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Epiphone Thunderbird Hardshell Case

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Hardshell Case of Epiphone Thunderbird Hardshell Case
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Product Description

This hardshell case for the EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e Tunderbird bass guitar is a rugged wood case covered in Tolex and featuring padded plush lining, heavy-duty handle, and accessory compartment. Super-tough hinges and drawbar latches. The Thunderbird hardshell case's contoured design saves weight while still providing maximum protection.

Rugged wood structure Tough Tolex covering Padded, plush lining Heavy-duty handle Heavy hinges and drawbar latches Accessory compartment

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Ordered it on a Christmas deal (sale price plus free shipping) WOW! What a deal!
My T-Bird Pro fits like a glove in it!
It was also the newer angled version not like the rectangle one in the picture in the add.
Very nice case!!
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Epiphone Thunderbird Hardshell Case

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I got this case to replace the well used original one that came with my 1963 Gibson Thunderbird IV bass. The overall quality, the interior fit, the usefulness of the storage compartment, and the overall balance (with the base inside) appears much better than the original. Even with EE-Epiphone-e logo on the outside, I'm impressed at the utility and style.
Epiphone Thunderbird Hardshell Case
.This baby is amazing. Solidly built with plenty of space. I might have the new line of them or something cause mine came with the body mold. Doesn't move and inch and I have an inch space between the tip of the headstock and the edge of the case. There is a neck crook, its part of the body mold. They case is built exactly like the Explorer case my brother uses. Just a little bit longer and thinner. The straps and hinges are fine. Again, I didn't find any of the problems that the other reviews were stating, except for the fact that with the body mold you do have to take the strap on and off ever ytime. Buy this if you have a Thunderbird of any kind. I waited a year before it was finally in stock and I am extremely satisfied.
Epiphone Thunderbird Hardshell Case
.This particular case was no Poo-Poo. I was blown away by the quality of the plush perfectly cut and placed interior. If the interior had been white it would be of Gibson quality, but this interior is grey. Just saying.. this is just as nice as the 2010 Gibson case i owned for an SG Standard. Obviously Gibson has stepped it up using the vintage cases again but trying to find and buy one is nearly impossible.
Got a 10% discount as well so this was a real good purchase. Honestly i didn't know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. Good case!!
Epiphone Thunderbird Hardshell Case
.I have been playing live and doing studio work for over 40 years. I have dozens of guitars and basses and have owned many others over the years. This is, without question, the worst case I have ever owned. I have a hard case for every guitar and bass I own. Some from manufacturer and others from 3rd party vendors. This case is a mess. Flimsy. Interior not aligned properly. Just poor quality. If I get 8-10 uses out of this I will be very surprised. Please stay away from this Epi case and find some other case to purchase. Worst purchase I have ever made from MF. I wish someone had warned me as I am sure for about the same or maybe just a few more sheckels, I could have purchased a solid case. Junk.
Epiphone Thunderbird Hardshell Case
.Case is made of good construction,nice snug fit. The hardware is lacking in quality compared to my older (90's)case.All in all a good buy for the money!
Epiphone Thunderbird Hardshell Case
.Well, its the size of a Buick, but the thunderbird IV fits perfectly with no movement. Its built like a tank and its heavy, but there is no other option. Custom Guitar's friend tech support told me the T-Bird would fit in the deluxe Gator case - it will NOT, the body is 3 inches too large for it. I am not a fan of wood cases because they wear and tear worse than the ABS plastic in my experience and they are heavier but there is no other option. Bottom line, if you have a thunderbird and ever take it anywhere, you should buy this case.
Epiphone Thunderbird Hardshell Case
.This Case is an Awesome Case for the EE-Epiphone-e ThunderBird Bass Case!! I had my ThunderBird in a Soft Case that wasn't long enough for the neck of the Bass.. So When I found out that EE-Epiphone-e had a Case Just for the ThunderBIRD I was very Happy that I didn't have to keep hitting the top of my Bass with the stupid zipper...
Buy this Case! The Fit is Perfect, for those of you who have this Bass know that it's a very long Bass, so just expect that when you get this hard case that it is a Bit Longer Than other Guitar/Bass Hard Cases just so you know, But it is Very Nice for the Cheap Price!! And the EE-Epiphone-e a lettering on the side is pretty cool too..
Epiphone Thunderbird Hardshell Case
.Do you own a Thunderbird? Are you lacking a good strong case for it?
Stop waffling and buy this case immediately!

It fits my T-Bird like a glove, the interior is shaped specifically to cradle and immobilize the guitar.
Nice plush lining, has a big hinged compartment for all your loose junk and gobs of space around the head stock. Plenty of room inside for cables, picks, books, tuners, blah blah blah etc. Also has feet on the bottom for lying flat and on the hinge side so you can stand it on edge. Handle is sturdy and offset for balance so it carries level.

Only con is you have to have a really flexible strap to be able to leave it on while the guitar is cased, but that's not really a big deal.

Sure, you can't hit it with a truck and expect your guitar to survive, but if people are hitting your stuff with trucks you need to hang out with different people.

This is as good as it gets without spending all the money on an train-wreck proof aluminum coffin for your bass. Digs on the EE-Epiphone-e logo, too.
Epiphone Thunderbird Hardshell Case
.I'm seriously not kidding when I say this case WILL protect your Thunderbird. My T-bird (aka my baby) only gets the best case, and that's this one. So why haven't you bought it yet? Still reading? Why? Go buy it!
The heavy duty handle is amazing, unlike the plastic ones this is padded leather, good if you have to hold on to your gear for a while.
I have been playin for about six years, and when something is supposed to protect my gear, I take it seriously. I put my gear to the test. This case has proven itself to me. It's been thrown (bass inside at all times), kicked, dropped, walked across and it will not let my T-bird be harmed at all. Extremely great case and an amazing price.
Epiphone Thunderbird Hardshell Case

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