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Dunlop DB-01 Dimebag Cry Baby From Hell

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop DB-01 Dimebag Cry Baby From Hell
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Product Description

The Dunlop DB-01 Dime Crybaby From Hell is a hot-rodded wah with an extended sweep so you can get more high end with the pedal down or low end with the pedal up. A 5-way selector on the side lets you choose which frequency you want to play with and also features a kick-in boost. LED indicators inform you of status, even on darkened stages. An extra input on the left lets you go in and out on the same side. Controls include an adjustable volume boost (0 to +17dB). An adjustable Q control modulates frequency breadth and a fine tune knob lets you adjust the toe down sweep range. It sounds bad and with camo graphics, it looks bad.

Extended sweep for more high end with the pedal down or low end with pedal up 5-way selector on the side Features a kick-in boost LED indicators inform you of status, even on darkened stages An extra input on the left lets you go in and out on the same side Adjustable volume boost (0 to +17dB) Adjustable Q control modulates frequency breadth

If you're a bad-ass guitarist, you'll use this pedal. Order yours today.

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First of all, if you're going to get this wah, take your time and mess around with all the options! A lot of reviews here say that they couldn't 'dial in' a good tone. To that, I would say be patient and keep trying!

Let me also say, I definitely admire and respect Dimebag's playing, but I don't think I'd ever have any interest in purchasing a Pantera CD. Not only that, but his style is NOTHING like the way I like to play. I'm not a shredder, by any means. But, that doesn't matter. His wah sounds great. It's a Crybaby, of course! I've had an original Crybaby and a Morley Tremonti Power Wah in the past. This wah can get those tone, and more. I typically play 'old school rock n' roll', but the wah sounds great when the amp tone is cleaned up, too. Again, don't be discouraged if you can't set up 'your sound' in two minutes. Once you find it, you'll love it.

The grip is awesome. No slippin'-and-a-slidin'. And yeah, maybe it's the guy in me, but the paint job is sick, too. The boost is a neat feature- easy to kick on with your foot, though I don't use it very much. But, it's there if you want it!

Bottom line: It's a Crybaby. You can't go wrong. Take your time, mess around with it, and you probably won't need another wah for a very, very long time.
Dunlop DB-01 Dimebag Cry Baby From Hell
.i dont use a wah wah a whole heck of a lot,, mainly for a filter effect and some ephasis on some big bendy notes or on some arpeggios. i had no problem dialing in the exact sound i was looking for. I am a huge fan of dimebag but that had very little to do with me purchasing this pedal.this is the first artist/endorsed product i have ever owned.i got this pedal because of its adjustability features,plus all the great reviews,,,,over 100 & still 5 stars,,, to me that says everything!!! i always read and consider product reviews. the fact of the matter is,,,this is one great pedal,,,I Love It !!! Dime may be gone but he will never be forgotten,,so thanks for the crybaby from Hell !!!
total tonal control and manipulation.
very heavy and rugged
with all the knobs and adjustability,, its a great value. plus i got mine on sale making me one very satisfied customer.
Dunlop DB-01 Dimebag Cry Baby From Hell
.After hours of research, I decided to add this to my board to replace my old trusty Crybaby 535 (non-Q). This is a very musical pedal with lots of flexibility. It has everything you need in a wah plus a number of unique features like the high-end adjustment and cool tension adjustment on the rocker.
As others have pointed out, this is not a "metal" pedal even though it's Dime's signature. I really respect his playing; however, I don't own any Pantera albums and honestly am not into them. Not that it matters as much as the tone, but the camo is very unique and pretty cool in my opinion. As with other Dunlop pedals quality is top-notch. You won't be disappointed with the Crybaby From Hell!
Dunlop DB-01 Dimebag Cry Baby From Hell
.I got this pedal a few years ago as a gift from someone. And threw it up in my closet and forgot about it for the longest time, writing it off as a joke. Until I recently drug it out and plugged it in. I have it running through a Devi Ever Hyperion and some other various fuzzes. And OMG the sound its... its so gooey like every thing a wah should be. I kick my self for not using this pedal earlier.
Dunlop DB-01 Dimebag Cry Baby From Hell
.Look at each above category!!!
Let me start of by saying that I am not a Dimebag fan. I think he is very talented but my favorite guitarists are either Slash or Synyster Gates. I first tried out the Slash wah but frankly it sucked because the distortion circuit gave so much feedback. Then I went for the Kirk Hammet Wah no, not because I'm a fan but because it looked cool. It sounded good but not my cup of tea. So there I saw the Dimebag Wah. Not being a Dimebag fan I was hesitant but when I tried it out I was so impressed I had to have it. The pedal has a boost function which is nice to stand out in the band although the boost isn't super noticable at least at practice volumes. Then is has 6 wah ranges for you to play in. This means that I essentially could dial in the Kirk Hammet Wah tone, Slash wah tone, and Jimi Hendrix Wah tone with one pedal. It also has features such as adjusting how "sharp" you want the toe down sound of the pedal to be. Overall incredible wah. Plus it looks good too. And perhaps the best feature, it has a light to tell you when the wah is activated and the boost!!!!!!
I've had it for less than a week but it seems pretty good. The small knobs seem sturdy as does the boost switch. The wah pedal seemed a little loose when I got it, however guess what comes with the pedal, an allen wrench like tool that allowed me to tighten the pedal just how I like it. I don't know any other pedal that can do that.
It's a little pricey but it sounds good and is like having many wah pedals in one. I can't see needing another wah with this wah so yeah its worth it. Don't hesitate.
Dunlop DB-01 Dimebag Cry Baby From Hell
.So I have been playing for a while...since 87 so that's close to 30 years. I have been thru my fair share of wah pedals and this is one of the best. First I will say I am not a Dimebag fan. I met him in person when Pantera was opening for the Black Sabbath Reunion tour in the late 90's. It was not a positive experience. But despite wanting to not like this pedal because of that, I still love it. The adjustable sweep range is really handy in live settings when you want to adjust the sound to the character of the song you are playing or the overall acoustics. The boost can be useful on a clean channel to add a bit of dirt but on dirty channels you don't really notice it. I don't mess with the mini knobs too much. Just set them and forget them. The torque adjustment is a cool idea but I couldn't really feel much of a difference and the switchable input might be handy, but would be more handy if the switch was on the outside of the pedal!

That said the range of sounds you can get with the pedal are phenomenal. I really like the sound of Kirk Hammett's wah the best and have a KH-95 I leave on my pedalboard which stays home, but the versatility of the Dimebag wah makes it a better option for me when playing out.

I would totally recommend this pedal to anyone wanting a high quality adjustable wah. But beware, due to the sheer number of adjustments onboard, prepare to spend some time exploring it to get a feel for what sounds work for you.
Dunlop DB-01 Dimebag Cry Baby From Hell
.I bought the pedal a couple years ago because I thought it was time for me to have one. I never owned a wah pedal nor had I used one before and it took me a year to actually plug it in every time I picked up my instrument. It does everything the 535Q Cry Baby does with an added boost button so you won't need any more wah pedals because this one has it all. Just start at the middle and work your way out to any tone you're feeling because it is confusing at first to set the knobs to the specific sound you are looking for. It is built like a tank, and it's got Dime's name on it so it rocks. Trust me, if you're thinking about buying it... DO IT.
Dunlop DB-01 Dimebag Cry Baby From Hell
.I've owned several wah pedals throughout my career, this is by far the best one I've ever owned. I wouldn't suggest it to novices, as it takes a bit of tweaking to get the desired sound, but every seasoned musician should have this wah pedal. Works great with other effects and just looks awesome with the camo. The boost switch on the side is excellent and it can easily be engaged with your foot for adjustments on the fly.
Dunlop DB-01 Dimebag Cry Baby From Hell
.This pedal is not all its cracked up to be. It just doesn't have enough low end or enough sweep. I just got rid of mine and got the Slash Classic way. It is a lot simpler but sounds ten times better. Don't get this pedal.
Dunlop DB-01 Dimebag Cry Baby From Hell
.is good for every tone if you know how to use the EQ you can get almost every sound you want. I love this product so far and it haven't let me down
Dunlop DB-01 Dimebag Cry Baby From Hell

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