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Dunlop ECB-004 Barrel 18V Adapter

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop ECB-004 Barrel 18V Adapter
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Product Description

The Dunlop ECB-004 18V DC Adapter is a quiet, well-regulated power supply that powers most effects pedals that run on 18 volts. With 1000mA of current, the ECB-004 can even run power supplies such as the DC Brick. 2.1mm by 5.5mm positive barrel with negative center.

Note: Be sure to check the label on the power supply to ensure compatibility with your effects pedal. ECB-004 adapters manufactured before summer 2011 had a current rating of 150mA and are not compatible with the DC Brick. Newer ECB-004 manufactured summer 2011 or later, which are marked with a current rating of 1A (1000mA), can safely be used with the DC Brick.

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If you buy this what they will actually send to you is the ecb004 which is a faulty unit, not the ecb-04 which is pictured here. The ecb004 you will actually receive is a noisy defective design.
Dunlop ECB-004 Barrel 18V Adapter
.The size is the unique bad thing. But the perfomance for my OCD Fulltone is good, the chamge of voltage.
Excellent for my OCD Fulltone, but the size is too big to coenct with others pedals.
The value is good, no problem.
Dunlop ECB-004 Barrel 18V Adapter
.I npirchased the adaptor for use with my MXR EVH117 flanger. Worked perfectly until I realized another pedal in my daisy chain was my achilles heal. The Danelectro DC-1 Cool Cat Chorus eats through batteries like pacman at a blue ghost benefit for the blind. Just for kicks I tried the ECB-04 on it and shazaam, no heal to hold us back. Just purchased another and both are still going strong.
Dunlop ECB-004 Barrel 18V Adapter
.Overall im impressed dunlop can offer a regulated 18v supply so cheaply.
I got this for my Barber Unlimited overdrive. Most overdrives/distortions that are overbuilt and can handle the overvolatge benefit from it. I originally tried this with the Voltage doubler cable in my T-rex fueltank jr. with my Timmy pedal and was astounded by the effects of going from 9v to 18v. more Clarity, less compresson, more headroom. overall more amplike.

With the barber the dynamic range and overall sag was reduced and now with the internal trimmers set to taste it sounds even better.

I will warn you that this will toast some pedals that dont have the specified parts inside to handle the voltage increase. You should read the specs or contact the manufacturer to confirm you can do this trick.

another plus is this is regulated to give the pedal 17-19 volts. whereas other cheaper adpaters may reach up to 14-22 volts depending on the wall port and the adapter itself. so I know this thing going to work well.

The bad part is its the same quality made in china adapter everyone has. I dont think it would survive consisitant tangle and mangle of gigging. but plugged in for at home playing it should last for some time. If Fulltone came out with a 18v adapter like their 9v models I would invest in one. but for now this is the cheapest and best option for giving overdrives 18v's
Dunlop ECB-004 Barrel 18V Adapter
.Purchased for a Catalinbread DLS after their manual recommended this product. At first it was fine but about a month in I noticed I couldn't turn my gain up to full without getting some strange noises from the amp. At first it wasn't a problem, I never set my gain this high, but after three months the Dunlop unit itself started producing a whine and with it accompanied a considerable amount of noise in my signal.
Dunlop ECB-004 Barrel 18V Adapter
.I have three of these that power my Catalinbread foundation pedals. They increase headroom and dynamics. I couldn't be happier with their performance.
Dunlop ECB-004 Barrel 18V Adapter
.Overall, if you're looking to improve the performance of your pedals, and your pedals can withstand/accept an 18 volt power supply, you can't go wrong!
I bought a Diamond Compressor, which can run on a power supply between 9 and 24 volts. There are many ways to wire those voltage configurations up, but this is by far the easiest. It's a very quiet supply. Best of all, it greatly increased the headroom and lowered the noise floor of my Diamond Compressor. You would be hard pressed to find a better compressor than the Diamond running on a ECB-004. This is it; simple and easy with increased performance from your pedals.
I give this an 8 because although it's performance is outstanding, the plastic/outside of the unit is very light and cheap. It doesn't feel like it could withstand a whole lot of abuse. Then again, that all comes down to how well you take care of your gear.
Once again, I give this an 8 not due to it's performance, but because of the cheap plastic. I think the price could be a bit cheaper, but overall it's a pretty fair and standard price point.
Dunlop ECB-004 Barrel 18V Adapter
.good price, good service
Dunlop ECB-004 Barrel 18V Adapter
.Had to get one of these for Slash's Wah Wah ... don't understand why they can't design to a standard 9VDC, but this thing was a cheap solution to the annoying problem.
Dunlop ECB-004 Barrel 18V Adapter
.Works good powering my 18V pedal.
Dunlop ECB-004 Barrel 18V Adapter

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