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Epiphone guitarra Tribute Plus Electric Guitar Midnight Sapphire

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Hardshell Case of Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Electric Guitar Midnight Sapphire
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Product Description

EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e's long friendship with innovator Les Paul dates back to the late '30s and early '40s when Les and fellow guitarists such as Charlie Christian and George Barnes were at the forefront of jazz guitar. Epi Stathopoulos and Les were good friends and Epi would let Les use the EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e factory on 14th Street in New York City at night after hours to experiment on guitar and pickup designs. This also was the era when Les, inspired by the stinging sustain heard in electric steel guitars, began dreaming of making a solidbody guitar. He built his first, the legendary "Log," at the Epi factory in 1941. Over the years, Les continued to work closely with EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e luthiers, reviewing new product ideas and offering suggestions.

Now, the EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e Les Paul Tribute Plus honors EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e's friendship with Les by combining his classic design features with legendary EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e quality and value with the added power of Gibson USA '57 Classic humbuckers. But this guitar is not just about recreating the "old," it's also about looking ahead, just as Les himself continued to do throughout his lifetime. Using 4-conductor pickup wiring, EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e has added two push/pull tone pots to allow for series/parallel pickup switching. The result is a Les Paul with all the standard sounds plus a huge palette of tonal possibilities at your fingertips. The Les Paul Tribute Plus also features EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e's famous built-to-last hardware and electronics including a U.S. Switchcraft 3-way toggle, Mallory-150 tone capacitors, EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e StrapLocks, 16:1 ratio premium Grover locking tuners, and a premium hardshell case.

Resonant mahogany body with Classic Les paul design Upgraded hard maple cap and AAA flame maple veneer Gibson USA '57 Classic humbuckings with series/parallel switching Grover locking tuning machines Hardshell case included

You have to try this beauty to believe it. Order today.


Les Paul Tribute Plus Electric Guitar

Mahogany body
Hard maple cap and AAA flame maple veneer
24.75" Scale mahogany set-in neck
Rosewood fretboard with 12" radius and 22 medium-jumbo frets
Gibson USA '57 Classic humbucking neck pickup (4-wire)
Gibson USA '57 Classic Plus humbucking bridge pickup (4-wire)
Individual volume and push/pull tone controls
Locktone tune-o-matic bridge
Locktone stopbar tailpiece
Grover locking tuning machines
Hardshell case included

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WOW! That's all I can say! I really don't how they sell this guitar at this price, so if I was reading this review I would not hesitate to order one of these NOW! All of the features you could ever want in a LP and, more! The Gibson Pickups make this package very desireable. On top of everythig else you get a hardshell case too! This instrument sounds,plays Great and, the heritage cherry sunburst finish is breathtaking! If you're looking for a LP, Get This Now! You'll be glad you did. I truly good on and on about how Great this instrument is and, what a good buy it is but, I'm not going to do this, just get one of these and, you'll see why all the ratings are so high.
Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Electric Guitar Midnight Sapphire
.I've played about a dozen Les Paul guitars in over fifty years of playing and this one fits in with the best of them. The neck feels right and the setup from the factory was right which was surprising. The intonation and action were right on and all I did was change the strings to my favorite set. The reason I chose this one was the total package that was included. Gibson Classic 57s, split coils, locking Grover tuners, a hard shell case, strap locks, and a great looking finish. I could not find a flaw in the finish anywhere. The only questionable thing about the guitar was a film of something black that stained my fingers when I played it. I thought at first it was just the strings but after changing them and seeing the same thing I found that the black stain was coming from the fret board itself. I was able to wipe it off with a clean soft cloth with a lot of rubbing and now it is clean. Still don't know what that was all about. The actual tone and versatility of the guitar with the Gibson pickups and the coil splitting capability are a great feature to make this guitar everything a Les Paul should be. I've got three other EE-Epiphone-e guitars and this one is in the running for first place among the others....although I think its a close race. I would highly recommend this Les Paul model to anyone wanting a Les Paul guitar. If this is what EE-Epiphone-e calls a tribute to Les Paul they are paying him a nice compliment.
Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Electric Guitar Midnight Sapphire
.I wanted a Les Paul model guitar, but can't afford a Gibsonn. I did some research on the Epi Les Paul Tribute and liked what I read. Let's get right to it, starting at the top: It has Grover locking tuners and so far I have not had any tuning problems. It has a cool truss rod plate that reads "Les Paul 1960 Tribute Plus". The only thing I didn't like was the thickness of the finish on the back of the head stock that prevented me from deciphering the serial number that is stamped into the wood. Luckily the serial number was on the shipping box in two places. The neck is the "C" shape thin neck and is easy to play. I have small hands and it fits me perfectly. The strings are .10 - .46. The body is real mahaogany and is not chambered. The top cap is real carved maple, not a laminate. I got the midnight ebony color and it is a tranparent finish to showcase the flamed maple finish of the wood. The only problem with the finish is it appears to have two small sand marks made before the finish was applied. Not very noticeable and it makes my guitar different from anyone else's. The pickups are USA Gibson 1957 humbuckers. I play through two amps - a Fender Twin Reverb reissue and a Fender Frontman 25. The sound from the humbuckers are amazing. I get the full, mellow sound through the clean channel which is what I was looking for. The tone pots are push/pull to take the humbuckers out of parallel to make it sound like single coil pickups. The knobs are black speed style knobs and look great with the black finish. I put the guitar on an electronis scale and it registered 8.6 pounds. The only thing I don't care for is cosmetic in nature. I don't care for the creme pickup rings and the creme selector switch plate. That is a personal preference and nothing to do with the fit, finish or performance. For all intents and purposes this guitar is a Gibson with an EE-Epiphone-e headstock. I am really pleased with the effort EE-Epiphone-e went to for this guitar. I play it every day. This one is a keeper.
Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Electric Guitar Midnight Sapphire

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This is an excellent Les Paul and one of the best for the price. First off, the AAA flame top and sunburst finish makes this one a beauty. I can't stop staring at it. And unlike the vast majority of EE-Epiphone-e Les Pauls, this one actually has a maple cap and not just a veneer. You usually have to have a Gibson to get that. The mahogany back / maple top combo give the guitar it's balanced and well rounded tone that Les pauls are famous for. The neck feels excellent and smooth playing. You may just need to make a few tweaks if you change strings. The use of Gibson USA 57 Classic pickups is a huge plus over other epiphone guitars. Even better, these come with a coil-tapping option. The locking bridge and tuners keep a very solid tuning and the strap locks keep the guitar in place quite well. Yet another huge advantage over other epiphones is that it comes with a hardsehll case. The only downside is that it may not come in the best condition, the first one I ordered had a cracked neck and the replacement I got came in a beat up box and was kind of dusty. After cleaning it up, it was good as ever though. All in all an excellent looking, sounding, and playing guitar with awesome features.
Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Electric Guitar Midnight Sapphire
. Hey, its a Les Paul with Gibson USA '57s that are very good sounding, my favorite setting that I will probably use the most is the bridge pickup on humbucker with the volume on 10 with the tone dailed down a bit to 8 with the neck pickup set to single coil volume on about 7 with the tone set to 10. Sweet and even a bit nasty with a heavy hand. Through an Ibanez tube head, it's a perfect counterpart to my Tele.
I've had this guitar for a couple of weeks. It was on backorder for a couple of months. It was worth the wait. I immediately changed strings with my usual wound G set. The setup worked even with the new gauge strings. A set of '57s alone would cost over half the cost of this axe. Not to mention the locking Grover tuners. So this is a good values for anyone that does not insist on having "Gibson" on the headstock. This is a Les Paul. Yes, would I rather have purchased an American made 6-stringer, yes. But I'm not wealthy, so this is a smart buy for anyone that wants a Les Paul for $600.00. Back to the features: After the strings stretched out, the Grovers tuners allowed the strings to stay in tune, even with my heavy handed rhythm style of play. The pickups are truely sweet and what I like the most about them is that you can make them sing a sweet song with light playing and without the need to fiddle with the volume knobs, you can make them scream just by playing harder. I have a Tele, which I love, but the pickups on it don't possess the same sensativity that the '57s do. I have yet to see any flaws visually with the guitar, I love the sound of my Tribute, and it is well made. My midnight saphire is not quite as blue as the pictures here illustrate, so the flamed maple top is more subtle, especially in typical bar room lighting. I actually prefer that over the light blue stripes seen in the pics here. Anyways, thanks Custom Guitar's Friend and thanks EE-Epiphone-e!
No flaws seen. The neck and everything seem right on. It is heavy, in the way that a Les Paul should be. Feel very solid on the strap. The strap locks are the only feature that will make you chuckle. Regardless, for this price, forget about the strap locks.
Is there a better value? Yeah you can get a Gibson studio for a little extra, but I prefered the binding and case that this outfit comes with, did I mention this guitar sounds exactly the way I want it to sound with Gibson pickups.
Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Electric Guitar Midnight Sapphire
.I've been playing guitar for about 15 years, mostly acoustic or classical and was asked to play electric guitar at my church. I had a MIM Strat that I liked, but I wanted a guitar with dual humbuckers so I researched electric guitars for 6 months. When I say research, I mean that I went to several stores to try out different models and spent hours pouring over forums and talking to other musicians (I'm a school band teacher as well). The EE-Epiphone-e Tribute Plus kept coming up as a great guitar with a low price tag. I was fortunate enough that someone had a used one close to a gig I was playing and when I tried it I was hooked. The person I bought from purchased it about 6 months prior and then decided after a few hours of playing on it that he liked his Strat better due to the fact that the Epi is indeed heavy. I find it to be heavy, but comfortable and one of the most solid instruments I've played. The fit and finish were flawless, the guitar is beautiful but also a workhorse. I tried Gibson, EE-Epiphone-e, PRS, Schecter and a bunch of others but I liked this better. The electronics are second to none, the Grover tuners, smooth and solidly keeps tune, the Gibson pickups sound amazing and give me all the tones I can ask for. I wanted a reasonably priced Jack of All Trades for worship music, classic rock, blues, jazz, country and a bit of metal and this does what I need to do. For the price you get a solid guitar with upgraded pickups and electronics, a hard case, grover tuners and all the bells and whistles is more than reasonable.

After trying out dozens of instruments and doing the research for 6 months, I'm very happy with this guitar. Solid, amazing tone and feel for a price that is hard to beat.
Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Electric Guitar Midnight Sapphire
.OK; I have Gibson's and I have EE-Epiphone-es. I know what to expect on each. I have always felt Epi's are a good value in their price point. My oldest is a 1996 g400, and others up to 2013. I have Gibson's (Les Pauls and a SG) 1999, 2009 and 2015. This is truly as good as any Les Paul Studio I have owned, and quite frankly better overall.
I hesitated for a while, but I say if you are torn between a Gibson Les Paul Studio and this guitar, don't hesitate. You will like this guitar.
The tone is pure Gibson, and the neck is better than my 1999 Gibson LP Standard. I have read some of the negative comments and all I can say is that the one I received didnt have any of issues they describe.
The build quality, feel and tone are excellent and more than I expected.
Go for it.
Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Electric Guitar Midnight Sapphire
.The quality next to my Gibson custom shop 1958 less paul is very comparable. I had to lower the action a little bit and after that it was great. Plays very smooth, great fret ends and frets, absolutely beautiful finish, great sounding Gibson electronicics, lots of tones coming out of this one. I'm having a hard time typing this but I believe it sounds better than my 58 Gibson custom shop. Don't let the name steer you away, this is a real quality guitar handmade in china. I think a skilled guitar craftsman in china can produce just as nice of a guitar as anyone. Check one out, you want be disappointed.
Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Electric Guitar Midnight Sapphire
.I wanted a Les Paul for a while but could not justify $2K. This guitar has a great feel, the look is beautiful (Faded Cherry Sunburst) and good electronics, it has 57' Gibson pickups. The price made this purchase a no-brainer.
Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Electric Guitar Midnight Sapphire

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I played Gibson guitars in the early 70's and switched to Fender's in the 80's and have been playing Strats and Teles ever since. After playing Fender's for so long, I never felt comfortable playing any Gibson at all. Not sure if it's the string spacing, the neck radius or what. On a recent recording session in Nashville, I picked up several Les Paul's in the studio and fell in love with the tone, I actually used a few different models on the recordings. I decided to buy a Les Paul when I returned to PA. I read a lot of positive reviews on the EE-Epiphone-e Les Paul Tribute and decided I did not want to spend the ridiculous amount of money on a Gibson, so I went for this model. This has now become one of my favorite guitars! This guitar sounds absolutely amazing and feels just like the Gibson's that I played in the studio. The craftsmanship is excellent, the Gibson '57 humbuckers sound awesome, and the finish is beautiful. If you're thinking about buying this guitar.... Just do it, you will not be disappointed.
Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus Electric Guitar Midnight Sapphire

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