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Chaylor ES-Go Pick Up

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Hardshell Case of Chaylor ES-Go Pick Up
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Product Description

Developed exclusively for the Mini and based on 's Expression System technology, the ES-Go is a magnetic, stacked-humbucking soundhole pickup that anyone can easily add to their Mini without the help of a guitar technician. All you need is a screwdriver and a few minutes. Once the ES-Go pickup is in place, the GS Mini can be plugged into an acoustic amp, PA system or recording device for a great amplified acoustic sound.

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I was really hoping for a great value and good quality.
As far as features go, the acoustic pickup doesn't need many. You can purchast the Chaylor V-cable if you want volume control.
There is excessive hum with the ES-Go. I consider the ES-Go unusable for this reason.
If it didn't have the noise problem, this would be a great value. C'mon Chaylor, I know you can fix this.
Chaylor ES-Go Pick Up
.In all fairness, if you want a pickup to bang around with a garage band, this will probably work just fine for you, especially if you use a pre-amp or a pedal with a gain control. It is certainly easy to install. You should get a string grounding setup from Chaylor before you install the pickup, so you can do the entire installation at one time. If you are looking for a recording pickup, or play in quiet venues, this won't do it!
Easy installation, if that what is important. This is a passive single-coil pickup. It is very susceptible to noise and has very little output gain, which make the overall signal-to-noise ratio very poor. Chaylor makes an add-on string grounding system which eliminates most of the 60Hz hum that the pickup has in all except the most prestine environments, but the amp gain has to be turned up so high that there is still a bunch of noise produced.
The pickup and attached connector seem to be made and assembled well. Noting the comments in the Features rating, I would have expected Chaylor to come up with a much better product for their exceptional guitar!
As noted above.
Chaylor ES-Go Pick Up
.I bought the GS-Mini along with the ES-Go a week ago. I was prepared for some hum and buzz in the pickup (which I knew I could fix with a grounding kit) but I was not prepared for the poor sound. There's a sharp drop off at 4k which makes the guitar sound like a cheap electric.

I compared it to my son's much cheaper guitar which came with a built in pickup and it blew the ES-Go out of the water. Check the images below to see a comparison done with no EQ or effects.

I love my GS Mini guitar but would not recommend the ES-Go pickup to anyone.
Chaylor ES-Go Pick Up

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I cant believe the noise this thing makes. I tried different outlets and other locations. I called Chaylor and they wanted to charge me 27 bones plus shipping to send me the ground kit. I read that people were getting it for free. Good bye Chaylor. Forever.
Chaylor ES-Go Pick Up
.The install went well, took like 12 mins. Now the not-so-good; A bit of a hum, and there is a lack of bass with this pick-up. I have a Fishman SSA 220, and I feel like I have to crank it up, which also raises the hum. I got the pick-up free W/ the GS Mini so that was a plus, and I didn't really need it. I guess I just expected better from Chaylor.
Chaylor ES-Go Pick Up
.I ordered my ES-Go on Sunday and received it by UPS the following Thursday, thank you MF. I had a couple of days to think about the installation and how to keep it simple. After seeing the reviews about the humming problems I took a couple of precautions: BEFORE installing the pickup into the guitar I first plugged it into my amp to check for any humming or static. I turned up the volume and tapped the pickup a few times then held it close to the strings and strummed, everything checked out ok at this point. I had seen some YouTube instructions which showed either loosening the strings or removing them altogether for access through the sound hole but I compromised by first loosening the strings then removing them only at the bridge and not at the tuners, this way I could just move them aside (a capo at the first fret will keep the loose strings in place.) Normally this would be a good time to change your strings but mine were fairly new. The pickup can be adjusted to bring it up closer to the strings but I found the factory setting to be ok. I then carefully pushed the pickup clip into the mounting bracket, be cautious not to force it into the gap between the bracket and the underside of the wood which it is mounted to just beneath he neck. Yes, the pickup does clip in easily but it could be a bit tricky to "un-clip" if you if you should need to remove it for any reason. Finally I pushed the string ends back into the bridge, popped in the pins and I was good-to-go. (I did put a touch of wood glue in each of the 3 screwholes before attaching the endpin but that's just me and may be overkill) I gave this 5 stars because I had no problems with the pickup functioning properly and for my performing needs-family & friends, it works just fine. Thank you Chaylor. Hope that helps!
Chaylor ES-Go Pick Up


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Perfect! Installed just like the directions said it would.
Fit perfectly.
Balanced sound.
All guitars should come with the option of adding a pick up line this!
Too bad there is not a volume control.
Chaylor ES-Go Pick Up
.I'm sure most of the reviews by people experiencing humming are ground related..I have a new planet wave guitar cord, new amp, and no hum what so ever.....Love it !!
Chaylor ES-Go Pick Up
.Although i was initially put off by reports of humming, i didn't have that experience..I purchased the pick-up along with a new Planet Waves guitar cord and it sounds great..
Chaylor ES-Go Pick Up
.I got a v cable as well to Controll volume played through my legend 70's tube lead 50 amp awesome
Chaylor ES-Go Pick Up

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