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Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass Guitar Ebony

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Hardshell Case of Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass Guitar Ebony
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Product Description

Deep, articulate tone and classic semi-hollowbody style are the hallmarks of the EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e Jack Casady Signature Bass. The maple body, mahogany center block, set maple neck, and rosewood fretboard conspire to create a sweet-playing bass you won't want to put down. Has a single low-impedance JCB-1 humbucker with VariTone control, as well as traditional volume and tone knobs. Pearloid trapezoid fingerboard inlays, body binding, and Jack's signature across the headstock set it apart.

Jack Casady, electric rock bass player extraordinaire, worked closely with Gibson and EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e to create this tasty signature model. It's a long-scale, hollowbody electric bass constructed loosely around his vintage 1972 Gibson Les Paul Signature bass, discovered in a New York instrument shop in the mid '80s. Starting from there, Jack spent a lot of energy working with a pickup designer from EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e putting together a new humbucker to reside in his signature model. Together they nailed down a passive pickup and control section that delivered tone so pure and natural it'll give you goose bumps. The pickup is a special low-impedance model (the JCB-1), which produces a bass sound high impedance pickups and active electronics can't match.

The controls -- a volume, tone, and versatile VariTone knob -- produce enough variation for any situation. The bass has a unique and high-quality transformer with a 3-way impedance selector which eliminates the need for active circuitry while giving the low-impedance signal from the pickup a boost. The pickup impedance selector (VariTone) allows for sounds from clear and clean with acoustic vibe to deep, round, and growling rock authority.

The body construction is unique, too. It's not a true semi-hollow or hollow body, but a hybrid that combines the best from both designs. Under the bridge is a mahogany center block that adds sustain and helps to fight feedback. This construction allows the top to vibrate freely, giving the bass guitar a more natural, woody tone.

The EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e Jack Casady Signature Bass is as unique as Jack, with a vibe, tone, and innovative features all its own.

Maple body Mahogany block under bridge Set maple neck Rosewood fretboard Low-impedance JCB-1 humbucker VariTone control Volume and tone knobs Pearloid trapezoid inlays Body binding

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This bass is capable of producing a wide spectrum of sound profiles. Sweet open acoustic to thundering, growling electric. It should be used with Jack's recommended strings (Dean Markley Blue Steel) and set up (see his web site). This combination makes for a VERY sensitive instrument, so your results will vary depending on your technique. Everyone loves the unique, warm and pleasing tone that this bass will deliver when properly amped and adjusted. However, if you are looking for the classic Fender sound, go buy one of those. It is different, more musical, but not that. I also own a custom 1973 Fender Precision for that hard solidbody sound. This is a true hollowbody and I highly recommend the Casady Signature Bass for anyone seeking beautiful tone. It is very playable, but the neck is a little thicker than many solidbodies as it has just a little touch of an acoustic feel. But it is undeniably electric. Awesome.
Multi-impedance pickup provides three scenarios ranging from wide acoustic to heavily compressed electric. Neck is somewhat thick but well contoured. Nice tuners and hardware.
Mine is an orginal from the "Fur Peace Ranch" and was made in 2001. I have been its sole owner since 2002. It is very well made. The pots and jack needed some tightening after a while; not unusual in a TRUE hollowbody instrument. I cannot comment on current quality levels, but this one is absolutely beautiful. The sound is stunning. The finish is beautiful: the classic Les Paul gold-top. Very well done. The "feel" is that of an acoustic instrument and it requires the commensurate care of such. You are not going to want to pound on this one like a low-end Squire.
This bass is off the scale for value. Nothing can come close.
Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass Guitar Ebony
.I have used this both live and in the studio and everyone compliments it's sound. I added a sillouette of Godzilla to the pick guard because the first time I used it our sound guy said it thundered like the giant lizard himself. Serious, it can sound both smooth and thunderous. In the studio, it has a warm tone and contributes some cool tonality to recordings. Since my 90's era Fender P-Bass had a neck failure, this has become my main axe. Oh. And I happen to love the gold finish. Oh yeah - and for a guy with a crappy back, this bass is nice and light.
Three position impedence switch gives you the ability to boost your volume after your sound guy sets you so low that the piano drowns you out. In all seriousness - it gives you some volume and tonal choices.
As with many basses I have, I sure wish the jack input would stay tightened. I also had to tighten the impedence switch because it was loose. Otherwise I dig the bridge, tuners and overall construction.
For the price this is a very good value. I've always loved Jack and his style and sound and I believe that this bass come real close to making me a Jack clone.
Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass Guitar Ebony
.This is the best bass I have played in many years,I have always wanted a nice hollowbody bass with great tone,played many hollows from the 60's and 70's but this bass has a tone all of it's own. Thanks to boodabass for the strings to put on ,La bellas ,wow its like a piano now. Good job EE-Epiphone-e and Jack.
Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass Guitar Ebony
.I will admit: this bass was purchased because it's incredibly cool color and stage appeal. I will happily note, though, this is a great playing and sounding bass guitar! Even though it's a single pickup model, there's decent sound differences with a simple twist of the tone nob. Adding in the impedence control switch creates some real tonal flexibilty for this instrument. Like others have noted, the quality isn't tops. The pots are fine but I had a loose impedence switch. there's some spotty paint in places but, fortunate.y they aren't in really visible places. For example. the inside edge of the f-hole.Once I had a set of flatwounds on board and the Ampeg SVT warmed up, the sounds were incredible. I highly recommend at least some time playing this bass if you don't just outright buy the thing.
Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass Guitar Ebony
.Overall, this is a decent bass, not amazing, but certainly much better (quality) than most EE-Epiphone-e guitars I've owned. I bought this bass about 3 years ago and play it daily. It has a unique voice: deep, woody, and a bit grainy. The impedance selector is really useful, acting like a variable boost. The neck is a bit big for me, but still pretty comfortable. The tuners are really nice, it rarely goes out of tune while playing. The mostly hollow body allows you to get a really deep sound near the neck and a brighter hollow sound near the bridge, like any bass... but with more of a thud; I really like that.This bass sounds great but has some issues. The bridge is very fussy and is not very nice to adjust thanks to the three adjustment points. The pickup screws rattle quite a bit from time to time and the hollow body really amplifies that. Despite being kept in a case and handled carefully, the paint has stated to flake away in some places (not even high wear locations). The pots are not very smooth in terms of taper. Volume goes from very loud to a steep drop to a more useable level with only a slight turn.With that said... the playability, light weight, and great tones from this bass seriously outweigh the few problems. Installing new pots and caps would be a help. There are also different bridges available that are much more user friendly. I can live with this bass' few problems. It's a keeper!
Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass Guitar Ebony
.This bass is in my mind a "must have" in your bass collection in any case. Playing old school rock, blues, jazz this bass will most certainly be a frequent partner in your hands.

But it is obvious, this is an instrument for a serious musician, 80% ready from factory and you just have to take it from there yourself, either personally if you are skilled or consulting a professional instrument maker/serviceshop.

So you will end up I guess around Euro 700 and in extra the service fee of your serviceshop. But you will then have a bass that you will love perhaps even higher that your beloved wife/girlfriend :).
Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass Guitar Ebony
.I am a guitar player who plays bass on home recordings. Up to now I have been using an older Yamaha bass that is pretty great for the money. I really wanted a semi - hollow bass as I thought it would go well with my style of writing / playing. The vintage EB - 2s have really gotten expensive and I am not a huge fan of the Hoffner sound, so I went with the Epi. After a two month wait, it finnaly arrived last week. Fit and finish is very good, and the gold top is just great looking. The Epi is bigger than my Yamaha and I am still adjusting to the size of the neck and body. This is a unique looking bass with a suprising variety of sounds considering it has one (lo imp) pickup (there is a selector to choose from 3 different output levels). Unfortuantely (for me), the Epi came with round wound strings that probably aren't the brand you would buy if you had the choice....and the sound was way too bright and noisy for me (is it odd to buy a semi - hollow body bass and expect it to sound mellow?). So, while I really like the half - rounds on my Yamaha, on a reccomendation, I went with (D'addario Chrome light) flat wound strings. I also applied some nut sauce when changing the strings and sprayed on finger - ease. This brought the finger noise WAY down and really tamed the sound. I also tweaked the sans Amp bass DI I use for recording and I am pretty happy with the sound of the Epi now. However, some caveats / thoughts; this bass was much different than I remember when I tried one a couple years ago and was different than my expectations. I strongly reccomend that anyone considering one spend a long time in a store with one before ordering. It is not a mellow / smooth bass. It has "wood" and a fair amount of "bark", and with the highest output selected it could be suitable for alt rock,hard rock, or even punk. I also reccomend changing the strings right away. One last thing; when I removed the original strings, the nut chipped a tiny bit in a couple places where the strings came off. Sure I could have been more careful - but I have been changing strings on guitars and basses for 30 years and this seems like an inferior nut to me. An upgrade there, lowering the action, and maybe new tuners eventually and this should be a pretty awesome instrument. And, it will work for acoustic music and other genres, just don't rule it out if you are looking for a powerful sounding bass.
Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass Guitar Ebony
.I play bass here and there, not my main thing. I already had an active Jazz Bass which is pretty cool, no complaints. I dig the Jack vibe of mixing chords and lead type articulation and this axe does it well. Would I like the same vibe in a classic Gibson, sure. Would I like perfection in fit and finish, god yes. A bit sloppy in the paint and a little cheesy in the build, but a solid performer with a crazy vibe to die for. Got just what I expected in spades. It will be awhile before I pick up that jazz bass while I nail Bouree. If you have a grand to drop on a bass, I can't think of a better way to do it.
Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass Guitar Ebony
.I play a Jack Casady straight thru a Hartke 1508 in back with a 2-10 next to the monitor, powered by an old 3500 amp. I put black nylon tape-wound strings on it. WOW! the acuostic side of the tone jumps right out of the f-holes now. I very highly recommend that you try any nylon-wound string on your Casady and let it realize the tones that steel strings just can't touch, "warm and lively" just doesn't do justice to the difference that nylon strings make on this bass. I play jazz, jam and groove in my local area with a few different acts. My Jack Casady is my "first bass" now because it has so many voices and it is absolutely beautiful.
Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass Guitar Ebony
.These are tremendous instruments with a singularly great feel and tone, especialy if you like gibson necks, or are searching for more individuality. Some of the finer details of these could have been done better however. The finish inside the f-holes tends to be sloppily applied, and the bridge posts usually need to be super glued in if u use a low action as I do. All else is top notch. It's different but it's worth getting used to some of the anomalies; the shape and the fact it doesn't hang on you as nicely as a fender, the uppper bout cuts into you a little...it takes getting used to..but the sound is worth it...pure tone.
Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass Guitar Ebony

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