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Epiphone 1984 Explorer EX Electric Guitar Alpine White

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Hardshell Case of Epiphone 1984 Explorer EX Electric Guitar Alpine White
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Product Description

This futurist Explorer is "1984" come to life with a classic form that stands out on stage and with a sound that totally erases the past. Originally introduced in 1958, the Explorer's radical and futuristic body shape has since been adopted as the instrument of choice for hard rock and metal players. With a sleek new update of the classic design combined with high output EMG pickups, the "1984" is a whole new Explorer. Case sold separately.

Mahogany body 24.75" Scale mahogany slim taper neck 14" Radius rosewood fretboard, 22 frets EMG 81/85 (bridge/neck) active pickups Master volume and tone controls Black hardware, Grover tuners with small buttons Case sold separately

Own a piece of 1984 and order this Explorer today.

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It's amazing. i love it, i would never sell it in my life. i got a white one from sam ash but its the same guitar.
Awesome, set neck, emgs, and grover tuners. comes standard with everything you need. gave it an 8 because i would prefer neckthrough, and an emg 60 instead of an 85.
No problems with it at all. plays great and sounds great.
Goes above and beyond any gibson ive ever played.. matches quality of ESP/LTD guitars for the same price
Epiphone 1984 Explorer EX Electric Guitar Alpine White
. Even with the problem i had this guitar still shreds and is a great value, but it hasn't replaced my Jackson Randy Rhoads as my main guitar!! Although, it is my permanent backup and sounds awesome.
This guitar is built for metal. I've been playing some Amon Amarth tunes on this guitar and it's right on to their sound. This guitar is amazing for the price and quality. If your looking for a classic shape metal guitar this is the one to buy! The neck is sleek and built for speed and the EMG's are an excellent combination. And the Explorer shape is undeniably metal as it gets!
Although its a great guitar quality could be better. I had to fix the toggle switch which wouldn't work except on bridge pickup which was a task for my local guitar shop. Now the problem is fixed but should have been caught by quality control. Other than that the frets could be a little smoother.
For the price you can't beat it once you get it setup right for you!!!!
Epiphone 1984 Explorer EX Electric Guitar Alpine White
.You cannot go wrong with this guitar. It comes loaded with EMG 81's. You can also use it for old school rock and some blues style music. This guitar has a quick neck action and feel. My wife bought me the white model. I also have the EE-Epiphone-e Wayne Static V. EE-Epiphone-e is just as good as Gibson and Esp. Don't be afraid.

It also comes with EE-Epiphone-e Strap Locks.
Epiphone 1984 Explorer EX Electric Guitar Alpine White
.I got this in black and my god it screams to be played hard. My favorite things is the flare in the back allows your to rest your elbow on it while playing. It is exremely easy to play. the EMGs sound stunning. it can get a really beefy tone and also a vintage tone. mine came with a perfect action. looks absolutely beutiful. only complaint is the finish along the fretboard could have been done better. but its an amazing guitar
Epiphone 1984 Explorer EX Electric Guitar Alpine White
.I bought a "restock" white explorer. I saved almost 100 and it was definitely worth it. It does have a factory "2nd" stamped into the back of the headstock if that matters. No ink, just pressed into it. I bought it knowing it wouldn't be perfect, but I don't care much for having a perfect finish anyway(I actually play my guitars onstage, so they'll always have dents and dings). There were a few paint marks (black from the headstock paint bled onto the side of the headstock), some glue on the frets (came off), and a couple of paint nicks on the body (nothing you can see really).

The main problem was with the nut and frets. I took it to a custom shop in town that builds guitar for "rock stars" (RS Guitarworks) and they told me the nut/fret problems weren't due to it being a 2nd, just the nature of buying a lower/mid range guitar. So I think I still wound up with a good deal as I would have had to get it fixed either way. After a nut job and a fret leveling, the guitar is awesome. Exactly what you'd expect from an explorer. It's nose-diving a little, but I haven't played it enough to decide whether or not I need to move the strap location.
Epiphone 1984 Explorer EX Electric Guitar Alpine White
.The dots on the side of the neck aren't all centered, the washer on my D string's tuning peg was rattling around, the nut needed to be sanded down, there are blemishes in the finish of the headstock, and the EE-Epiphone-e strap locks that come with it don't work but....

After getting it set up, it plays almost as good as its Gibson counterpart and sounds great as well. Despite the previously mentioned defects, it's still a well made guitar and the Alpine White finish is too gorgeous.
Epiphone 1984 Explorer EX Electric Guitar Alpine White
.Everything was fine. This is a very good guitar, it's sound is awesome and i am happy with it.
Epiphone 1984 Explorer EX Electric Guitar Alpine White
.The 3 way switch wouldn't work right out of the box. It had been put together crooked and after I took it apart, filed on and put it back together straight it worked fine. The EMG pickups are killer. The look of the guitar is a classic but this is my second EE-Epiphone-e, my first was a Led Paul Studio which was the worst of the 32 electric guitars I have owned. I vowed to never buy another one but I gave in to the 84 Explorer in the classic white. And I was kicking my own rear end as I was working on the switch 5 minutes after receiving the guitar. But all in all it is a really cool guitar. I would not suggest playing a gig with it, it just doesn't have the craftsmanship of a PRS SE by no means. Price is bout the same but the PRS is a much better guitar, as far as craftsmanship and quality of materials. But it is a Explorer and the killer looks and the EMG's make up for a lot. But it will probably be my last EE-Epiphone-e, next time I will spend more and buy a Gibson or another brand. ROLL TIDE
Epiphone 1984 Explorer EX Electric Guitar Alpine White
.This has become my new go to monster. Love the EMG pickups...better than two gibbys that I have owned..great neck
Epiphone 1984 Explorer EX Electric Guitar Alpine White
.I first purchased the guitar back in 2014, at the time I had very little knowledge about intonation and tuning, so I never noticed it. After I gained a good understanding of note frequencies and intonation, I noticed the guitar's intonation was AWFUL. However, it's tone was so fantastic and versatile, but the issue was such a pest to me I couldn't play it. 2 years later I decided to take this bad boy to a professional to set it up because I didn't want this guitar to go to waste. When I got this guitar back, it was absolutely FANTASTIC. The tone was out of this world and now that the intonation was fixed and the frets were dressed, this guitar is my main guitar. This guitar is absolutely incredible and looks good on anybody.
Epiphone 1984 Explorer EX Electric Guitar Alpine White

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