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Chaylor Big Baby Chaylor Acoustic Guitar Natural

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Hardshell Case of Chaylor Big Baby Chaylor Acoustic Guitar Natural
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Product Description

The Baby 's scaled-up sibling, the Big Baby (15/16th-size), makes a sleek yet full-sounding travel companion with its svelte four-inch body depth, which is about a half-inch shallower than the depth of a standard Dreadnought. Slightly bigger than a Baby and just shy of a full-size guitar, the Big Baby is ideal for easy-playing, great-sounding guitar fun. The overall size keeps you in the ""portable"" category, yet with an extra dose of volume and fullness. Like the Baby, the Big Baby has an arched back that provides strength and contributes to its big tonal output. All Big Baby models ship with a durable travel-worthy gig bag made by for optimal fit and protection.

Tone Woods
A guitar's top is the primary filter and distributor of vibrating string energy through the guitar, which means it has a huge impact on its sound. Sitka Spruce is the most prevalent guitar top wood of the modern era. It blends stiffness and elasticity in just the right proportions which translates into broad dynamic range with crisp articulation. Layered back and sides create a sturdy yet receptive platform for the vibrating string energy sent by the guitar's top. Layered wood is less susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity, making it an excellent choice for players who travel with their instruments or simply require more durability.

What sets Guitars apart? Unmatched build quality, the most stable and playable necks, a vast array of tonal options, eco-conscious and ethically-sourced raw materials, and a lifetime of service and support.

Body Body type: Dreadnought 15/16th-Scale Cutaway: No Top wood: Solid Sitka Spruce Back & sides: Layered Sapele Bracing pattern: Standard Big Baby X-Bracing Body finish: Matte 2.0 Orientation: Right-Handed Neck Neck shape: Standard Big Baby Profile Nut width: 1 11/16" (42.8mm) Fingerboard: Genuine African Ebony Neck wood: Sapele Scale length: 25-1/2" Number of frets: 20 Neck finish: Matte 2.0 Electronics Pickup/preamp: None Other Headstock overlay: Lexan Tuning machines: Chrome Big Baby Tuners and Buttons Bridge: Genuine African Ebony Saddle & nut: Micarta Saddle and Nubone Nut Number of strings: 6 Special features: n/a Case: Deluxe Big Baby Gig Bag Accessories: None Country of origin: Guitars Factory, Tecate, Mexico

Take a little tone along with you through life. Order today.


Big Baby Acoustic Guitar

Body Width: 15"
Body Depth: 4"
Body Length: 19-1/2"
Overall Length: 40-1/4"

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Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal wear and tear Power surges Dust, internal heat and humidity

Other plan features include:

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I'm thinking about getting a spare cause it is that good and I am afraid Chaylor may quit making them if they feel the GS makes the BBT obsolete. And it doesn't in the least.
The BBT is a great sounding guitar that is very portable. It is smaller than a normal guitar, but not as small as the Baby Chaylor (which I tried and returned for its noticeable "small sound") or as small as the new GS Mini. The BBT's well padded case is great, I had it on planes in the overheads all over the world (except for Canada, they made me check it plane side, it survived just fine).
It went to NY (from TX) and back again strapped on a VTX 1300 Honda, it's also been to a few other states on the bike.
It has an LR Baggs pickup (self installed) that allows me to plug in and busk with it or show up at open mic nights. In short it is a great guitar for everything described above. It is worth mentioning I have a Chaylor 414CE and found several of my guitar playing friends preferring the BBT over the 414 (I think they're insane personally). Lastly the GS Mini. I thought I might be ready to replace my BBT with the GS (thwarting the Canadian airlines) as it is 2-3 inches smaller than the BBT and here is what I found. I could not capo the GS to save my life. I took it back and worked on setting the action with the guitar shop but to no avail. As I use capos a lot, it was just not an option for me. Without capos the mini was awesome, I would say it may sound better than the BBT but not by much.
Anyway, if you want a good sounding, very portable guitar, (that you can capo the crap out of) the BBT beats out the smaller Martins (I tried one), the GS Mini, and the Baby Chaylor.
No problems to speak of after 6 years using medium gauge Elixirs (against Chaylor's recommendations) and the LR Baggs PU. It has traveled 25000+ miles and counting strapped to a motorcycle, in a car, and stashed on a plane. A very robust guitar indeed.
The 9 rating is because of the price increase. I got mine for $360 (on sale) some 6 yrs ago. They're now $450 or so, a 25% increase.
Chaylor Big Baby Chaylor Acoustic Guitar Natural
.I was on the verge of buying a non-laminated 000 size guitar from another manufacturer when I happened to pick this one up and strum it. After 9 months of ownership, the sound continues to improve. I was surprised how quickly the sound deepened after I got it. The design is roughly the size of 000 guitars, but with a curved back, there's more cubic inches inside. Non-glossy design might put some off, but not me. Very easy to play; I follow Chaylor's recommendation with light Elixers.
Chaylor Big Baby Chaylor Acoustic Guitar Natural
.I've owned a Big Baby for ten years and the older it gets the better it sounds. I have many musician friends that pick my BBG and they are amazed by the quality of sound and how smooth moving up and down the neck it is. By far the best money I've every spent for any music instrument. Do your self a favor and start with a Chaylor.
Chaylor Big Baby Chaylor Acoustic Guitar Natural
.Buy it for beginner or intermediate, Hard to beat for the price. Fun little guitar that sounds great for the money. Easy to play and comes with nice padded carry bag.
Well, i have had my Big Baby Chaylor for two weeks now. It is a fantastic beginner guitar, it sounds nice and is easier to play than my Yamaha.

It is, by the company's own admission a sensitive instrument, so you may want to consider that before purchase.

It is not an extremely well built or solid guitar, but it is light, easy to play and sounds great. I got it new for a low price and for that price it is a fine purchase. I would purchase it again as it is fun to sit around and pic on.

I practice mostly on my BBT and am going to use my Yamaha for a camping guitar or as a backup.

I would recommend purchasing for a beginner or intermediate. Songs that sounds the best are contemporary christian, Ode to Joy by bethoven, Jingle bells, etc.

It is a slim guitar and is eay to get your arms around and pick on....best of luck
No quality issues as of yet. But have only had it for two weeks.
sounds nice for the price....One of my favorite sounding guitars. And i tried picking on several guitars over the last 3 months at different shops.
Chaylor Big Baby Chaylor Acoustic Guitar Natural
.I will qualify my opinion by sharing with you my backround as a Luthier and repairman for Guild, Ovation (R&D for Adamus prototype) & Augustino LoPrinzi. Love the sound. Around the 1 yr point the neck twisted. The bass side is fine, the treble side has a rise from frets 10-15 that becomes a challenge with some of the open tunings I use. Tuned to concert pitch, the challenge is minimized but doesn't stand up to aggressive flat-picking without fret buzz. Chaylors chief repairman tells me I need to change the gauge of individual strings for the different tunings I use to replicate the string tension of concert pitch (A=440hz). In other words, I would need a different guitar for every different tuning I use.
Your on your own with your decision to speculate on neck behavior. Its like a Strat neck with a neck pocket held on with drywall screws (2).
Chaylor is very innovative with their body bracing engineering. Sapelle plywood sounds sublime. They did not brace the back of the guitar along with the solid Sitka top produces incredible overtone production and sustain. They have that guitar body exceptionally dialed in. The neck and it's attachment design is the risk. Good Luck!
Chaylor Big Baby Chaylor Acoustic Guitar Natural
.Acoustics (In my opinion) are very hit and miss. There is very little middle ground. They are either fun to play and sound lovely, or are trash. Fortunately this guitar is the former. Good playability, great tone, and sturdy construction are present in the Big Baby.

I have played probably 50 or 60 different acoustic guitars in my time, and this one is my second favorite. I've had this guitar for 6 years now, and taken it to several countries and played in front of small crowds, several thousand people in an auditorium, and recorded professionally with it. The only guitar that's ever surpassed it is a 4k+ Martin one of my good friends had. I still prefer the tones of the Big Baby, but his Martin played extraordinarily well.

When I first got the guitar the tone was bright but not too crisp. After spending some time in the humidity of the Amazon jungle (as well as getting rained on once or twice, oops) the tone deepened out and now it's got one of the best mid-lows I've ever heard. It's perfect for singing against

The only knock I could make on it is the tune doesn't hold as well as my Carvin. But my Carvin is a very high end, custom instrument and has sperzel locking tuners on it. It still holds better than the average user is probably used to and its only a minor flawed noticed by someone who has spent thousands of hours playing the instrument.

Bottom line: Unless you have found an acoustic that you have fallen in love with, or want a nylon/12/steel string, buy this guitar. It's an amazing piece of art.
Chaylor Big Baby Chaylor Acoustic Guitar Natural
.This Chaylor BBT has surpassed all my expectations. High quality build. Nice even tonal qualities. The neck is smooth and comfortable. Nice projection and loudness. This is my 5th acoustic but my 1st Chaylor. Two of my other acoustics were 2 to 2 1\2 times more expensive than this BBT. This Big Baby beats all my other acoustics hands down on playability, tone and fun. If lost or stolen I would replace this guitar without hesitation with the same model. I also want to compliment Custom Guitarsfriend for there outstanding customer service, packaging and shipping. Everything was perfect. I'm definitely sold on Chaylor guitars and Custom Guitarsfriend.
Chaylor Big Baby Chaylor Acoustic Guitar Natural
.This is such a great guitar. I bought this guitar because I wanted to have a guitar that's easy to carry around and such. Also I'm a worship leader at my church so I use it then to. It sounds so crisp and stays in tune nicely. I can't put it down or get over the amazing sound. This guitar a the best for its price so you want quality and a kinda strap for cash this is the perfect guitar.
Chaylor Big Baby Chaylor Acoustic Guitar Natural
.Very nice guitar. Plain and simple. Very little that can go wrong. I keep a humidifier in the Gig Bag so the humidity stays around 48%. Don't want any wood to split. I keep fresh Elixir NanoWeb lights or custom lights on her and she plays great (as well as I'm capable, anyway.)
Not a lot of features, except great sound and playability. Of course, I played an old Yamaha all laminate parlor size for years. Boy did my fingers hurt.

A fellow on the internet who was selling Guitar Lesson DVDs suggested that you get a good sounding, easy to play guitar before starting to learn. He suggested the Big Baby as a top value.
Solid Sitka Spruce top makes for rich sound quality, even with laminate sides and back.
Mine has a rough, almost unfinished look instead of the high gloss on other guitars. I like that just fine.
IMHO one of the best values you can find.
Chaylor Big Baby Chaylor Acoustic Guitar Natural
.I honestly couldn't be happier with this guitar. I visited my local guitar center looking for a simple acoustic to play around with. I played all day looking at other acoustics. They all sounded to flat or to plastic. Finally the guy there pointed me to this one. I picked it up and played a bit, holy cow, it sounds amazing. I've had it for 6 months now, it stills sounds good, still stays in tune, still very satisfied. I recommend picking one up, it is a solid guitar.
Chaylor Big Baby Chaylor Acoustic Guitar Natural

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