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Epiphone FT-350SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Min-Etune Violinburst

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Hardshell Case of Epiphone FT-350SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Min-Etune Violinburst
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Product Description

EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e introduces the FT-350SCE Acoustic-Electric, the world's first affordable self-tuning acoustic-electric guitar and featuring the fast, easy, and dependable Min-ETune System that gets you in tune quickly and accurately at the touch of a button. In addition to the Min-ETune System, the FT-350SCE comes with all the features that EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e fans have come to count on including a solid Sitka spruce top and a select mahogany body-the basic building blocks of a great acoustic guitar that you can enjoy for a lifetime. The FT-350SCE Acoustic/Electric has a glued-in 3-piece hard maple neck with volute with a 1960s SlimTaper profile and a 12" radius which makes for easy transitions between chords and solos. The hand-set neck has a scale length of 25.50" with 20 medium jumbo frets and a rosewood fretboard with "dot" inlays.

The body top has white and black 10-layer binding with 2-layer white and black binding on the back and a single layer of white binding on the rosewood fretboard. The sloped dovewing headstock has a '60s era "EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e" logo in pearloid, the same design found on classic EE-EE-Epiphone-e-es like the Texan and Casino. A special "2014" logo is also on the back of the headstock and the 2-layer black and white "bullet" style truss rod cover has a '60s style EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e "E" in white.

Min-ETune System
The Min-ETune System is a powerful new tool for guitarists of all levels. The compact battery-powered system tunes your guitar in seconds and can deliver 80-100 tunings on one charge. For beginners, having Min-ETune on your guitar means that every spare moment you have to practice your instrument, learn a classic riff, or try out a new idea will be spent playing instead of tuning. The Min-ETune knows your instrument as well as you do and can make fine adjustments that would be hard if not impossible to make accurately with a typical pedal tuner. The Min-ETune is fast, accurate, and requires no cables, Wi-Fi, or experience. For professionals, the Min-ETune will instantly make a big difference whether you're performing live in concert or in the studio. No more fiddling with pedals, small cables, or keeping an ugly clip-on tuner attached to your headstock. The Min-ETune is your invisible guitar tech-getting you in tune and keeping you in tune anywhere, anytime. At the push of a button, Min-ETune will tune all six strings to perfect pitch automatically.

Alternative Tunings Made Instant and Easy
For metal, rock, blues and country guitarists who are used to bringing multiple guitars on stage for songs that require open tunings, Min-ETune eliminates the hassle of long pauses in between songs or even the need to bring all that extra gear. Your Min-ETune comes with 12 popular preset alternate tunings. In addition, you can also program up to six additional tunings yourself. You can even adjust your guitar's tunings to match other instruments such as a piano. The Min-ETune system is nothing short of revolutionary. With the addition of the new Tronical SpeedNut that solves the age-old problem of string slippage and intonation, now there's nothing between you, your instrument, and the audience.

Tronical SpeedNut
Another new feature found on the FT-350SCE is the Tronical SpeedNut. Designed in Germany, the Tronical SpeedNut is made from an exclusive material that is two times more slippery than Teflon so there are no tuning hang-ups. The SpeedNut is three times harder than bone, making string vibration easy while maintaining precise tone and pitch. Each nut is precision-molded to ensure consistently perfect string height at the lower frets for easy fingering.

Shadow NanoFlex Pickup System
The FT-350SCE is powered by a Shadow ePerformer preamp and a NanoFlex Under Saddle Pickup System. EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e and Shadow Germany have worked together for over a decade at perfecting ways to amplify an acoustic guitar on stage so it sounds like an acoustic guitar no matter what your stage volume. The combination of the Shadow ePerformer Preamp-featuring a wide range of EQ options--and the NanoFlex under saddle pickup gives you unlimited control of the FT-350SCE on stage and in the studio.

Controls for the FT-350SCE's Shadow ePerformer Preamp are on the upper bout and include controls for Master Volume, Bass, Treble, Phase, Mute, and an adjustable Dynamics control. There is also a low battery indicator. The Shadow ePerformer preamp is powered by two 2032 Lithium Ion Cell batteries. The output jack and strap locks are nickel and the FT-350SCE is strung at the EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e factory with time-tested D'Addario Phosphor (12-53) strings.

Min-ETune Machine Heads
The new EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e FT-350SCE gets in tune and stays in tune thanks to the Min-ETune system with vintage style keys with a 40:1 tuning ratio. The revolutionary Min-ETune is the only proven system to keep your guitar in tune and automatically tunes to standard pitch as well as open tunings quickly and accurately. Any EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e guitar with Min-ETune feels the same, looks the same (the unit mounts onto the back of your guitar's headstock), and plays the same. But most importantly, your guitar also sounds the same since Min-ETune works by tuning the actual strings, not by digital trickery that degrades your tone.

The EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e FT-350SCE's Min-ETune comes with 18 preset tunings including 12 factory presets and 6 user programmable presets. The factory presets alone cover all the classic blues, rock, country, and metal tunings including Standard E, Eb with Drop D, Drop D, DADGAD, Open A, G, D, and E, and standard Dobro tuning. Save time and money in the studio, keep the flow going on-stage, and enhance your creativity with new tunings. Alternate tunings are hard to master, especially for new players, but Min-ETune gets you in and out of 12 custom tunings in seconds. You can even tune to instruments like piano that might be slightly off of standard pitch.

Self-tuning Min-ETune system with 18 tuning presets (12 factory, 6 user) Solid Sitka spruce top Dreadnought size with single cutaway Select mahogany back and sides Rosewood fingerboard 3-piece hard maple neck with volute Shadow ePerformer System Shadow Nanoflex UnderSaddle Element pickup system Preamp controls: Master Volume, Bass, Treble, Dynamics, Phase, Mute and Low Battery Indicator Nut: SpeedNut Medium/Jumbo frets Binding: 10-layer white/black binding (body top), 2-layer white/black binding (body back), 1-layer white (fingerboard) Nickel hardware Truss Rod Cover: "Bullet" shape; black/white 2-layer Truss Rod Logo: EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e "E" in white Headstock logo: Vintage "EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e"; pearloid "2014" logo on back of headstock Machine heads: Min-ETune Robo-Machine Heads with Vintage Keys; 40:1 Ratio Saddle: Imitation Bone; Compensated Strap buttons Imitation tortoise pickguard 1/4" End-pin jack Case sold separately

Making music should be fun and carefree, and the FT-350SCE is designed to help you get that experience. Order today!

Custom Guitar's Friend Gold Coverage

Gold Coverage goes above and beyond the manufacturer's warranty to protect your gear from unexpected breakdowns, accidental damage from handling and failures. This plan covers your product for one, two, three or up to five years from your date of purchase, costs just pennies per day and gives you a complete "no-worry" solution for protecting your investment.

Gold Coverage Includes:

Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal wear and tear Power surges Dust, internal heat and humidity

Other plan features include:

For products over $200, No Lemon Policy applies. If it fails for the same defect 3 times, it is replaced on the 4th breakdown. (Does not apply to failures due to drops, spills, and cracks) For products under $200 experiencing the above failures, a Custom Guitar's Friend gift card will be issued for the full price of the product + tax. Shipping fees covered if required for repair or replacement Plans are transferable in the event merchandise is sold Plans are renewable on new gear

*Limitations and exclusions apply. See terms and conditions for program details

Term for New Gear begins on date of purchase but does not replace the store return policy or manufacturer coverage.

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Just got this after months of waiting and I am not disappointed.

The Min-Etune system is absolutely amazing! The ease of use and accuracy of its functions absolutely cements its status as the future of guitar tuning. I was able to go from Normal tuning, Step down, and a Custom tuning in less than a minute with no broken strings or hassle. Tuning manually with the robotuners is a little more tricky and feels like you might be wearing the gears, but you'll only be doing that when you're programming your own tunings as there's no longer any reason to tune manually. Programming custom tunings is a breeze. The D-Pad setup is immediately familiar to anyone of the Nintendo generation and will be easily mastered in less than 10 minutes. It's battery charges quickly and lasts up to 200 tunings so the likelihood of you having to tune manually during a gig due to the battery dying is virtually impossible.

The guitar itself is excellent in terms of build quality. The most noticeable thing that strikes you when you start playing it is that the neck is definitely thicker than average. It feels like a 12-String neck, obviously to accommodate the tuning system and still insure neck balance which is always tricky in an acoustic. It's not uncomfortable be any means and is definitely more playable than a 12-String. The neck cutaway is a great addition and helps make the neck feel more playable overall.

In terms of sound, it's certainly not the greatest you'll ever hear. Not bad, not great. Obviously for the money you're paying and the added weight of the electronics, you're not going to get the sweet resonant tone of a Hummingbird. It is however a very thick sounding guitar that's great for chording. It's sounds reminds me very much of the EE-Epiphone-e John Lennon model acoustic if you need a frame of reference. The electronics however are fantastic and really help compensate for its shortcomings in natural tone. This won't be your first choice in a recording setting, but it will be an absolute mainstay of live gigging.

The fact that I had to wait about 3-4 months for this guitar to come off back-order means you probably don't need me to tell you to buy this immediately. If its in your price range, don't hesitate. I still can't believe EE-Epiphone-e is offering this type of tech so cheap. For the price range, it is without a doubt one of the best acoustics in terms of value you can buy.
Epiphone FT-350SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Min-Etune Violinburst
.I play in 10 tunings and 2 custom slide tunings. I have 2 Gibson Les Paul robot tuning guitars. I can now play ALL of my originals material on one acoustic guitar. With a slight adjustment to the truss rod the action can be very good up to the 10th fret. Above the 10th fret can be adjusted for excellent action by a professional setup working the bridge. 3 things to keep in mind. 1. Put high grade, name brand strings on (DR, Martin, Cleartone)and stretch them a few times manually. This will improve the acoustic tone alot. 2. if you are tuning more than a whole step(3 fret notes) from the previous tuning, tune once ,then stretch the strings and retune. 3. get the 3 year extended warranty. The 3rd is important because the tuners are going to take a lot of stress over the course of 3 years. The 1st one I got had a defective tuner. Test each one. They should move easily when NOT ENGAGED. NEVER TURN THEM WHILE THE TUNER IS ENGAGED. That being said . I love this guitar and the 3 year warranty will keep it that way!
Epiphone FT-350SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Min-Etune Violinburst
.Love this guitar. I'm a skeptic when it comes to purchasing something I haven't tried but I'm extremely happy with this one. The minute I picked it up I had a smile on my face. Easy to finger even with the strings it came with. I changed up to Martin Custom Lights and it was an easy process to restring. Played out to packed medium room and am very happy with the overall sound. Only complaint I have is tuner doesn't seem to dial in fast enough between red bank and blue. Took me a few minutes to dial in high E in user defined Drop C by then the jukebox started to play.
Epiphone FT-350SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Min-Etune Violinburst
.I didn't really need another guitar. (I own 43 so far.) But I liked the idea of pushing a couple of buttons and be in an alternate tuning. I works pretty good on paper but not so much in reality. First off the auto tuning gets you close but it's not very accurate at all. It would be OK if it was tuned to itself but sadly that doesn't happen. It's supposed to "learn" the more you use it but I haven't found that to be the case. It also has 6 user programmable spots for other tunings. In order to program this in, you need to turn the tuners by hand. They feel like they're going to strip out if you turn them too much. Very cheap feeling. BTW the bass side tuners turn the opposite way from a normal guitar, that took some getting use to. The onboard preamp is barely usable. It's very noisy and not too linear when making adjustments.

Now on to the guitar itself. I have always been an EE-Epiphone-e fan. So I didn't think anything at all about ordering this sight unseen. Dead is the only way to describe the tone of this guitar DOA!! OK I can fix that with a string change. Nope, not really. OK I can change the nut, saddle and bridge pins. OK it's a little bit better, but there's still that pesky fret buzz. Alright, now a neck adjustment and after that, it still has to go into the shop for some fret work I'm not comfortable doing myself. Build quality is not there.

If you can find one for three hundred or less and don't mind doing a bunch of work to it, I'd recommend it for a knock around practice guitar. For what I bought it for, it serves my purposes, I'm just glad I didn't pay retail for it. Bottom line is EE-Epiphone-e isn't what it used to be, and that was a very nice, gigable guitar that the masses could afford. IMHO, ever since leaving Korea for cheaper plants in China and Indonesia EE-Epiphone-e's quality has suffered. Your mileage may vary.
Epiphone FT-350SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Min-Etune Violinburst
.Whether I am recording or just having fun I'm having fun.
Epiphone FT-350SCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Min-Etune Violinburst

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