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Dunlop Tortex Pitch Black Standard Guitar Picks 1 Dozen .50 mm

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One Set
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Hardshell Case of Dunlop Tortex Pitch Black Standard Guitar Picks 1 Dozen .50 mm
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Product Description

Dunlop Tortex Pitch Black Standard Guitar Picks are carefully designed and manufactured to give the maximum memory and minimum wear that made the original tortoiseshell guitar picks famous. Dunlop Tortex guitar picks are available in a variety of gauges. One dozen Pitch Black Picks.

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Havn't used these but I have used the regular purple 1.14 mm's. For anyone who wonders why these 1.14 gauge black picks don't sound the same as the purples, it has something to do with the color itself. It is my understanding that the 'color' of the pick is a crucial factor of the pick's tone. Seems like it was proven at a NAMM show years back. So basically, any pick made of the same material, same gauge, BUT a different color will not sound the same. Hope this explanation helps. Cheers...
Dunlop Tortex Pitch Black Standard Guitar Picks 1 Dozen .50 mm
.I got the 1.00mm model of this pick and I found out that it is very much different than the standard Blue 1.00mm Tortex. It has a weird, brighter tone due to the "square" edge of the pick. I know these picks are "punched out" from a sheet of Delrin but the Standard "colored" models have a smooth, beveled edges specially the T3 version (the ones with the Jazz III tips). So the square edges makes a weird, "clacky" bright tone that's not very pleasant (at least to my ears). I'm sticking to the T3 and Standard Tortex.
Dunlop Tortex Pitch Black Standard Guitar Picks 1 Dozen .50 mm
.I personally don't see why anyone would like the sound, but if you do, then this is a very unique sort of product that will do the job.
It's made out something that reminds me of car-tire rubber, and it has a really dead and muted sound. I'm playing a spruce top acoustic with 80/20 Bronze strings, and I like the fact that my guitar has a nice sharp sound to it. These picks take me in the opposite direction, so I didn't like them, but of course maybe you want that sort of effect. I also tried many other picks and I find that celluloid is the best for most of the stuff I play, but occasionally I use an Ultem pick to get a more "ringy" 12-string sort of sound... like when playing a song written for a 12-string, such as "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald".
Well made, no mold flash, nice smooth edges.
Fine, if you like the sound... reasonable price.
Dunlop Tortex Pitch Black Standard Guitar Picks 1 Dozen .50 mm
.These are the best pics period. And are identically the same as the standard tortex pics. However, the gauges on these pics are smaller than on the regular multicolored Dunlop tortex pics. What I mean is that I typically play with a yellow .73 Tortex and I ordered the same gauge for the pitch black. When they arrived, the pick gauge is actually thinner than the other tortex pics. So if you play with a .73 yellow tortex, I would order the .88 gauge of the pitch black to compensate for them being thinner.
Dunlop Tortex Pitch Black Standard Guitar Picks 1 Dozen .50 mm
.It' a pick.
Dunlop Tortex Pitch Black Standard Guitar Picks 1 Dozen .50 mm
. I like the 0.5 mm. I like the feel and rarely lose grip on it, even though it's relatively smooth. I haven't had one break yet and I strum hard and loud. I'm a rhythm strummer so I don't do much pickin' with it but I like the way it feels when I play "boom-chuck" rhythm and practice scales.
Dunlop Tortex Pitch Black Standard Guitar Picks 1 Dozen .50 mm
.These picks do sound different than the regular colored tortex picks, so be advised. At first i didn't like the sound and I didn't use them in performances right away. Now they have grown on me and I like them. They moderate the treble on my martin guitar which is good at times. Bottom line: they are good like all tortex picks but If you want a brighter livlier sound stick with the colored ones. They are a good lead guitar pick for acoustics. If you want a dark muted sound give these a whirl. Incidently, they seem to wear a lot longer than the colored tortex picks which is nice because I'm a bluegrass flatpicker who goes through regular tortex picks like water.
Dunlop Tortex Pitch Black Standard Guitar Picks 1 Dozen .50 mm
.Just like "ye olde" Tortex material picks, these play hard and play well. Two semi-major differences are: 1) All gauges come in the new 'Pitch Black' color, and 2) unlike original Tortex picks, the Pitch Black's are a tad less girthy than. Keep that in mind when buying.In fact, monies permitting, I suggest you buy both sets - original colors and in new Pitch Black - in a preferred gauge and test them both to see which you'll prefer most. Ultimately, they play similarly.
Dunlop Tortex Pitch Black Standard Guitar Picks 1 Dozen .50 mm
.I am relatively new to guitar (about 2 years serious playing time) and I love experimenting with different gear. I had no idea picks could vary so much. I have played a number of other picks and something never felt quite right about any of them ... until I tried these babies! I am not exaggerating when I say that I had an instantaneous and noticeable increase in speed merely from going to this pick (I went with the 1.14mm cuz I like them thick!). The pick glides off of your string with much less friction than standard celluoid picks, and its very noticeable while playing. If you play any metal music, these picks are a much IMO. Fast tremolo picking and single note runs are buttery smooth now. Chording feels a bit less pronounced which I dont even know if that is a drawback, but it is definitely quieter chording with these. Because the friction is so low they seem to wear slower as well. Overall these are about as good as it gets in terms of picks. The feel is better than anything Ive tried, they last longer, and they play smoother than anything else. A customer for life Dunlop!
Dunlop Tortex Pitch Black Standard Guitar Picks 1 Dozen .50 mm
.I've been using the Dunlop Tortex 1.14 mm Purple pick since 1991 and these new Pitch Black Tortex 1.14 mm does not sound like the original 1.14 mm purple ones. These picks sound very "clacky". Instead of the familiar desirable "click" it emits a very un-musical "Clack" when playing. I've compared it to the original 1.14 mm purple Tortex and they do not sound the same. The fit, finish and quality of these Pitch Black Tortex are top notch as usual with Dunlop picks. They are very cool looking picks with silver graphics but as I've said before, they do not sound the same as the original 1.14 mm Purple Tortex. Try them and see for yourself.
Dunlop Tortex Pitch Black Standard Guitar Picks 1 Dozen .50 mm

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