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Dunlop D-38 Solid Guitar Strap Black

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Hardshell Case of Dunlop D-38 Solid Guitar Strap Black
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Product Description

Dunlop straps feature easy-adjustment custom buckles, Comfort-Edge webbing that's easy on the neck and won't deteriorate, and 100% leather ends. 2" wide. Adjusts from 38" to 65".

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This is the second strap I have purchased. The other is on a heavy 12 string acoustic ; and this one is on a heavy acoustic/electric bass. They are easy to adjust, hang nicely and are comfortable on the shoulder. Good quality for a good price.
Dunlop D-38 Solid Guitar Strap Black
.Very heavy duty, high quality leather ends, guaranteed to last a lifetime. A lot of people are complaining about the stiffness of the ends. It's a high quality strap. That's what you get. If the ends are flimsy enough to go right on and come right off, it's a junk strap. This is not. Also, people complain about the stiffness of the strap material itself. Once again, this is a high quality strap. When you get it, throw it in the washer and dryer with a load of towels. Problem solved. If I could have given it more than 5 stars I would have.
Dunlop D-38 Solid Guitar Strap Black
.Look, I know it's difficult to trust a review that is all 10's, but seriously, you should buy this strap. It is very solid, has real leather ends, is fully adjustable and it is just a great all around strap. Yeah, I know that it's only a solid black strap, but it is VERY high quality. However, if you are looking for something that is "pretty," this is not the strap for you. It's black, that's all. It does the job, at a great price, and it feels like a high quality product. Enough reading already, go buy one.
I got the Dunlop D-38 guitar strap a gift. I thought that it was probably just some cheap, crappy strap that I would probably wind up throwing away or giving to another guitarist that was just starting out. Then, after waiting two weeks for it while it was on backorder, I finally got the strap. I could hardly believe the quality of this strap. (Although, I should have known better than to bet against Jim Dunlop.) The strap is made of heavyweight material, has thick leather tabs on the ends and is easily adjustable. I was expecting to throw this strap in the garbage, but it became my main strap!
I have had this strap for about six months now and have yet to have any problems. It still looks as good as the day it was delievered and the leather ends show no signs of wear. I do use strap locks on the ends, though, so that may have something to do with it.
When I ordered a set of JD straplocks, I got this strap as a freebie. You can't beat free. If it were lost/stolen, I would actually pay to get another one. Yeah, it's that good.
Dunlop D-38 Solid Guitar Strap Black
.I'm a very large man and it is hard to find a good quality extra long strap for a reasonable amount of cash.

I bought one for my P-Bass so I could get it in a more comfortable position on gigs. I put it on and adjusted the length to where my bass was in the most comfortable playing position and the strap didn't slip or slide all night and I found it extremely comfortable to wear. My back and shoulders are usually killing me after a five hour gig, but since I got this strap and have the bass positioned where it should be on my body, my pain has gone away.

I now have these on my other guitars and basses. Best bang for the buck in a strap today. Good job, Dunlop!
Dunlop D-38 Solid Guitar Strap Black
.My son plays the guitar and banjo. He had only one strap for his electric guitar and switched it to his bass, when needed. I purchased this very reasonably priced strap so he wouldn't have to keep switching. Arrived on time and very good quality.
Dunlop D-38 Solid Guitar Strap Black
.My straps were wearing thin and getting to be quite uncomfortable, so I ordered one of these after hours of shopping and sifting thru thousands of straps. I figured Dunlop hasn't let me down yet, so, why not...
They are a bit stiff at first, and a it's a bit difficult to put strap locks on, but, they break in quick. I used it for 2 nights and ordered one for my other guitar when I got home from the show.
Dunlop D-38 Solid Guitar Strap Black
.Had read some negative reviews concerning discomfort and instrument droppage before purchasing. I have found neither to be completely true. I wear my guitar for hours at a time and have yet to drop my guitar even without locks. As for discomfort, it is rubber. Of course, it will be stiff at first, but after a few hours of stage-lite heat and sweat, it will conform to the position you hold your guitar in. It is much more comfortable than even a top quality nylon and doesn't begin to smell bad like leather.
Dunlop D-38 Solid Guitar Strap Black
.this is a plain-jane strap that does everything you need a strap to do--hold up your guitar without any surprises. the strap material and end patches are thicker than any similar generic straps i have seen. you may even have to struggle a little to get the end patches over your guitar strap buttons, but once on, this strap isn't coming off. sure, you could spend just as much money for a cheesy strap that will drop your guitar, or a lot more for a strap that makes a statement, but I prefer to think that people are listening to me because they like my music, not because I have a trendy strap. this strap has gone from guitar to guitar, and is still going strong. Congratulations, Jim Dunlop, for another quality product.

The only problem I have encountered is that the strap is so solid that it doesn't fit into the hard-shell cases of my 12-string SG or my banjo, but that's Gibson's fault. Fender and other cases are no problem.
this is a solid strap, with a non-scratching nylon buckle and thick leather-like ends to slip over your guitar strap buttons. it comes in every color as long as you want black.
this strap is sturdier than any other 2" nylon strap I have ever seen. it won't stretch, pull lloose, or take a nosedive because the ends wriggled off your guitar strap buttons.
I have never seen anything like it for the price, which is minimal.
Dunlop D-38 Solid Guitar Strap Black
.Nothing fancy, easy to adjust, indestructible.
Dunlop D-38 Solid Guitar Strap Black


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Great strap - leather is tough to work with and doesn't give much, but if you want the strap to stay, that's a good thing. I have a total of 12 of these currently. I keep them on my guitars/basses so I do not have a lot of play in the leather. I trust them with my most expensive, and I treat my guitars better than my kids - so that says a LOT!
Dunlop D-38 Solid Guitar Strap Black

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