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Cordoba martin guitar strings acoustic C7-CE acoustic guitar strings martin CD martin acoustic guitar Acoustic-Electric martin acoustic strings Nylon dreadnought acoustic guitar String Classical Guitar Natural

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Hardshell Case of Cordoba C7-CE CD Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Classical Guitar Natural
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Product Description

The C7-CE CD comes with a solid Canadian cedar top, and features the same specifications as the C7 with an added cutaway and a Fishman Presys blend pickup with onboard digital tuner. The Indian rosewood back and sides contribute to this lightweight guitar's loud and vibrant tone. Perfect for gigging, recording, clubs and other amplified uses. A padded Cordoba gig bag is included.

Body Body type:Classical Cutaway:Single cutaway Top wood:SolidCanadian cedar Back & sides:Indian rosewood Bracing pattern:Spanish fan Body finish:High GlossPolyurethane Orientation:Right handed Neck Neck shape:Cutaway Electric Nut width: 1.96" (50mm) Fingerboard:Rosewood Neck wood:Mahogany Scale length:25.6" Number of frets:19 Neck finish:High Gloss Electronics Pickup/preamp:Yes Brand: Fishman Configuration:Undersaddle piezo Preamp EQ: 4-band Feedback filter: Phase Tuner: Yes Other Headstock overlay:Indian Rosewood Tuning machines: Cordoba black and gold Bridge:Indian Rosewood Saddle & nut:Bone Number of strings:6-string Special features:None Case:Gig bag Accessories:None Country of origin:Info not available

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It's a reasonably priced guitar, so be realistic. The finish is thin and well applied. You can see the grain in the spruce top and the joint coverage shows no runs in mine (spruce topped) nor the other one I saw up close (cedar topped). Most lower priced classicals are buried in poly plastic. For the money, you seldom find a classical... even used... that sounds decent. This one does! The two examples I have examined and heard are both very nice and loud in their tone. No; it's not a concert caliber (I own one of those and played a Marin Montero briefly), but for playing on stage and as a casual or semi-pro, the C7-CE from Cordoba is good enough.

Plan to play different string sets ... like the LaBella Argento set for a little more and well worth it. The basses are wrapped with silver coated wire and last many months! Sound quite good. Also, Oasis hard tension; Hannabach and Luthier are good; and the old favorite always available: D'Addario Pro Arte' hard tension.
Fishman Presys (undersaddle pickup and small fixed microphone and blender) with a readable tuner as well. Classical body with a cutaway, rosewood back and sides and spruce top (cedar also available), mahogany neck, solid top, pretty good tuners, bone nut and saddle. On a budget!

Full featured guitar and pretty well set up stock, but needs the attention of a luthier or competent setup guy with basic tools to make it play better. It's not perfect, but it's 90% of the way to stage ready right off the rack. Any classical will need to be humidified, fret ends smoothed, truss rod (!) adjusted and nut slots deepened and maybe the saddle lowered. But that is ordinary tweaks.
For this price, new? Well made and finished neatly and lightly. Tuners are adequate, but not stellar. A better set if you keep the guitar is easy to install and makes it more stable and easier to keep in tune. 9V battery, tuner built in and a pickup plus small microphone and blender, too? It's a lot of value and the guitar itself actually sounds quite good. I have played the Taylor classical and put it back at more than twice the price of this C7-CE. The Cordobas are a very nice value in every way.
It is insane! Brand new with 3-5 to select among and spruce or cedar tops... you cannot go wrong. Caution: make sure the action at fret 12 is about 1/8" and plenty of saddle height is available in case you want the action still lower. Best left to a good luthier unless you are a guitar geek with some basic tools and knowledge.

These have an inside adjusted truss rod... so you can get the neck flat or lightly 'relieved' to eliminate buzz. Nut slots will be a little high and should be deepened by a guy who knows how to do it! But these can be made to play well for maybe an hour of luthier time.
Cordoba C7-CE CD Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Classical Guitar Natural
.Overall, the quality features and worksmanship place this instrument, for me, at the top of the solid-top electric classicals on the market today. The next step up from this would be an all-solid wood instrument, and if one wanted the same versatility in electronics, you would exerience a significant price jump.
Although my Cordoba C7-CE strings seem to slip flat daily, I think it may more be a function of my bridge knots. Having the tuner on board pretty much makes this a non-issue, and I love the ebony knobs and black posts for string attachment. For a solid cedar-topped instrument, I was expecting a bit more warmth on the low end (playing side-by-side with my '67 Gibson C-1, the Gibby wins on volume and lows). The frets are dressed well and the electronics are versatile for different applications (the mic blended in for recording and practice/small grouop sessions, dialed completely out when playing live or in large settings for feedback reasons). To me, the laquer seems thick compared to my Taylor 714. All said, there are definitely reasons why this instrument isn't pushing the higher price range, but for where it's at price-wise, this is a good feature set, especially with the solid top and Fishman blend electronics. It's an especially good deal used or on sale.
I realize that most laminate Indian Rosewood isn't the highest quality, but several C7-CEs I've seen have lack-luster sides and backs, especially compared to solid rosewood counterparts. The cedar top is wonderful yet seems stained slightly darker than most laquered cedar tops. Neck and tuners look and feel good.
Cannot find anything critical to say of this instrument's value. It's a great deal and a significant step up over non-solid wood instruments, and it may well be the top value for a solid-top electric classical.
Cordoba C7-CE CD Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Classical Guitar Natural
.Just receive my guitar 2 days ago. First noticeable thing was the guitars weight which is very light compared to my other classical guitar. This C7-CE is the Solid European Spruce Top model and I would rate the sound wise 8/10 unplug. Sound is crystal clear and bass is tight. I would say its balance across the strings. Unlike my other Esteve Classical guitar which have more deeper bass. Plugged-in performance is perfect, the Fishman Presys Blend Pickup System behaved well when plugged in to my church PA. My church hall sits approx 1200 people and even at high volumes the pickup manages to handle flawlessly. Setup was low out of the box but doesn't buzz when strummed hard. 50 mm nut width was nice not too big and not to small as compared to crossover guitars. I've tried a 1 7/8" width crossover guitars and I find it to narrow for my liking !!) For the price and build quality I would say I am surprise its better built than other similar price guitar. This guitar might not be as good as some of the other high end classical out there. But for the money you save, I'm sure you'll be just as I am.
Cordoba C7-CE CD Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Classical Guitar Natural
. I returned the instrument after a couple of days. I have owned both Cordoba guitars and Fishman pickups and admired them both. The guitar sounded better unplugged than amplified. I didn't thing the Fishman Presy did it justice at all, maybe because Fishman caters primarily to steel string acoustic guitars.
Good quality in workmanship of the guitar; it is beautiful. The pickup installation was well done too.
Good value in this instrument. The pickup alone, if purchased independently would be over $300 acording to a repair technician I spoke with. I just didn't like the pickup in this instrument.
Cordoba C7-CE CD Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Classical Guitar Natural
.I was surprised how quickly I received the guitar...4 days. I've never ordered a guitar via internet so I was a bit skeptical at what I might end up with, without playing it first. When I got it the temps were -5°F and I surmised that it had sat in a freezing truck for hours if not days during transit. I left the packaging alone to allow what was inside to get acclimated to the inside temps and the climate for 24 hours just to be safe. I have a guitar that had cracked on me many years ago due to climate change so I was cautious.

When I opened it up, everything looked as good as I expected. As I began to inspect it closely, I noticed the made in China sign on the inside of the sound hole. Had I known that, I probably would not have purchase it. I was hoping for a North American made guitar. As I began to play it, I was impressed by the quality of the tone. One of the reasons I purchased it was for the tone and to do some recording with it. So far it has done a marvelous job in doing so.

I did have to adjust the neck as it bowed in a bit too much and didn't have the feel I was looking for. But that was probably due to climate change. Now I do. I didn't care for the strings as they kept going out of tune constantly while playing. My other guitar had Savarez Red 520 R and decided to change them over. Now I can play the thing with out having to mess with the tuning constantly.

I've had the guitar now for about 2 weeks and look forward to playing it whenever I can even tho it's made in China.
Cordoba C7-CE CD Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Classical Guitar Natural
.Many years ago I owned a Cordoba Iberia C5. I loved the guitar, but as I was wanting to perform live, I sold it and bought an Ibanez something yada yada classical/electric. The body was very thin and really had no tone. It was pretty useless without being plugged up. The pickup was terrible, so plugged in it was just as worthless. After recently selling that monstrosity, I decided to step up to the C7, and I couldn't be happier. The guitar is beautiful and very lightweight. Body size is perfect, and the sound is bold even unplugged. That being said, the Fishman pickup sounds amazing! Pretty wide neck, so this may not be for you if you have small hands. I paired mine with a Humicase, but the backpack style gig bag is nice and worth keeping.
Cordoba C7-CE CD Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Classical Guitar Natural
.First guitar I got was defective (a blemish on surface, electronics worked improperly)

The second one is very good. The only reservation I have is that action was not too good out of the box.
Cordoba C7-CE CD Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Classical Guitar Natural
.I was in need of another nylon after I had damage to my Godin Nyon that I had traded. Being without a nylon string for several years and on a budget, I had heard great things about the Cordobas. I compared it to Ibanez and Yamaha (both manufactureres I adore by the way) and found the bottom end on the C5CET to be exceptional considering it is a thinner profile. The Fishman Isys system is idiot proof and the phase switch gives you a nice rich tone when activated. The only minor observation (not so much a con really) is the light weight of the guitar. It almost feels a bit off balance plus there are no strap buttons so keep that in mind if you plan to gig with it. I just sit on a stool. It records great, sounds great through a PA and even through my old Princeton Chorus amp. I put some new Savarez "wound" nylon strings on it and the high tension is nice but still getting used to them. My rep at Sam Ash threw them in to see if I would like them. Overall highly recommended.
Cordoba C7-CE CD Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Classical Guitar Natural
.Best value on the market
Cordoba C7-CE CD Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Classical Guitar Natural
.The strings are actually the same spacing as Cordoba's standard classical (which I like), but the neck is slightly narrower which makes the jazz chords a little easier to manipulate.
Cordoba C7-CE CD Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Classical Guitar Natural

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