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Dunlop 475 Big Stubby Guitar Picks 1.0 mm 2 Dozen

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop 475 Big Stubby Guitar Picks 1.0 mm 2 Dozen
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Product Description

Contoured for smooth release, these guitar picks provide an extremely positive attack for super-fast licks. Manufactured from Lexan, providing great strength and durability. Powerful gripping surface for easier handling.

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No opinion. Custom Guitars' Friend must have mislabeled these picks. Each time the order was delivered they were the purple stubby picks which are made of Lexan, not Nylon.
Dunlop 475 Big Stubby Guitar Picks 1.0 mm 2 Dozen
.I've had my 2.00mm Big Stubby pics for over a year now based on some reviews at amazon and general advice on the internet. Some people waste this wonder material on frivolous things like bulletproof glass and aquariums, but Dunlop's using it as superhuman guitar pics which is its proper use.

They are the best pics I've ever used. The thickness where thumb and finger meet is aided with finger-friendly divots to make it easy to hold these pics in a secure, yet light and relaxed manner. The edge that meets the strings is glass hard, so the only give is from your soft tissues. That combination of lightly holding the pic and delivering picking force to the strings with minimal energy bleed results in better control of the material played (including more speed when desired).

Anything that can make it easier for me to do what I should've been doing years ago is a plus and these pics are a bag of plusses because of it. The 2.00mm ones have been so great that I want to try the ones and threes, too.

With many gift-giving occasions coming up in the Winter, throw out obnoxious hints that you wouldn't claw your eyes out if a loved one or friend got you some of these demonically wonderful pics. And some for me, too. Tell 'em I want some more and mail one of yours to me if you're too shy. Mail two of yours to me if you need me to obnoxiously drop the hints for you.

I've recently been using these with a guitar strung with Dunlop strings and the results have been very pleasing. Don't know if Dunlops other pics would work that way (and I don't want to go back to Tortex to find out), but it was like that time-travel effect when you put instant rice in a microwave. Only, with clean, ringing, crisp sounds and a lot less constipation.

If you're an alternate-picking addict or string-skipping smarty, you owe it to yourself and to everyone who might ever hear you (especially future generations) to use Dunlop Big Stubby pics. Even if you hate yourself and feel you deserve to be bitten on the nose by an angry bull hippotamus more than you deserve to make beautiful, brutal music, your obligation to this universe is using these pics.
Dunlop 475 Big Stubby Guitar Picks 1.0 mm 2 Dozen
.If you buy the 24-pack of these picks they will last the rest of your life, unless you lose them or toss them out at gigs. These are the most durable picks ever made (not counting those made out of adamantium or unobtanium). The pick material is Lexan, I believe. Which is some sort of super polymer used in bulletproof windows.

I have all three sizes. The thin one is red and more flexible than the 2mm and 3mm, which are purple. The 1mm pick might wear down at a rate that wouldn't be measured in geologic time. I use the thin one with my acoustic for a slightly brighter attack. It's also good for sweep picking, though if you're an expert at sweep picking I suppose any pick will do. However, I need all the help I can get in that regard.

I prefer the 3mm over the 2mm pick, maybe that's just because I bought 3mm first and got used to it. Regardless, I've used both a lot now and they have basically the same sound and feel. The only noticeable difference being the thickness, obviously. The 3mm thickness will take a little while to get used to if you don't already use very thick picks. All of these picks have round indentations in the center containing an embossed logo. The indentation and gritty feel of the logo provides for an excellent grip. The size and shape is pretty much the same as any standard Dunlop pick.

Finally I just want to say that I would not write this much about nearly any product if I didn't completely love it. The fact that these are just guitar picks says volumes about how completely I endorse them. They are phenomenal and I would be devastated if they were ever discontinued.
Dunlop 475 Big Stubby Guitar Picks 1.0 mm 2 Dozen
.I recently changed from just folk singing to a variety of styles, and started needing to strum my acoustic guitar with a pick, instead of finger-plucking. I had trouble holding onto the picks, and constantly lost them in the sound hole, so I began to look for something I could hold onto without having to constantly think about it.These Big Stubbys were among the different types I tried, and for the Acoustic, the smooth way they rolled off the strings without catching on them and producing that nasty popping sound I hate so much was a thrill. The guitar just "thrums" with full-bodied debth I can't get from any other pick. I got the 1.0 thickness, and it works perfectly for me. I prefer another type and stiffness of pick for my electrics, but they never took well to finger-plucking anyway, being as they were designed for another purpose. However, if you want your acoustic Country axe to sound it's very best, I highly recommend Big Stubbys. I've been using the same pick for over a year, and it shows no sign of wear, so how the reviewer who wore his down in a few hours did so is beyond me!
Dunlop 475 Big Stubby Guitar Picks 1.0 mm 2 Dozen
.Deffinately fell in love with these!!! i use them on my mandolin ans their perfect for the job. i guess the "fattness" of the pick kinda gives it a softer tone instead of teh metalic clicky sound other oicks give.
Dunlop 475 Big Stubby Guitar Picks 1.0 mm 2 Dozen
.I bought the 1.0mm picks. The indentation on each side of the pick makes it easy to hold, less slippage and rotation than typical shiny/slippery flatpicks. The sound against the strings is bright and loud, the 1.0mm's require a lighter touch that I usually use.
Dunlop 475 Big Stubby Guitar Picks 1.0 mm 2 Dozen
.Very nice smooth, beveled "point" area for quick and easy contact with strings, no extra "pick noise", and the indendtation on both sides of the gripping area help the picking hand stay relaxed while still providing good pick control. Not only provides consistant picking action due to the stiffness, but the thickness and shape provide a feel and function not found in other pick styles. LOVE these picks! :D
Dunlop 475 Big Stubby Guitar Picks 1.0 mm 2 Dozen
.The picks work really well for my mandolin.
Dunlop 475 Big Stubby Guitar Picks 1.0 mm 2 Dozen
.I've been going through picks like crazy trying to find the right one that is comfortable for me to play with, went through guitar picks, rubber picks, ect and i finally found this one and decided to give it a try mostly because of the reviews and of how highly it was rated and let me tell you guys that these picks(3.0mm) live up to what everyone is saying about them. I love the way they feel they have a really impressive grip gives me a nice fat warm tone and it's good for fast licks also. I play a hofner 500/1 bass and it's a dream come true with this pick(3.0mm), just get them you won't be upset!
Dunlop 475 Big Stubby Guitar Picks 1.0 mm 2 Dozen
.I have been playing guitar for eight years now-that's over half of my life, and I have to say that I've tried a lot of different picks, but none shine like this one. Only this pick has allowed me to play angry-fast. The shape of the edge of the pick gives total control and very smooth double picking.
Dunlop 475 Big Stubby Guitar Picks 1.0 mm 2 Dozen

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