawg Chromed Brass Tonebar
.shaped right, good quality. Dunlop products have always been top-notch; this one is no exception.
not much to its 'features' - it's a tonebar , and it is easy to grab and use.
good quality - smooth, grat shape.
I've seen them cheaper, I've seem them more expensive. But I have bought other items from Custom Guitars Friend with no issues, so used them again.
Dunlop Lap Dawg Chromed Brass Tonebar
.This Tone Bar is very easy to use and it is nice and heavy. It works beautifully and it can be manipulated very easily without dropping it. I use a strange holding method. I've tried to hold like all the pretty white people that play these dobros or lap steels do, but I can't. So my method works just fine.
Dunlop Lap Dawg Chromed Brass Tonebar

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The improved design makes the LapDawg easier to handle for faster single note runs. Forward and backward slants become easier to manage cleanly.
Dunlop Lap Dawg Chromed Brass Tonebar
.A good value, but if you have big hands go with the stevens brand bar...
I have bigger hands so this is a little small for me, but overall the weight is right, nice smooth finish, needed to be knurled on to though for better control, it is a little slippery...
Dunlop Lap Dawg Chromed Brass Tonebar
.I am playing a Weissenborn slide guitar with it and also a Recording King metal Tri-cone resonator guitar. It sounds great with both of them; I really like it.
This is a bit smaller (2.85") than the Stevens that I have and it fits my hand nicely. The weight is about the same as a Stevens. Polished very nicely.
Quality seems excellent, nicely polished and no scratches or blemishes to slow it down.
Excellent product for the price.
Dunlop Lap Dawg Chromed Brass Tonebar
.I have been playing the weissenborn for over a year and have used several tone bars and this one for me has the best fit and feel in my hand. I'm going to stick with the lap dawg tone bar.
Dunlop Lap Dawg Chromed Brass Tonebar
.I like trying out new products, and since I purchased this one, I've probably bought about five different slide bars, all chrome-plated brass. This is the only one that hasn't chipped or scratched somewhere on it, and I've used it more than the others. It's also the most comfortable slide bar I've ever used, so my search is over, it's the only thing I'll use.
Dunlop Lap Dawg Chromed Brass Tonebar
.... unless your hands are *really* small (or your thumb is *really* long), that is. I got this slide and am absolutely convinced that I prefer it both to my Stevens as well as my Shubb GS. The chrome is done better than either, and the wide slope of the curved face plays beautifully. The dimples on each end, however, are prone to chip flakes of chrome ... wish Dunlop could plug them up somehow before plating the slide.My main complaint, however, is that the slide is awfully short. It's only about 1/8" shorter than a Stevens, but the ergonomic handle makes it hard to grab. It's almost a full 1/2" shorter than a Shubb GS with the grip being similarly down-sized. I myself have pretty small hands (2 3/4" index finger and 2" thumb), but the Lap Dawg's is still too short. My index finger protrude far too much past the end of the steel, with my thumb struggling to stay attached to the bar.If in doubt, get yourself the Dunlop Long Dawg (Custom Guitar's Friend ID 421677) instead. You won't regret it.
Dunlop Lap Dawg Chromed Brass Tonebar
.Helps with the control having a smaller bar in my hand.
Dunlop Lap Dawg Chromed Brass Tonebar

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