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Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer

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Hardshell Case of Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer
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Product Description

With 11 DSP variations of saw, square, and pulse synth waves and an Enhanced Wave Shape mode that sharpens them up, the Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer travels into new realms beyond the SYB-3. The synth has an onboard effects pedal that lets you hold notes while you play over the top of them. Control filter cutoff and LFO rate via EV-5.

11 DSP variations of saw, square, and pulse synth waves Enhanced Wave Shape mode provides sharper sounds Hold notes with the onboard pedal and jam over the top Control filter cutoff and LFO rate via EV-5 Expression Pedal (sold separately)

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First off, a lot of people say the tracking is really bad, I had a different experience. The tracking is no problem at all if you have clean playing, if you do not then it may cause some trouble for you, but they have so many different settings and sounds on here you can find one to use for your type of playing. I mostly use it on guitar and it works great clean or with distortion or some flanger. I would suggest getting an expression pedal (M Audio EXP works great with it), it can really add to the sound. Once you take the patience to learn all the settings you will have great fun and use with the pedal. The price is a little high, so if you have the money go for it, if not, wait for a sale.
Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer
.A huge disappointment. The effects are cool but not practical or usable really... not for me at least.
Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer
.This thing has a huge spectrum of sounds which when you know how and what you want to dial in, can be great. The trouble is the majority of these sounds just aren't that useable (at least for me); I paid [$] so I got it for a bargain but I wouldn't pay 150+ dollars for this thing. If you play in a psychedelic funk band then this thing might be for you as a practical pedal but otherwise it's pretty much just to play around on and experiment. The main downside is that the tracking is pretty aweful; if you were to sustain a note, the effect would decay leaving your dry signal by itself half way through it. It is also in NO WAY polyphonic, it sounds absoluely terrible when you try to play multiple notes at one time. All in all, although cool to play around with, it's not enough for what you're paying.
Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer
.See my full walkthrough for this pedal on
Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer
. I was doing a Latin-rock project and the guys/gal wanted to add some R&B and Old School jams. Being that we lost our keyboardist, I thought I'd pick up the slack a little and fill in a few keyboard parts here and there. It's working okay so far. You just got to be subtle with it and keep the effect knob low. . . . .
11 synths. On some of the modes, if you hold the pedal down, it'll increase the effect. And if you hold it down again, it'll decrease it. That's a cool feature if you want to adjust the pedal while you're playing.

I think of the Resolution knob as the "low EQ" and the Frequency knob as the "high EQ." But I found that if you turn the Resolution too high, it'll hurt your ears. Doesn't sound pleasant. So I keep it down all the way.
Most of the synth sounds don't sound too bad. But I would say half of them are not really usa-able in a live-band setting. You just have to be subtle with it. I keep the dry-signal knob up all the way to keep the natural tone of my Fender J-bass V.

These sturdy Boss pedals will never break if you drop them.

True by-pass is the best way to go. I had an old Electro-Harmonix reverb pedal that was muffling my signal slightly when it was in by-pass. Boss pedals won't do that to you.
Considering it's $1000 less than the Markbass Super Synth, it's a great buy for the 11 synth sounds the SYB-5 has.
Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer
.I payed 100$ for a used one. It looks like a new pedal, no scratch or something like that (the legendary durable boss housing). This thing has a lot of tricks! Most of the time I use the saw waveform, sometimes with the autowah. If you use the expressionpedal input you can turn it into a wah and it has the hold function too.There's so many sound in this pedal, I always find a new one for a new song. There's many positive features but now let's talk about the negatives:One 9V battery = one concert. (Use 500mA 9V adapter)Some effects are slow. I mean the "bubbleing" can't follow the tempo. At first time it's horrible but if you learn how to use the effects in your music it's OK.The biggest problem of this product is it's price. But if you want a better basssynthetizer you have to pay twice as much. I think this pedal is the ultimate compromise
Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer
.I picked up this pedal to replace a digitech wah pedal. The digfitech was ok, but I felt it injected too much distorion, this pedal is an actual synth and give a much cleaner sound. I find it very useful for adding a little bit of funk, mixing it back into the clean signal from the bass. The controls are easy to understand and allow a wide range of variation in the sound. Glad I bought it, it has become a permanent part of my pedalboard!
Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer
.Like some of the other reviewers I have the Boss SYB-3 and I think it is a much more useful and versatile pedal. I also have a Korg AX3000B which is a really nice multi-effects pedal but is weak in the synth area - I use the SYB-3 with it when I want a synth sound, and a Digitech BP-200, which I hate.Oh yeah, and a Behringer BOD100 which is a fabulous pedal for bass
Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer
.Many of the reviews so far are from people that have tried the SYB-5. In order to get a good useful sound out of it, you actually have to sit down and read the manual and work with it for a few hours- then you might get the tip of the iceberg. It has a bunch of different synth settings that range from what sounds like an atari under water, to s subtle envelope filter and saw wave. You can get a decent fuzz out of this if it is set to wave shape mode with 0% or 100% decay. I am still trying to find a way to work this effect in at a blended church service :) Like most boss pedals, this is tough and creates a way less digital sound than digitech products. It gives the option to plug in an expression pedal which supposedly gives it a wah feel. I would not pay list price for this, but it felt like a steal for me. Overall, I would recomend this product to people that want something completely out of this world. As the manual says - Turn the knob clockwise to make the sound more unusual.
Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer
.I bought this pedal and used it briefy before returning it for a Boss Flanger pedal. It's BOSS quality, that means the best. I ran a Fender Jazz bass thru it into my Ampeg SVT-PRO3 amp with a Ampeg 4 x 10 cabinet and got some really wild sounds out of it and it was fun to play with but I play Classic to Hard Rock and this pedal just doesnt produce any usable effects for this style of music and for the very expensive price tag I was better off buying TWO Boss pedals that I could really use. It just wasn't worth the price tag to me.
Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer

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