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Dunlop Ultex Sharp Picks - 6 Pack 2.0 mm

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Ultex Sharp Picks - 6 Pack 2.0 mm
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Product Description

Based off of a coveted vintage tortoiseshell pick in the Dunlop collection, the Ultex Sharp guitar pick has a rigid body tapering into a thinner and sculpted tip for enhanced control and speed. The seamless contoured edge surrounds the pick for more playing surfaces and tones. Engineered of Ultex-the Dunlop Ultex Sharp is virtually indestructible and delivers a crisp tone with quick release attack. Available in .73, .90, 1.0, 1.14, 1.40, and 2.0mm gauges.

Thin sculpted tip for greater control and speed Delivers a crisp tone Seamless contoured edge Virtually indestructible Available in .73, .90, 1.0, 1.14, 1.40, and 2.0mm gauges

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Very excellent guitar picks..the best I have ever used in 30 years..no lie. They feel good, look good, and sound clean and clear. They wear very long, and may even sound better when the pointed tip begins to bevel with extensive wear. I have been using one pick, 2 hours a day, for over three months and it sounds great, and the delicious worn edged bevel makes it glide like butter over the strings. I particularly like the color also. They are not yellow, as the picture shows, but instead they actually look and feel like a clear honey amber. Right out of the pack they glide like butter over the strings...and they get even better as they wear. If you have not tried the SHARP pointed pick yet you will be delighted with them. That sharp pointed pick is just so eager to dig into those strings. Thank you Custom Guitars Friend, for helping me to discover them! I will never use any other pick again!
Dunlop Ultex Sharp Picks - 6 Pack 2.0 mm
.I'm a semi-pro bassist who normally plays fingerstyle, but for some hard rock songs (Guns'n'Roses, Stain'd, etc) pickstyle can sound much better. I had been using Dunlop Tortex picks, but a friend recommended the Ultex and I prefer them because they have a slightly snappier attack.

I also prefer thinner gauges. When I first started playing pickstyle I went with thicker picks because I thought that's what bass players should use, but thicker picks sound too close to fingerstyle, and when I use a pick I want to sound like I'm using a pick.

The only negative to the Ultex picks is that they are nearly transparent, so if I drop one it can be hard to find, unlike the bright yellow .73 Tortexes. I always have extras in easy reach, but I'd rather not lose 'em.

Ultex do seem to last longer than Tortex, but it's hard to say for sure because I'm only an occasional picker.
Dunlop Ultex Sharp Picks - 6 Pack 2.0 mm
.So, I've used the Tortex .73mm (yellow ones) forever now. I got to the point where those were wearing down really fast and I wanted to try something new. I decided to try these on a recommendation from friends. So far I love this pick. I'm not sure it necessarily "improves" my sound or tone. I think the majority of that lies in your individual pick attack and overall technique. However, all things being equal, I guess it does sound marginally brighter, and the attack feels slightly more aggressive than the Tortex.

I love the way this pick feels. The grip is solid without being "tacky" and it doesn't involve some other gimmicky setup like I've sen on other picks (bumps, sandpaper, jelly, etc.). It glides easily across the strings. Basically, I don't feel like the pick is "in the way" anymore and I can concentrate more on other areas of playing.

Bottom line, give these a shot. If you don't like them, you're only out a few sheckles.
Dunlop Ultex Sharp Picks - 6 Pack 2.0 mm
.I am very happy with this pick. It gives me more precision and I feel like my guitar sounds better as well. Since playing with these I have not and probably will not use anything else.
Dunlop Ultex Sharp Picks - 6 Pack 2.0 mm
.Some people say the jazz III is the be all end all for guitar picks. I'd tell them they haven't tried Dunlop's ultex sharp picks.

The material is provides the best grip I've ever felt, it's the perfect amount of sharp, and the 1.00 mm thickness provides minimal give. I use it for most of my guitar playing. I've even played bass with this thing.
Dunlop Ultex Sharp Picks - 6 Pack 2.0 mm
.These picks really brighten up a dull sounding guitar/strings. I started with Dunlop Tortex 88mm picks that I would sharpen myself (back in the 80's when I was playing lots of speed metal) and then moved to the Jazz III sure grips in about 2007 which I still use because they're amazing for both tone and articulation. I tried some of these Ultex sharp and Jazz III picks on my acoustic and it really brightened it up, which it needed. I find them to give a little audible "scritch" sound on the attack when used with my electrics so I stick to using them on acoustic and they deliver niecely, giving a nice crystalline attack that Chaylors have and my Martin doesn't. Amazing how much picks can affect your tone. Definitely the cheapest tone changer out there.
Dunlop Ultex Sharp Picks - 6 Pack 2.0 mm
.I have never been one to care about strings or picks, but this kind of blew me away. I obtained them from a variety pack initially , and these picks stood out. Right away, I like the feel of the pick, so I started playing with it and it just felt right. The sharp tip helps keep articulation and makes sure the pick catches the string when I mean it to. The size of the pick feels right at home if you're a tortex user. Jazz Picks are too small and Gators too thick. These picks feel great and I recommend them!
Dunlop Ultex Sharp Picks - 6 Pack 2.0 mm
.these are great picks, the ultex picks are all great and bring out the sound of the strings a little better than some, this material will also help you smooth out your playing. it is important to make sure you get the right gauge pick as you well know, but dont be too narrow minded, try a few gauges out. i like the .73 the best
p.s. these are the same pick material as the james hetfield black fang pick, yes the guy from metallica. he's got a line of these but they cost more but are a bit cooler lookin and your not as likely to loose them on the floor , love all the ultex picks!!
Dunlop Ultex Sharp Picks - 6 Pack 2.0 mm
.I love these picks. The reviews I have read here all point to the fact of how they sound and play. I have tried every pick that remotely seemed to satisfy my particular needs. No luck until Ultex. For me, the grip is the most important aspect. Nylon with the grid, good concept, but the ridges get in the way. Tortex loses it's grip as the logo wears off. Gator grip are no better, in my opinion.
What exactly is Ultex, anyway? Whatever it is, it is the most superior synthetic substance I have come across. The molded construction, coupled with the tapered point, is great idea. I use the .90 sharp. I switched from the Tortex .88 (Green). If you don't like the sharp point, there are the same picks without sharpness, like the Tortex, but with lasting grip. The only real problem is keeping up with them. You'll lose 'em before they wear out. I've turned many players on to them. The only pick I have actively spread the good word about. My overall review...Simply, GRIPPING!
Ron 'Osiris' (pronounced ah'-sir-us) Easley
Dunlop Ultex Sharp Picks - 6 Pack 2.0 mm
.I won a package of misc items from Dunlop, and a full set of Ultex Sharps were included. I've been using Clayton Triangles for years now, which are great picks as well, but these Sharps have a great grip, and pick attack. I use them here and there, and I'm not totally sold that they're for me, but still equally great.
Dunlop Ultex Sharp Picks - 6 Pack 2.0 mm

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