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Dunlop Cry Baby 105Q Bass Wah Pedal

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Cry Baby 105Q Bass Wah Pedal
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Product Description

The Dunlop Crybaby 105Q Bass Wah Pedal is a wholly unique effect masterfully applied to bass. Adds a growling, funky new dynamic to your sound. Customized circuit for the bass guitar, a 100kOhm Hot Potz potentiometer, sturdy die-cast body, and a Q dial lets you alter the wah parameters. The Dunlop Crybaby 105Q Bass Wah Pedal is powered by the Dunlop ECB03 AC adapter and/or 9V battery, not included.

Ultraheavy-duty durability Smooth operation and easy control

Get some new flavors into your bass brew. Order today!

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The 105Q has it's weakness', however, for a pure wah effect it is the best product out here. There are other bass wah "effects" but, for me, after playing the Dunlop it is hard to play anything else.
The features are easy. I owned the original bass wah which is set up exactly like a cry baby for guitar. The 105Q is much better then that but still had it's flaws. The next design had the volume and variation adjustment knobs on the bottom which made any adjustments during a performance a pain in the ass. the latest model is very user friendly.
The weakest point of these pedals are their durability. I've owned 6 of this particular model, 9 Dunlop Bass wahs total over 13 years. The problem is if you play even a couple times a week your pedal will break. I used the last one I bought for 4-8 shows a week. I wrapped it up and put it in it's own anvil case after every show and still after about a year the variance stopped working. Others have broken in different ways, or just stop working all together. So I just got another, and the variance control has a toally different tone then the one i had before. And the one before that one had a different variance tone. Every pedal has had varying degrees of different tonality so if you use it frequently during a performance your style literally has to adjust to the tone of the pedal.
Dunlop Cry Baby 105Q Bass Wah Pedal
.The Dunlop Crybaby 105Q Bass Wah pedal does exactely what it was intended to do and more. Really fun to play with, and you can get a little carried away when first using it live.It has 2 small knobs on the left side - one for volume and one for the variable Q. Most people stop there. Take the whole plate off underneath and.... wait for it..... you find 3 more knobs (or trim pods) inside. The 2 tinny upper ones control the amount off bass and treble the pedal will create when rocking the pedal back and forth, and the other one near the bottom (which resembles a thumb screw), is for the amount of "delay" the pedal has when taking your foot off the pedal or when the pedal is rocked to the heel position. You can set it for a cut-and-dry off, to about 1-2 secounds of delay.Works amazingly on all of my 5 strings. I use an Ibanez BTB 555 through an MXR M-80 Bass DI and Ampeg SVT 3 Pro with an Ampeg SVT 8x10, and I can still hear the wah sound on my low B, even when I dial in a little dirt on the MXR. *One thing I strongly recomend, is to match the pedal's volume to your rig's volume, or you're going to get a really bad "fuzz" sound when using the pedal near the heel position.*
Dunlop Cry Baby 105Q Bass Wah Pedal
.I bought this pedal used from one of my buddies. He said it wouldn't turn off so I got it for a steal, and all that was wrong with it was that the rubber piece that clicks the on/off switch was missing. Replaced that, works without a glitch. Also, one of the rubber feet were missing, but whens the last time you had a dunlop wah that didn't lose at least one of the feet. Replaced that, it's stable as can be. But here's the pros and cons of this pedal.Pros: Works when stepped on, the moment you step on it, as well is it turns off in a millisecond. Built to withstand a nuclear blast, jacks will never fall apart, volume and "Q" control, and the cool white paintjob set it aside from other wahs. I like that it turns off when the wah is heel-side down, when it is less noticeable for the on/off process. And you don't have to stomp a switch, it knows what you're thinking and can tell if you're about to use it. No it just has spring-loaded little button kind of like a door bell, but way smaller...Cons: the visible opening inbetween the "see-saw" peice and the housing isn't very cool to me, that's just a big dust magnet. Not great for board mounting due to the feet, so I just drilled holes in my board to accomidate the pedal, kind of a nucance but whatever. the volume and "Q" nobs are small and to me, out of place. They need to be doubled in size and moved to the bottom right of the pedal, because if this is on your board, it's going to be more than likely on the far left side. The 9v output is right in the way of your next pedal, so you can't squeeze the pedals in as tight as you'd like. It dosen't have "true bypass" but it really dosen't suck any tone, maybe a tad bit, but I like true bypass.But in conclusion, this is my first wah, and I love the funky tones that it produces, but I'll probably end up getting a different one in the future
Dunlop Cry Baby 105Q Bass Wah Pedal
.This pedal is so dope. I've had it for a year and love to bust this out during a jam. This pedal will make people notice it when you engage it. Doesn't work too great with distortion, but it does handle one of my distortion pedals with ease and sounds great. When i first purchased this, i was pretty disappointed, i knew little about tone and was confused to it's lack of presence. I have a much better bass guitar these days and when playing clean, the wah sounds terrific. I can't even describe how good it is. The footswitch engages nicely, and i really like the fact that it springs back into place (i can understand if you do not). It doesn't work too great with my EQ pedal (Boss GEB7), because the high notes tend to buzz, but it's a very manageable thing. Needless to say, this pedal is great. Very sturdy as well. Sounds great with slap and/or chorus, which are my favorite things to do when sweeping this pedalFeatures - 2 knobs, EQ ad volume, simple operation. real nice.Quality - If you were to go to a tank you could say that "it's built like a dunlop wah"Value - slightly pricey, but worth it no doubt.
Dunlop Cry Baby 105Q Bass Wah Pedal
.I bought this pedal recently because my 12-year-old model quit. Some have complained that the 105Q isn't durable, but, believe me, my old pedal went through years of abuse in a duffle bag and then strapped to pedal board and this thing is 99% trust worthy (minus 1% because this is unfortunately my second 105Q and because the 9V adaptor slides out on occation killing my entire signal chain- so watch your step). Open this pedal up and adjust the two trim pots completely clockwise and you've got a wide range of sound. I wish there was a dry signal blend knob so I could get less of the filtered effect and a bit more metalic string crispness as I push toward the toe.

Slapping sounds great with this pedal but I prefer the subtle-to-extreme finger picking with this pedal. I absolutely love the bass boost at the heal and embellished clipping sound. 4 stars because I've never tried any other bass wah pedal.
Dunlop Cry Baby 105Q Bass Wah Pedal
.I've owned 7 of these things over the past 8 years. I CAN"T live without the sound. It's smokin' hot. Unfortunately, these things are engineered horribly and I've not had one last over a year. The most recent one I purchased crapped out after a few weeks and Dunlop, as well as other online stores, aren't cool about exchanging these.
Dunlop Cry Baby 105Q Bass Wah Pedal
.I've had this pedal for a while now and It has a great sound, but there is too much latency. When playing live it's terrible. When you let off the pedal the response is too slow, you can't cleanly go from a great wah sound and theb back to your regular sound without a few second delay.
Dunlop Cry Baby 105Q Bass Wah Pedal
.Simple, easy to use, and built like a brick sh*t-house, this pedal does just what is says....WAH WAH!Nothing but a wah pedal and it takes some tweaking of the controls to get the volumn adjusted, but once it's dialed in your set!Easy to use....plug your bass into the right-hand side of the pedal and then connect the left-hand side of the pedal to your amp and you're set.Doesn't come with an AC cable? It's 2010, come on Dunlop, don't nickel and dime us! It does run on a 9-volt as well.
Dunlop Cry Baby 105Q Bass Wah Pedal
.I've been playing guitar for 4 years and this is the most over-rated peice of equipment i've ever used. It pumps way too much distortion into the amp creating a muddy crackling sound. Anyone who already has a good strong bass sound is hearby advised to try something else.
Dunlop Cry Baby 105Q Bass Wah Pedal
.This bass wah is simply amazing. I first used it with a old rickenbacker and a peavey amp and i got amazing tones out of it. I am now using an old Peavey bass with a orange amp and it sounds meaner than it did before. The Q control is wicked and it is very well put together. However it does tend to get shy wen using a fuzz or distortion pedal. I used it with an Electro Harmonix Big Muff and it virtually had no effect. But it sounds amazing enough without any additional effects. If your in the market for a nasty bass wah to solo with or just add sum funky tones to your sound this is a keeper.
Dunlop Cry Baby 105Q Bass Wah Pedal

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