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Boss AD-8 Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

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Product Description

The Boss AD-8 Acoustic Guitar Effects Pedal uses COSM modeling technology to transform the piezo pickup sound of an ordinary acoustic into the tones taken from six high-end acoustic guitars. It also simulates the warm sound created by miking the guitar's neck and body - a world's first! Body and String Enhance controls simulate warm, miked acoustic sounds. Includes high-quality reverb tailored for acoustic guitar, 4-band EQ, anti-feedback circuit, a chromatic tuner with mute, and quick pedal-based operation. The Boss AD-8 has preset memory locations for switching acoustic sounds instantly. Balanced XLR outputs allow direct connection to PA systems.

Floor-based acoustic guitar processor featuring COSM acoustic guitar modeling technology Turns ordinary piezo-equipped acoustic guitars into six of the world's finest acoustics Body and String Enhance controls simulate warm, miked acoustic sounds High-quality reverb tailored for acoustic guitar, 4-band EQ and anti-feedback Onboard chromatic tuner with mute function and quick pedal-based operation 4 Preset memory locations for switching acoustic sounds instantly

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I just received ths unit and spent about 45mns. teeking it and t sounds awesome!!!I use Flamenco nylon string guitars, and most times it is so difficult to capture a true organic plugged in sound but the AD8 is truly awesome and make my guitars sound amazing. I don't know how it would sound with acoustic steel strings, but with nylon works great. The reverb is not bad either..Definitely reccomend this item.
Boss AD-8 Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal
.I've compared the AD-8 to the L.R. Baggs direct box and several acoustic Fishman pre amps. To my ear the AD-8 fits the sound I'm looking for.
It's features are great. The reverb styles are awesome. The equalizer/tone controls are the most important thing. I can hear in my mind the way I want my guitar to sound - dial that in (It takes some practice like any product) and it's set to go. The "Body" and "String Enhance" are just what they are, enhancements. You have to play around with them, again practice, but these two functions have the ability to restore the natural warmth of your acoustic guitar when your guitar sound is passed through what ever system you're playing through. That is the whole point of buying one of these things: to get your acoustic to sound like an acoustic again through an amp! Moving right along... Like my cell phone, this thing has more functions than I'll ever need. For example, the ability to switch to different acoustic body types (i.e. a Martin, Gibson, Guild, etc) and apply them to your guitar is a little much. There's six different body types. If you have one guitar, and you're just a straight forward player you'll probably find one style that you like and stick with it. I never could get use to the idea of "switching to different styles of guitars" during a set (or in the middle of a song?). If you have different guitars that you take with you when you gig then I guess that's a different story. Another thing that is a little too much is the whole ability to save your sound settings to four different spots. It's kind of, well , useless because my music takes me to many different places, indoors and outdoors, and through all sorts of sound setups ranging from PAs to acoustic amps to electric amps. Why would I want to save then a certain sound setting that sounded good at this certain venue and through this cerain sound system when that same setting is not going to sound right or even the same at another place? I remember when I first got the AD-8 and found a sound setting that I liked and saved it. The first gig I played after that was at World Youth Day in Sydney Australia in front of thousands of people. I started playing and remember thinking, "wow my guitar sounds extremely 'crispy'". My point is again, if you are a player who gigs out in many different situations - indoor, outdoor, PAs, and amplifiers - it's kinda useless to save your settings because every place and situation is different (and sound guys DON'T know how you should sound!!). BUT that's just me. Maybe you could find a use for this. Oh I just want to say one more thing. The back of this thing has every single kind of output you could possibly use, from XLR balanced outputs to 1/4 inch unbalanced, to simply just a single quarter inch output jack. IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok. Wait one more thing - the tuner is decent. Some people say it's not "sensitive" enough. Whatever. It does the job. My guitar gets tuned. And the fact that it's included in the unit is priceless.
Solidly built!
You are paying for basically several built into one. Yeah it's worth the price.
Boss AD-8 Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal
.I've the Boss AD-8 for about 2 years. My guitar info: 2005 Martin JC-16RGTE, which came with the Fishman dual-source electronics (internal mic, undersaddle piezo, side mounted preamp). I replaced the Fishman undersaddle piezo with an L.R. Baggs iBeam, then later replaced the whole shebang with an B-Band A10 dual source.Pros: I've been very happy with this product. Through all the iterations of electronics in my guitar, the AD-8 made it sound much better. Recently, I played two gigs on two consecutive days. One day, I played through a average quality stage mic (Sennheiser), the next day I played plugged in through the AD-8. A man who was at both performances told me I sounded better plugged in. The flexibility in tonal shaping (body styles, eq, presence, string enhance) is very good. I really like the quality of the reverb. Having the XLR outs is a great feature, though I don't use it much, because I usually run out of the 1/4" out to a volume pedal (to turn up/down between lead and rhythm) then to the sound system. It?s solidly constructed.Cons: It's not absolutely quiet-there is some self noise, though not very much. I wish it had more than four spaces to save settings. I wish there was a better way to recall the setting for each knob than marking the settings on the last page of the user manual. I personally don't care about using chorus, but I sure don't understand why this expensive pedal doesn't include it, when the cheaper versions do. I don't like the tuner all that well. I could not get the unit to run off batteries, even though I tried three different types of AA's. Like many Boss products, it did not come with a power supply, which I dislike very much.Conclusion: I played a few different acoustic effects pedals, most notably the equivalent Zoom product, and this was the clear winner. It makes my guitar sound much better than the sound straight from the pickup. I?m happy with it. I would buy it again.
Boss AD-8 Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal
.I am A BASS PLAYER... Recently, I changed this little brown box full of beautifull surprises to my guitar player by another equipment...I heard this unit working with his acoustic guitar and for that time I didnt found nothing special in it. I changed it because he wanted my equipment so badly, and how I wasnt using mine at all I agreed. Mainly to use it with my acoustic bass.Great use for the acoustic bass, great beautifull tone modeling tool, it just fitted perfect for it, and the the Antifeedback is amazing.I was curious about using it with electric bass. The result was stunning amazing wonderfull. The high-quality reverb, the 4-band EQ and tuner is just everything I need. I can play from boost low end to clean, slap, lead & sweep in just a half of a second ... with the 4 Preset memory locations you can store different equalizations & tones. It is amazing how this guitar made product works on my electric bass. Call me crazy but try it.
Boss AD-8 Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal
.The concept is great, however the product seems incomplete. The AD-8 lacks chorus while its little brothers the AD-5 and AD-3 (both much cheaper) have this feature. It has a built in DI, but lacks any attenuation setting, something very important when playing through a house PA. The built in DI also colors the sound badly, coming out very "tinny". Using an external DI helped but I never did get rid of that boxy-tinny sound. The end result is I have to pull a lot of treble/presence out to minimize the issue. Without the AD-8 my guitar has no hint of this issue on our PA. It's a good product when played through a small amp, but they could have done better.
Boss AD-8 Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal
.As with all musical equipment, complaints and praises are based on your needs. Now that this statement is out of the way...I was looking for a acoustic rig, that was independant, and could run direct or into an amp. Mainly for live applications. Well, this works in live band situations, but for me, in solo shows the compressor was too loud and hissed during quiet times. As an added bonus, this thing is outstanding in the studio. I play a Takamine Santa Fe (late 90's) and for fun I ran the pick up through here, and played with the presets...and got a great sound! Now I always record with this. The tuner is easy to read, the 4 different reverbs is usefull, although I keep it on one setting. The EQ is great, especially the presence control. I am not smart enough to program my own setting in it, but there are plenty of presets, and a manual setting all for the old schoolers. One thing I have not tried yet is running an electric through it. In the end, it is a great ME unit, come on now.. it's a Boss! You can't loose!
Boss AD-8 Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal
.I wish I bought this years ago. It makes my Taylor sing! Very good quality, built to last many years and easy to use.
Boss AD-8 Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal
.First off, this unit is far too noisy to use in a studio environment. Live use only.
If you already own a great guitar with a great sound system, you don't need this. My Martin DCPA3 and Fishman Loudbox Performer sound terrible with the AD-8. The guitar models all sound worse that my Martin's natural tone. The AD-8 reverb is ok, but limited...VERY limited. My amp's reverb is far better sounding and far more shape-able. The feedback suppression system is ok, it does work... But again not nearly as well as what is built into my DCPA3.

On the other hand, if you are using a guitar with a terrible pickup, like my 70s Ovation classical, or if you are using a cheap amp, going straight to the mixer, or (God forbid) you are using an electric guitar amp, the AD-8 shines. The noise this thing generates still sucks, but the improvement in tone is dramatic and pretty immediate. The built in tuner works fine.

Bottom line - don't buy this in the hopes that you'll be improving the sound of your world-class gear. Buy it to improve the sound of your other guitars. I'm keeping it. Even though it's worse than useless with my Martin/Fishman setup it makes my classical and backup guitars sound great on stage.
Boss AD-8 Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

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