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Epiphone guitarra Custom PRO Electric Guitar Alpine White

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Hardshell Case of Epiphone Les Paul Custom PRO Electric Guitar Alpine White
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Product Description

The king of solid body guitars, the Les Paul Custom made its debut in 1954 after the initial success of the Les Paul Goldtop. Les Paul himself suggested black as a great color for a new Les Paul because it looked "classy" and went well with a tuxedo on stage. Now with its ebony or antique white finish, the Les Paul Custom has often been referred to as the "tuxedo" Les Paul.

And with its gold appointments, fully bound body, neck and headstock and mother-of-pearl inlays, we think you'll agree that the EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e Les Paul Custom is "dressed to kill". Now featuring ProBucker 2 and ProBucker 3 humbucking pickups, gold hardware, multi-binding on body (top and back), neck and headstock as well as split-diamond pearloid headstock and fretboard inlays, it's as gorgeous as it is deadly. Case sold separately.

Body Body shape: Single cutaway Body type: Solid body Body material: Solid wood Top wood: Maple Veneer Body wood: Mahogany Body finish: Gloss Orientation: Right handed Neck Neck shape: SlimTaper D Neck wood: Mahogany Joint: Set-in Scale length: 24.75" Truss rod: Standard Neck finish: Satin Fretboard Material: Rosewood Radius: 12" Fret size: Medium jumbo Number of frets: 22 Inlays: Pearl block Nut width: 1.68" (42.67mm) Pickups Configuration: HH Neck: ProBucker 2 Middle: Not applicable Bridge: ProBucker 3 Brand: EE-EE-Epiphone-e-e Active or passive pickups: Passive Series or parallel: Series Piezo: No Active EQ: No Special electronics: Push/pull phase series switch, Push-pull coil splitting Controls Control layout: Volume 1, volume 2, tone 1, tone 2 Pickup switch: 3-way Coil tap or split: Coil split Kill switch: No Hardware Bridge type: Fixed Bridge design: Tune-o-matic Tailpiece: Stopbar Tuning machines: Grover Color: Gold Other Number of strings: 6-string Special features: Pickups Case: Sold separately Accessories: None Country of origin: China

Professional looks. Professional tone. Order yours today.

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I have played for 32 years, and have owned many guitars, including 3 Gibson LPs and 1 Epi LP Standard. I don't just hand out glowing reviews like Halloween candy, but this deserves it.

I needed a Les Paul to use while I am in Russia (since shipping one of mine here would be risky and costly) and so I tried a few at a shop in Saint Petersburg. I am quite familiar with LPs, so I knew what I was searching for. The white Custom Pro I ended up buying was definitely better than the two Standard Pros I tested. Something about its acoustic AND its electric tone was better, and the feel of it was superior. I noticed that the Custom was made in Indonesia, while the Standards were made in China (like the Standard I used to own). I also noticed that the Custom was a good weight -- about 9-9.5 pounds, which is right where it should be, IMO. After I got the guitar home, I measured the body. What I found was that this Custom Pro is just under 2 inches wide, which is exactly what my Gibson measures. The Epi Standard that I used to have measured only 1 3/4 wide.

The sound of the Pro-Bucker pickups is a giant leap forward from the pickups Epi had been using before. They are fat, bright, sweet, and crunch well. Not underwound and not over. The added tapping feature is a nice plus. So many tones!

The overall look, fit & finish, hardware, and fretwork are all excellent. (though there is a small gap between the pickguard and the neck pickup bezel). I also love the neck profile, which I think would suit many players.

My new Custom does everything a Les Paul should, IMO, and is a keeper - even with two Gibsons waiting for me back in the USA. I can honestly say that it holds its own with those guys. Of course it will never be exactly like an American-made Gibson, but I think that's beside the point: it gives a great Les Paul experience, does it with good quality and for a terrific price. Amazing.
Epiphone Les Paul Custom PRO Electric Guitar Alpine White
.I was determined to sdtick to acoustic and classical guitar once I hit my 30s, but after 18 years I decided to play electric guitar again as well. In the past I have only played and owned fenders. I decided to try a les paul style guitar but I didn't want to spend an extra thousand or two just so my guitar would say Gibson on it. EE-Epiphone-e makes a great product. I swore I would never pay under a thousand for a guitar, but broke my rule with the epiphone. I'm sure glad I did. This guitar is very versatile you can play any stle on it. My buddy who is a amazing guitar player loves this guitar. Don't get caught up in a brand name for your guitar purchases, hard work and perseverance makes you a great guitar player not the brand yuor playing.
Epiphone Les Paul Custom PRO Electric Guitar Alpine White

Me: 23 year old senior music education major at California state university that has been playing guitar for about 10 years. I've owned 6 electric guitars and 4 acoustics. so my opinion may or may not matter to you. (depending on your level of experience)

Guitar: I am reviewing the epiphone les paul custom pro. I waited 2 monthes after owning this guitar (black + gold + ivory is classy hehe)to write a review to see if the rose colored glases faded, and they haven't, so I'll take this review in steps.

how I picked this guitar: I wanted a les paul so I went to several guitar stores and played the cheapest model, then next cheapest until I found one I fell in love with - this one

Body/neck: this axe sports a mahogany (or whatever less expensive relative of mahogany that they call mahogany at epiphone) body and neck, with a maple carved top, this guitar doesn't have a flat face. the body's plateau appears (I haven't seen the blueprint lol) to be running along the lower half of the thru-neck (the part inside the body). the body and neck are both generally girthier and heavier than a lot of guitars, including most of the lower model epiphones, however gibsons made with higher quality mahogany will be heavier. it is worth noting that the balance between the headstock and body of the guitar is nearly perfect when standing up with a strap, this will vary from guitar to guitar, but you should have to worry about the guitar taking a dip in either direction even with cheap straps. the neck is feels thinner and faster than the other les pauls I played working my way up to this one. the rosewood fretboard has a pleasing finish on it, along with reflective pearl block inlays. mine has some small white lines that look like aging (but obviously aren't) but I've learned to like them anyway. I don't know if this is common among the fretboards on epiphones or if its just on mine, as I never paid attention to what they looked like on the other models in store. the finish on mine has minor imperfections around the fretboard's binding, but it doesn't bother me or affect the instrument, nor is it noticeable. overall the wood, shape, and finish of the body and neck are beautiful and feel great. Note: the finish is a bit too pretty, I turned down a gig because it was outside and I was worried about accidental damage.

Tuners/bridge: this guitar comes stock with a gold locktone tune o matic and 14:1 grover tuners. I love the grover tuners, they are very satisfying to turn without much/any "play" and are excellent at maintaining tuning. I plan to replace the tuners with the locking versions of the same tuners eventually, otherwise I've always been a fan of the grover "ear shaped" pegs on a LP headstock, and the gold finish on the tuners is holding up well. however the bridge doesn't share this resolve. if you palm mute or play ponticello often at all you will wear the gold off the bridge. that being said the bridge is excellent as far as non-tremolo bridges go. unlike the older tuneomatics, the locktone bridge won't fall off the guitar if the strings are removed, not only is this more convenient, but epi/gibby say it increases sustain, and I'm inclined to believe them, but it might just be the heavy mahogany body providing it.

Pickups/electronics: although I plan to replace them with actives, I really do like the probuckers. enough so to where I think I'll stick em in another guitar later. the bridge pickup has good output and crunch, and you can get some good metal tones through it. I use my neck pickup when I play jazz at my college. the guitar comes wired for coil splitting right out of the box which increases your possible tones at the cost of more feedback and some of your output. which is always nice except the factory messed up mine somehow. for some reason what should be my bridge volume functions as a secondary bridge tone. another small quality control issue on an otherwise amazing instrument. right now I never use my bridge volume anyway (pfft dynamics in metal?) and the neck volume functions as a master volume when using both pickups. and I don't feel like replacing the pot now when I'm gonna get emgs later. (maybe get a cheaper dot and put the probuckers in it?)

overall: this is a beautiful, warm sounding instrument and after I set it up surpasses the feel of any other instrument I've played (to clarify almost every guitar in the 1K+ range I've played was hanging on a wall and probably wasn't properly setup). and I'd give it a 4/5 from the factory because it is epiphone, and you might get a lemon (there was two of these on the rack when I bought mine, and the other one didn't feel anywhere near as good.) with the potential of a 5/5 (cost vs quality) after you've changed parts and setup the guitar to your liking (isn't that a thing, buying the epi then stripping it instead of a gibby?)

I absolutely love this guitar, anybody who's played mine loves it (one of my friends actually wanted to buy it off me and offered to overpay) but I plan to keep this guitar through graduate school and beyond until (and possibly after) I can afford the Gibson version (4K!)

I rated this guitar a 5 based on the one I own and the price I paid. if you order this guitar and you aren't satisfied, before you ask for a refund, ask for a replacement and try a different individual. because like I said, there were two of these in the shop, and one played like a cheap epi special, and mine feels better than my friends Gibson lp studio

Epiphone Les Paul Custom PRO Electric Guitar Alpine White
.Just received my guitar yesterday. Friends, this is one great guitar, regardless of the price. The split coil pickups will spoil you, the finish is great, and the playability is great. You will have to tweak the neck or the tuner bridge, whichever, but believe me, you can make this thing as playable as any guitar you have ever played.

Wanted to hold out for a Gibson, but I'm no pro, just a guy who likes to play, and I am more than satisifed with this EE-Epiphone-e. Unless you've got money to burn, this is the one. I think it's going to be a "lifetime" guitar.

Be aware that even though the web page shows a hard case, a case does not come with this guitar as of April 21, 2012. If in doubt, ask when you order.
Epiphone Les Paul Custom PRO Electric Guitar Alpine White
.The guitar needs better quality hardware..Tuners,gold plating rubs off,input jack had problems from the start.This is a great feeling guitar and I am comparing it to my 74 LP Deluxe,but the hardware,as I said ,lacks quality.
Epiphone Les Paul Custom PRO Electric Guitar Alpine White
.WOW! Great guitar! first the bad:action was off, some fret buzz. expected from epiphone. fixed fret buzz by fixing action. bigger problem was the nut. it was BAD! but quick fix to replace, put in a custom made bone nut and it plays beautifully now :)Now the good: I can play ANYTHING on it! with the right effects ive gotten rock, punk ska, jazz, metal, etc. I mean it really is a superb guitar for me because im fickle with the genres i like to play. if you're price range is above most epiphone les pauls but just under gibsons, then you will not regret this one. I got the Alpine white finish and i constantly get complimented. it really doesnt take anything for up-keep either. the finish isnt real sensitive to dings or anything.plus you cant see scratches too much on the white. there is just a look and feel of luxury on the guitar and really it can fit no matter what style of music u play. The coil split is not perfect and can be noisy, but it is useful if you wanna really thin out the sound. i much prefer the humbucker sound tho.
Epiphone Les Paul Custom PRO Electric Guitar Alpine White
.This is my 5th or 6th guitar, but the first electric I spent a good chunk of money on. I wish I had done it years ago. This guitar will reignite your passion for playing. The way it feels in your hands just makes you want to be a guitar god like you did when you were 12 years old. The craftsmanship is just as good as Gibson. This is a heavy, solid instrument. My friend has a Gibson LP that he paid $2000 for, and the difference in sound is negligible. His is a little heavier and the neck is slightly thicker. Both things I could do without. Plus I actually prefer the EE-Epiphone-e headstock and in-lays which start on the 1st fret, unlike the Gibsons. I've always wanted a Gib since I was young but when an EE-Epiphone-e like this exists, I doubt I'll ever buy one unless I'm a touring musician. I have the Alpine White one which is gorgeous. I plan to purchase the Ebony one next. I just can't resist.
Epiphone Les Paul Custom PRO Electric Guitar Alpine White
.Overall I am pleased with this guitar, but I could see myself selling it someday. It is definitely a good beginner guitar, but for the price you could probably get something better. I didn't give it 5 stars because I have a few complaints. The pickups aren't very good. I would definitely switch them out. My next complaint is the neck. It's thicker than any guitar I've played. It's not like horribly thick, but I prefer it to be slimmer. The last thing is the output jack. Mine actually fell out. I just opened my guitar up and put it back in no problem, but that still shouldn't happen. I've also heard a few others talk about problems with their output jack. You have to be extra gentle taking out the instrument cable.
Epiphone Les Paul Custom PRO Electric Guitar Alpine White
.Put this guitar on stage and everyone will be impressed!! This is true Gibson quality and it sounds so amazingly like the guitars of yesteryear!!
Epiphone Les Paul Custom PRO Electric Guitar Alpine White
.I've been wanting to pick up a Les Paul for years and I've had my eye on this one for several months. The finish on and hardware on this guitar are simply beautiful. It plays smooth and has great tone. Add in the coil tapping and this is a great buy for the price. I'm very impressed with the quality of this guitar. Pick one up you won't be disappointed!
Epiphone Les Paul Custom PRO Electric Guitar Alpine White

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