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Epiphone Jack Casady Bass Guitar Case

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Hardshell Case of Epiphone Jack Casady Bass Guitar Case
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Product Description

This hardshell case is designed exclusively for the EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e Jack Casady bass. This Tolex covered bass case offers the perfect fit and protection for your bass, featuring chrome hardware, padded/plush interior, and accessories box.

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I own a 1995 EE-Epiphone-e Rivoli II which shares similar dimensions to the EE-Epiphone-e Jack Casady, and the Gibson Les Paul Signature bass from which the Jack Casady bass is based off of.

With that being said, I gave it a 5 star rating because I'm sure for the Ep J. Casady and Gib. LP Sig., it's THE perfect case for it, with regards to how snug it is for the body and for the headstock with regards to the long scale neck of those two basses.

As for me, and any other owners of EE-Epiphone-e Rivoli's or Gibson EB-2's, this case will most definitely fit your bass, HOWEVER, there will be a little extra space around the headstock portion, so if you're paranoid, you're gonna wanna stuff that area with something plush to cradle the head stock, but either way, the bass will not move from its position in the case.

I'm serious, with the way the horns on the Rivoli and EB-2 are symmetrical to the bass horn of the Jack Casady, the Rivoli and EB-2 fit very snug within the body section and the neck cradles of the case.

As usual with these cases there's room by the headstock (even more for the Rivoli/EB-2) for extra strings or what have you, and it has it's own pull-out compartment. If you're worried about any odors it may give off, and the idea of having to air out the case (such as with the EE-Epiphone-e SG case), have no fear, this case doesn't smell like Ferret, or much of anything foul, so you won't need to air it out outside or in a garage.

I have no idea what happened to the other reviewer whose case did not come with the key, but for me, the case was in the box, unlocked, and inside the case was the little baggy with the key. It only came with one key. If you're paranoid, make an extra copy.

One more thing in case you were wondering, contrary to the picture, the case DOES NOT have the EE-Epiphone-e 'E' on the top. It says EE-Epiphone-e. Other than that, i'll state the obvious and say it has 4 latches, 3 on one side (one with key hole), and one on the reverse (odd, but fine). Case runs rather tall for obvious reasons, as for weight, with an instrument inside, it feels lighter than an ES-335 style guitar in case, who knows why.

That's all there is to it. If you have a Jack Casady or Les Paul Signature bass, this is your case. If you have a Rivoli or EB-2, either this is your case, or you go custom, or get lucky online somehow somewhere, but honestly, you needn't worry, but if you're still skeptical, you'll find photos online of how they fit snug in this case anyway.
Epiphone Jack Casady Bass Guitar Case

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I needed a replacement case for my vintage, cherry red, Gibson EB-2. I bought the guitar in 1968 and I cherish it to this day. It represents a very happy and satisfying time of my life. Therefore, "any old case" would not do to protect it.

I read numerous reviews of this case and decided to try it. The positive reviews were correct. The body of the EB-2 fits snuggly into the case. There is quite a bit of room around the headstock, but it does not matter because, with the snugness of the fit around the body, the guitar is not going to move around at all.

Aesthetically, the case is very handsome. With its smooth vinyl covering, it looks quite different from your run-of-the mill case covered in textured vinyl. The gold/brass-toned hardware looks great against the shiny black vinyl. The latches are perfectly aligned and snap securely closed. The handle is thick and meaty in the hand. I honestly have no complaints about the case. It seems quite substantial and affords much greater protection for the guitar than did its original case even when it was brand new.

I do have one small piece of advice for you if you purchase one. You will want to stand well back when you open the case for the first time. Your nostrils will be assailed by a truly obnoxious aroma, presumably from the glue used in the case. Just let it air out for a couple of days and the smell will completely vanish.

Note that the case was on backorder for five weeks after I placed my order. And, apparently, they sell out fast when in stock. However, it was definitely worth the wait. This case is one of the best gear purchases I have made recently.
Epiphone Jack Casady Bass Guitar Case
.An adequate, standard case for this bass. It's probably the only case it will fit in so you don't have any options. The case is sturdy and strong enough for gigs, rehearsals etc. It's just a regular, old style case like you would get with a Gibson or other pro level guitar. The price is right and the case is a good value.
Epiphone Jack Casady Bass Guitar Case

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Purchased this for my Warwick Rockbass Starbass as those cases seem few and far between. Another reviewer claimed that the JC case fit it like a glove. I don't think that's the case (pardon the pun) but this case doesn't do anything that would harm a Warwick RB/SB and is 85% of the way towards a perfect fit. Close enough for a carrying case - which isn't a flight case.
Epiphone Jack Casady Bass Guitar Case
.I purchased this case for a Fender Coronado II bass guitar. Searched for weeks and weeks trying to find a compatible hardshell to protect my Fender. However Fender doesn't make a hardshell for that particular model. This Jack Cassidy hardshell case fits my "F" hole perfectly!!! Almost as if this case was built for Fender instead of the EE-Epiphone-e. I would highly recommend this case to anyone searching for quality, looks, and overall price!
Epiphone Jack Casady Bass Guitar Case
.was looking for a case for my Warwick star bass, this case fits like a glove. Locking latch/ lock feature. Ergonomically constructed as case does not get in the way when climbing stairs.
Epiphone Jack Casady Bass Guitar Case
. I have a Gibson EB2C bass guitar that I bought new in 1968, and it came with a soft shell case at the time. After 40 plus years the handle had broken and the stitching had failed. It was then, that I found it was very hard to locate a hard shell case to protect my old friend. Calling the Gibson factory was no help, and that I may have to get a case custom made. Looking at the J C Bass, it looked like a very close copy of my EB2 but no deminsions were stated in the description of the case. I called Muscians Friend and the girl I spoke with did not have the inside deminsions but the shipping deminsions were large enough that it just might work. Got it in less then a week and found the the EB2 would fit inside. This is a snug fit around the body and lots of room in the neck area. The inside is very nice. The outside may not have the toughest material but will work well. This case is also heavy but that's the price you pay for protection.
I now know I should have purchased a hard shell case in 1968 from Gibson, but that is in the past .
If you are looking for a EB2 Bass case, this will work. This case is well worth the money, if you don't care that the outside of the case has EE-Epiphone-e on it and not the Gibson logo.
Epiphone Jack Casady Bass Guitar Case
.Great case ,fits my eb-2 and Warwick starbass, like a glove ,plush inside, tuff out side
Epiphone Jack Casady Bass Guitar Case
.The case pictured with only the EE-Epiphone-e logo is not available. You must advertise the full name when you carry it around.
Epiphone Jack Casady Bass Guitar Case
.Firstly, this is a very nice case. If you have a Cassidy bass and need a hard shell, then buy this.
I own four different models of EE-Epiphone-e cases and all are of high quality. The only SLIGHT negative I can cite with the Cassidy case is that it's a bit spendy...not sure why this case is $25+ more than other EE-Epiphone-e cases? But if you cherish your bass like I do and need protection carrying it about, then this rocks.
This case carries level and the padded handle is balanced nicely so you don't whack the headstock when climbing stairs.
For those who care, my case came with gold painted "EE-Epiphone-e" logo on the case cover, not the "E" as shown in the pic.
What I really like about this case (and what possessed me to write a comment) is that it exactly fits my late 1960s Lyle bass. I mean a PERFECT fit!
So for those cats who are fortunate enough to own a Lyle hollowbody (which is an exact copy of the EE-Epiphone-e 5120e bass from the same era late 60s to early 70s)...I can suggestion firsthand that this is the case for you.
The case is made so that it fits the symmetrical body horns (like a Gibby EB2, as another reviewer states), even tho the Cassidy has asymmetrical horns.
If you have a vintage ('68-'72) Lyle or EE-Epiphone-e bass, THIS is the modern case. I also believe the Univox was made at the same Japanese Matsumoto factory so it should have the same dimensions as well.
Epiphone Jack Casady Bass Guitar Case

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