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Boss ME-20B Bass Multi-Effects Pedal

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Hardshell Case of Boss ME-20B Bass Multi-Effects Pedal
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Product Description

With the same performance-based design as its guitar-focused ME-20 counterpart, the Boss ME-20B effect pedal is aimed at the performing bassist who wants stage-friendly effects and solid construction at an affordable price. Mix, match, and customize a wide variety of effects, including compressor, overdrive, distortion, T-Wah, phaser, flanger, chorus, delay, reverb, defretter, synth and more.

Performance-based bass processor for the player who wants an easy-to-use interface with BOSS tone and quality Super-tough metal chassis with 3 footswitches, 5 real-time control knobs, and expression pedal EZ Edit for quick sound creation Unique effects such as Synth, Octave, Defretter, and more BASS ENHANCE function for instant presence boost 30 user memory locations in addition to realtime operation

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I use the wah with my Fender P Bass Special frequently. Adequate wahness. Probably there are more dramatic dedicated wah units but this one works for me.

When I watch my guitarist plug together all the units on his pedal boards I think, Been there, done that. I like the convenience of all-in-one board. Leaves more time to chat w new people.

This unit is a great size. Easily fits into my crowded gig bag.

LED read-out is effective. Even in bright sunlight.

More and more I'm learning to use the volume pedal as a special fx.

Use the tuner every gig, of course.

Like the chorus. So far I have not gotten effective settings for t-wah and others. But I'm super happy with the basics as described above.

Am using a new, light-weight G-K MB210. The ME20b works well with it.
Have had mine a few months - like it a lot - but have yet to fully explore the features.
While time will tell, the first few months' appreciation is very positive. Switches and foot pedal work well. The case is sturdy. Don't feel like I have to baby it.
Again, if it continues to perform, I will be very happy.
Boss ME-20B Bass Multi-Effects Pedal
.I've had this unit for over two years. It is typical Boss reliable. I highly recommend the auxiliary foot switch if you'll be doing much switching between effects patches live. As with many multi-effects units a lot of the presets are ridiculous sounding, but there are many that are close to usable with some minor tweaking. I like the fretless patch and the delay/phaser/flanger effects best. You will need to spend some time adjusting levels so the volume is consistent from patch to patch.
Boss ME-20B Bass Multi-Effects Pedal
.Bass effects are fun to play with, no doubt. But if you're looking for something simple that has everything that you'll ever really use, get this pedal board. This board has chorus, delay, distortion, synth, etc. and plenty of flex room for customization. Having multiple pedals provides more customization, but honestly, if you are a casual gigging musician or one who is just getting acquainted with the use of bass effects, this pedal board is the perfect tool. I play live 2-3 times a week and I've been using this pedal board for about 2 months now. So far I'm very pleased with the result.
I was a little bummed at the lack of combination between effects, but overall the selection is wide enough for any style of music. If you are looking for very specific tones and tone creation, you may want to look into separating your effects pedals or getting a more advanced multi effects pedal. For general tone selection though, this pedal is ideal. I've gotten a good amount of use from many of the effects and the built-in tuner is convenient for live playing.
Small, simple, easily portable. Perfect for traveling musicians! You have to buy a separate power supply though, which is kind of lame. Also, if you plan on using this product live, a separate footswitch is a MUST! The pedal board is incredibly strong; the solid construction means you can literally stomp on it for years with no damage.
For the price, it's hard to beat. I picked mine up used, but the new condition retail price is fair. Again though, picking up the extras (power supply, footswitch) is something you'll need to do to get the best use from this pedal board, especially if you plan on using it for live play.
Boss ME-20B Bass Multi-Effects Pedal
.This unit allows the bassist to have just as much control over his sound as a guitarist and his many pedals would. It's compact, features the necessary effects, cheaper than models that offer less, and it can even run on batteries!
The ME-20b is perfect for the casual to regularly gigging bassist in sound, size, and price.

This effects unit has a variety of built-in sounds - choruses, reverb, defretter, octaver - all the essentials to craft your sound and tone. I haven't yet dared to dive deep into creating my own sounds, though. The knobs and buttons used to change the effects are hard to learn and get used to. I would suggest the all-knobbed Boss ME-50B some version as far as ease of sound creating for more serious, regularly gigging musicians.
The expression pedal (either used as a volume pedal or wah pedal) is fun, too. Although after awhile the screw needs to be tightened to keep the pedal in the same position (which isn't an issue to me, because after all, I am slamming my foot on it!).
Maybe I'm blind, but it seems that the instruction manual didn't clearly say how to turn the wah on. I had to look it up online - just press forward on the pedal until the "wah" LED lights up.
This effects unit is built well - it's a small, but surprising machine! After (accidentally and inadvertently) being kicked around on my concrete basement floor, it still looked nice and worked just as well. The expression pedal has a tendency to collect dust.
It's surprisingly small, too! It fits in the the big front pocket of my bass case.
For the price, this is great. It provides the needed features and more. I'm sure I'd appreciate it more if I had tried creating my own sounds. Oh well.
Boss ME-20B Bass Multi-Effects Pedal
.This pedal has a great selection of effects if your in to hardcore rock and metal. You can get some crazy distortion or overdrive, as well as some neat echoes, but other than that, I hate it. The wah pedal is pretty good though. I play in a contemporary christian band, so we're playing a lot of rock type stuff, but I like a clean sound. Every now and then I'll put a small amount of overdrive in it; but for a vintage sound, it is impossible to replicate it. This pedal has no bass at all. None! The only time you can have a little is with the low E string. You can't hear the G at all. I turned the bass all the way up on the pedal and my guitar (I play a Fender Jazz Bass), and it still was terrible. This would be good if you wanted something to practice with, maybe record, but definitely not for live performances.
Boss ME-20B Bass Multi-Effects Pedal
.I have the ME-20 for my six string guitar and i can bring up about any sound effect. So when i seen the ME-20B I thought i would give it a try. I think it makes my amp sound cleaner. I have real loose windows in my house and before i had the ME-20B the deep bass would raddle everthing. When I run the ME-20B through my amp I don't here everything raddle. I get a much cleaner sound. I can program each pedal to the sound i want without taking time to mess with the dials. I have'nt begun to make my own sounds because the pre-sets are pretty good. I think it's made a world of sound quality to my playing. I would recommend it. Oh by the way i gave it a 4 becuase it does'nt come with the power supply.
Boss ME-20B Bass Multi-Effects Pedal
.Easy to set up, understand, and use out of the box (if you take a moment to read the manual). Great product for the price. Only wish is that the power cord was included... I never trust batteries to make it through an entire show.
Boss ME-20B Bass Multi-Effects Pedal
.The delay/mods are excellent! The overdrive is creamy! The wah and expression pedal is fantastic! Best of all, it's practically indestructible! The only down side is the synth effects suck (not a biggie as I have no use for bass synth effects), and it doesn't come with a power adaptor or add-on footswitch for live performance. I don't use the compressor because I use a BBE 411 in my rack, so can't comment on it. The bass enhance is nice as well. I even like the defretter for smoothing. Be careful with the noise gate and master level, though, as they can cause your sound to "fall off" or distort. You should definitely buy the PSA power adaptor for it, and the FS6 add-on pedal for calling up presets for live performance is a must (although the FS6 is battery power only! Somebody tell Boss to add a power jumper for use with the ME series!). Great value and less stage clutter vs. individual stomp boxes!!
Boss ME-20B Bass Multi-Effects Pedal
.Let`s face it,there are no guitar or bass do-it-all multi effect units that can please everybody,one does this better than the other and depend on your playing style.For what I do this multi effect is perfect,it`s got all I need in a small package.Made in Taiwan,solid build(Boss trade mark)with a stereo (dual)foot pedal you can call the banks up or down,the effects are very good,I specially like the chorus-delay,octave, reverb,wha,some of the Synth are usable,flanger. Is very easy to programm and/or tailor your own sound.It is an alternative to carry all your pedals if you don`t depend on effects too much,I don`t use effects on every song I play.I`ve been playing at home for over a month already without a problem.
Boss ME-20B Bass Multi-Effects Pedal
.It is amazing!!! It?s the first effects pedal that I have ever owned and it does awesome. In my opinion, it?s a very high quality machine and I?m sure that its going to last me a long time. I have had it for about 8 months now and I?m still finding out little tricks that I can do with it. It makes my cheep bass guitar sound like a good peice of equipment. The only legit thing that I can complain about is that it does not have a loop station in it, but I knew that when I bought the device and that would have bumped the price up A LOT. Also boss does make pedals that have all of the effects AND a loop station but they are way over double the price! So you have to choose do you need that luxury of being able to make a loop or would you like to have your wallet A LOT thicker? I made my decision and I am extremely happy with it and I highly recommend it. (but get the A/C power adapter it will help tons)
Boss ME-20B Bass Multi-Effects Pedal

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