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Boss GEB-7 Bass Equalizer Pedal

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Hardshell Case of Boss GEB-7 Bass Equalizer Pedal
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Product Description

The Boss GEB-7 Bass Equalizer Pedal is compact in size but features a wide frequency range -- from 50Hz all the way up to 10kHz. It has 7 sliders, 3 of which cover the critical midrange (400Hz, 500Hz, and 800Hz) where the character of the bass sound is determined. Each slider on the Boss GEB-7 equalizer pedal boosts or cuts over a +/-15dB range, allowing for substantial tone-shaping capability.

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This pedal is for the working, gigging bassist who plays in different venues. If you run your rig through the PA, don't spend money on an EQ pedal. If you don't run it through the PA, don't be too proud of your rig. Its a fact of life: no matter how huge your rig is, the bass just can't be heard in some venues. Know how to use the EQ before you try to use it and complain that its not working. Boss is an amazing pedal company and this pedal is great. I get the tone i want in the places I need to be heard. Its super sturdy and well built. Try it. Chances are, you need it.
Boss GEB-7 Bass Equalizer Pedal
.I have found that using this pedal with a Boss ODB-3,gives me the overdrive sound I was looking for.It gives me limitless sounds together with overdrive.Boss is also built to last forever.
Boss GEB-7 Bass Equalizer Pedal
.I bought this "Bass EQ" & was thoroughly disappointed from the moment I pluggged it in. I immediately found that only the lower 4, maybe 5 sliders are effective. In running the overall Level up to any degree at all, the unit caused a lot of low end distortion. I also found very quickly that in "Bypass" mode, it caused a very audilble hiss, which made it impossible to use in a live, particularly a church setting. This is one that I sent back in a matter of just a few days. Overall, unfortunatley, I would have to say the unit is a total bust for bass use.
Boss GEB-7 Bass Equalizer Pedal
.I recently purchased a pair of used subs for our PA. I was looking at having to buy a crossover to get the bottom I needed.

My Keyboard player suggested that I get the Bass EQ in a Pedal format and it would do the same thing as a crossover to add more bass frequencies.

It works very well luckily I have a spare Adaptor power supply so no batteries needed. We have used now on a few gigs makes a big difference in a small package and very affordable. Glad I made this purchase.
Boss GEB-7 Bass Equalizer Pedal
.This pedal is amazing and totally sweet, it is by far the best eq pedal on the market. It gives you a fat sound without taking away from the natural sound of the bass. I love it so much I think this summer Im going to buy another one so I can get two completely different sounds.I cant say enough about this pedal.
Boss GEB-7 Bass Equalizer Pedal
.I bought the GEB-7 a few weeks ago (I was in dire need to buy something new, as I hadn't in what seemed like an eternity). As soon as I plugged it into my rigged and dropped the mids into nonexistence I noticed an immediate (if immaculate) difference. The sound that I recorded my band's debut album with sounded paltry in comparison to my new, crushingly intense tone. With a good bit of distortion and the GEB massively scooped my bass sounds as if it's running through Dime (of Pantera)'s rig. The sound and the difference is massive. Oh, and it's great for everything, not just metal. It can pump out some great dub and reggae-style tones. This thing can improve any rig, guaranteed!
Boss GEB-7 Bass Equalizer Pedal
.Not many people think about this, but the Boss bass EQ does everything the guitar EQ does and it even has a wider frequency range. For tone freaks like me, I strongly suggest using an EQ to tweak your sound. It helps you push through and works great as a boost for solos, or even to mellow out your tone for smooth rhythm sound. So all you bassists, recommend this to your guitarists.
Boss GEB-7 Bass Equalizer Pedal
.This pedal can really boost the lower sound. It has a nice 7 band equalizer that really helps if your amp has no equalizer built in. I would highly recommend this petal to bass players of all levels. My only con is that I didn't get an AC charger when i ordered it...
Boss GEB-7 Bass Equalizer Pedal
.I own the Ibanez SR 305 for two years now. I have noticed that the pick ups arnt the greatest and when I played with my band I couldn't hear the high notes well. So I was looking into getting the SR505, which I still want more then anything, until I came across this beauty, I actually read it in a review and so with my budget I new spending this much instead would be better. I bought it and when i plugged it in andset it up how I wanted it it is omg! It makes your notes soo much clear, And now i can hear ever string I play equally. It's just wow. If you have the same trouble, dont go buy new pickups or a new bass, just plug this beauty in and your set!
wide range to work with, knobs dont move
makes any bass sound like a more expensive one.
Better to spend less instead of more for a new bass.
Boss GEB-7 Bass Equalizer Pedal
.I've owned this pedal for what seems like forever now and it is a huge part of my sound. I'm in college and broke so I play through a Behringer combo amp with an Ibanez SRX 500. I use the rear pickup and the Boss GEB-7 to get any sound I want. I run the Boss GEB-7 to a Electro-Harmonix Black Finger to a Fulltone bass drive to a Boss Bass chorus. The GEB-7 is the only pedal that stays on the whole time. If you are broke like me and need a quick fix to many tone problems buy this pedal!!!!!
Boss GEB-7 Bass Equalizer Pedal

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