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Cordoba martin guitars acoustic 55FCE martin guitar case Thinbody guitar strings martin Acoustic-Electric martin guitar strings acoustic Nylon martin d45 String Flamenco Guitar

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Hardshell Case of Cordoba 55FCE Thinbody Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Flamenco Guitar
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Product Description

The ultimate crossover nylon-string guitar for any style of guitarist. Played by the Gipsy Kings, the 55FCE's thin body design, deep cutaway, and slightly narrower neck width give the guitar a comfortable feel at home, on stage, or in the studio. The Fishman Prefix ProBlend on board electronics with 3-band EQ make the 55FCE the perfect guitar for improvisation with an amplified sound. Comes with a HumiCase Thinbody Protege case.

Body Body type:Classical Cutaway:No Top wood:SolidEuropeanSpruce Back & sides:Flamed Maple Bracing pattern:Spanish fan Body finish:High GlossPolyurethane Orientation:Right handed Neck Neck shape:Cutaway-Electric Style Nut width: 1.96 in. (50 mm) Fingerboard:Ebony Neck wood:SpanishCedar Scale length:25.6 in. Number of frets:19 Neck finish:High Gloss Electronics Pickup/preamp:Yes Brand: Fishman Configuration:Undersaddle pickup Preamp EQ: 3-band Feedback filter:Notch, Phase Tuner:No Other Headstock overlay:Indian Rosewood Tuning machines:Cordoba Premium Gold Bridge:Indian Rosewood Saddle & nut:Bone Number of strings:6-string Special features:None Case:Hardshell Case Accessories:None Country of origin:Info not available

The traditional favorite of the Gipsy Kings can now be yours.

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I auditioned this guitar before I purchased it, but several years had gone by. It still plays the same,the twin pickup/mic system is just phenomenal, and I love it, but you should know it is a production guitar and overpriced unless the fine nuances make a difference to you over and above the production anomiles (please excuse the spelling). It is a flamenco guitar so the neck does not fall away from the body as I had supposed; however this enables a close distance between the strings and the top of the guitar in the finger-picking area, which I find just exquiset as well as the double, clear pickgaurd. The action is actually just a titch high, but functionally is within the parameter of perfection. I almost sent it back with my concerns over eventual bridge lift, as seems to happen to the finest of guitars over time, becuase I surmised there may be nowhere left to lower the action if the face/bridge lifted slightly over time. The lifetime guarentee convinced me to make the investment. Mine had a micro-buzz in the first few frets on the lower strings that all but dissapeared the second month. I replaced the D and A stings as they wore out quickly with so much playing and did not remember the tension differences of the strings. The replacements were high tension and that did change the reponsiveness of the fretting, but was still within a "parameter of perfection" as I call it. I do like the tension of the strings that came on it better though. The stings take a good long while to stay in tune as they seem to stretch for about two weeks of even heavy playing and my unit I had to tighten ever so slightly the gear screws to stop the slippage. I was dissapointed the guitar did not have a built in tuner, mainly for the at-home 45 day trial as I was unsure if it were the strings or some deficiency of construction and wished to have a more accurate analysis; M's.F. sent me a free tuner, not a great one, but it did the job as I kept the guitar. The neck is spliced at the headstock, and heel, which in time past I'd not have stood for, but with the precision design technology of our era, and the lifetime guarentee, it was more of a psychological hang-up than a practical one. Even so, it makes this a production guitar and not truly hand-made craftsmanship in the old-world view of things, which may be considered a plus depending on your outlook of precision and paradigm shift in attitudes. I can say this; my skills advanced noticably in a mere two-month period because of the natural feel and responsiveness of this guitar, so, like I said, I kept it and rate it the highest possible rating regardless of the critique and minor flaws, including the slow rate of cure for the finish; it is finally smelling less like it was just lacquered. I just thought you may want to know these things before you shelled out a grand for one, which by the way M's.F; thanks a bunch for the 20% coupon; that helped as well, but you really should find another financeer than the current paranoid one as I reckon it is costing you a few, if not a lot of sales. very best - ggz
Cordoba 55FCE Thinbody Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Flamenco Guitar
.I play an assortment of acoustic styles, Gypsy Jazz, Bossa Nova and I occasionally accompany my wife on her Flamenco performances. I was looking for a guitar suitable for all three styles that I could just plug in and retain some control over my sound. The Cordoba 55FCE meets these requirements rather handily. First the neck is just perfect. Wide enough to enable clean chording but narrower than a traditional classical or Flamenco guitar. Very low action. In general a very clean quality fit and finish. Aesthetically just gorgeous. All around very comfortable to play. The electronics are just amazing. Between the EQ, piezo pickup and on-board mic I can find a variety settings that fit my styles. The ability to blend between the peizo and mic allow me to just nail the tone I need.
Cordoba 55FCE Thinbody Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Flamenco Guitar
.I have had this guitar for about a month now. I tried the GK Studio before it and had both side by side. I found the GK to be lacking in everything the 55FCE is. Higher quality hand built guitar. The Iberia series, (the GK), is made in China. The Espana series is made in Spain. The FCE has a very thin body and is a dream to play. The thin body does not take away from its sound. It puts out as much as my full dreadnought Taylor. It has become my go to guitar for training and any time I want to just relax. Learning Flamenco is not easy, but the FCE really does the job well.
Cordoba 55FCE Thinbody Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Flamenco Guitar
.After years of playing rock, blues, jazz, rockabilly on electric and acoustic guitars, I decided to try my hand at playing classical guitar. After a lot of research, and, reading several reviews, both here and on other sites, I decided on the Cordoba FCE 55. I received this guitar today. It's just an awesome guitar! It sounds as beautiful as it looks. The photographs shown here do not do it justice. You really must see this guitar in person.

If you're use to mainly playing an electric guitar, it will take some time to get use to playing this guitar, as I suspect it would any classical guitar. The neck is wide (1.96"), the fingerboard is flat, and the action is considerably higher than a well setup electric guitar. I am also a bass player, and, the neck width on this guitar is about the same as my Pedulla ET-5 Thunderbass! I now understand why most classical guitarists use a foot rest, you need one in order to hold the guitar in proper playing position to be able to reach around this neck. I would heavily recommend a foot rest in addition to the guitar. Please don't take these as negative comments, not meant to be. The reason I'm pointing these things out, is that it is so much different from playing an electric, or, acoustic guitar. So, these things are to be expected with a flamenco/classical guitar.

Bottom line is it's just awesome! Beautiful finish, flawless craftsmanship, beautiful ringing tone. The humidor case is a very nice touch as well. The Fishman ProBlend electronics sound great. For a thin body guitar, the unplugged volume is astonishing, quite unexpected!
Cordoba 55FCE Thinbody Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Flamenco Guitar
.Wow! Picked this beautiful guitar this past weekend. It IS beautiful ! And sounds fantastic for such a narrow body guitar. I was skeptical about the bottom end/base response with only a 3 inch deep body, but is is indeed wonderful. Took it to a party last night and passed it around with my Gibson for friends to compare and it was 50/50 for preference. The neck is decidedly wider at 2" but the action setup was great out of the box. I'll play it a few months before changing anything. I'll let things settle in and settle down for a new guitar first.
I am dying to plug it in.
My wife is a huge Gypsy Kings fan, so she loves to just sit and listen as I noodle around on it.
Being a 55 year old 60's and 70's folkie and classic rock player, this is a new adventure for me. It may be a little over the top for my first classical/ flamenco guitar, but heck, I work long and hard and as the saying goes, it's always nice to have another tool in the quiver. If that is not mixing metaphors.
I actually researched and read a ton of reviews and ratings before "adding this to cart" ! So glad I did. No regrets! Only an excitement at the anticipation of learning to play this incredibly beautiful, sexy axe! No disappointments! 5/5 rating.
Cordoba 55FCE Thinbody Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Flamenco Guitar
.This is my first "thin bodied" classical guitar and I am pleasantly surprised by the rich tone produced by the instrument's smaller body. The guitar is well built and has rich appointments such as its tuning pegs and bindings. The one drawback is the plastic guard glued to the top of the guitar. I would suggest the Cordoba luthiers make this an optional add-on. But otherwise very pleased to have in my collection.
Cordoba 55FCE Thinbody Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Flamenco Guitar
.I really like the small size for playing live.
This Guitar arrived in great condition and has a beautiful case.
I had some questions regarding my order and when I emailed my sales rep he ignored me and never replied back but when I Called to ask my question I had a wonderful exp. with another rep, I wish she would have rec'd the commission.
I would advise to maybe ask for another rep other than....
Dan Ward
Ext. 2069
Salt Lake City, Utah
Cordoba 55FCE Thinbody Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Flamenco Guitar
.Wonderful guitar with a full sound, I would highly advise to do it right the first and purchase this guitar you will love it and the Humicase is a fantastic feature to prolong the life of this amazing instrument.
Cordoba 55FCE Thinbody Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Flamenco Guitar
.I've played many other guitars before but i have never seen or played such a great guitar like the 55FCE. I Love It!
Cordoba 55FCE Thinbody Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Flamenco Guitar
.Such a well made guitar, and sounds incredible. I do notice you have to tune it every time before playing. Love the humidor hardshell case. If it had an on-board tuner, it would be perfect. Love the size, especially neck. I have short stubby fingers. Can't go wrong with this guitar. I thought about the Yamaha NTX1200R, but decided on this one. Did not like the case that comes with the Yamaha.
Cordoba 55FCE Thinbody Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Flamenco Guitar

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